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men who have sex with men

  1. milo1730

    Who’s 90 % straight and from chicago suburbs?

    Do you live a straight lifestyle? Identify as straight, look straight. Not effeminate? Possibly married? Divorced? But feel a blowjob is a blowjob from a guy or girl? Feel it’s Taboo with a guy, but can still get hard at the thought? Discreetly occasionally go to an adult bookstore with a glory...
  2. milo1730

    Do any lpsg members belong to your health club? what gym do you go to?

    Its alsways nice to find a connection with people. In this thread please tell us : 1) what state do you live in? 2) what is the name of your Health club or Park district Gym you work out at? 3). What is your age? 4) How often do you go? 5) Tell is your experience with nudity in the...
  3. Isiahsin434

    Do you believe that straight woman feminists women destroying and taking over the gay male community

    Because they are taking over gay porn, gay clubs Including gay sex clubs, gay sex apps and many other places that is belong to gay men only and now we can’t say we like dicks and we can’t call our self gay Because it’s offensive to women and it’s misogynistic and transphobic to gay trans men and...
  4. 1

    Photo Drop snapchat & get nudes

    Can anyone find and get their nudes to post?
  5. 4zardoz4

    Labels don’t necessarily matter, but they may be helpful...

    So I’m working on a personal theory and I appreciate some of your thoughts. I indentify as straight. I’ve never had sex with a man. I am erotically attracted to men, but I have only had sex with women and my romantic relationships have all been with women. With regards to my same sex...