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  1. I

    Italian Men

    Anyone got any hot Italian pics or vids? I haven’t found a thread for it already so might as well start one
  2. J

    Black Male Celebrities (Athletes,Singers,Rappers,Actors,Etc)

    The urban Black Male Celebrity Thread This thread is dedicated to Black Athletes,Singers,Rappers,Actors Wesley Snipes
  3. J

    please help ID him plz

    please help me find this hot men, i remember his twitter was something like « pince… » but i cant find it so if u know or u have his name please tell me
  4. D

    How can i find out the most popular gay onlyfans accounts, especially foot fetish accounts?

    It seems like onlyfans doesn't have an explore option to find models that are popular or who have accounts specifically for gay foot fetish. Is there anyway I can find this out, or do you just have to find the accounts you're interested in searching the web?
  5. F

    Video Does anyone know who they are?

  6. O

    Photo Guys will be guys ( instead of boy will be boys - deleted thread)

    Since the awsome thread boy will be boys got deleted I offer you this one insted! =)
  7. S

    Skinny London Sucker(driver)

    Skinny cock sucking twink here ... mobile cock sucker, will suck you until completion and drain your balls in my mouth around north/east/south london, Dont mind outdoor, at yours or in my car? Im also on WhatsApp 07503264543 Give me a message boys ;)
  8. needtonut

    Nude View

    Where specifically do you go when you want to see nude people in person? Tell us the exact place. You can also mention places from your past but please tell us about current locations as well.
  9. sadyetpredictable


    a place to post fine black men
  10. T

    Places to see dick in Caruaru/Brasil

    Hey guys! Does anyone know of a place in this city to see chicks, even masturbate or someone who is from the city and wants to meet me, responds that we talked. I'm young, I'm 22, tall, hairy and heavy.
  11. J


    This thread is going to showcase men of all ethnicities,Nationalities it doesn’t matter just know it’s Men.Dick,Muscle,Ass,Penis,Cock,DRAWZ,Everything Man!!!
  12. B

    Hot Jewish Guys

    Any hot pic or videos of hot Jewish guys?
  13. gayman28

    Sore from Bottoming

    My boyfriend is rathel well-endowed. 99% of the time, I never experienced any pain. He is the only man I have bottomed for, and it has always been a lovely, enjoyable, very pleasuring experience. However, I have noticed that after some encounters, I feel soreness in my bottom. This is usually...
  14. C

    Frank Centella

    Frank Centella: Login • Instagram
  15. I

    Help me find the videos of this guy, please! (Ig: mvlcriado)

    Hello! I’ve been looking for the content of this guy for AGES, now I want to ask for your help! Please, if you have ANY videos, photos, anything of this guy (that aren’t on his Instagram) please leave them below, links, videos, anything. Thanks! Here are some pictures of the guy
  16. L

    Naked weight loss progress pics

    Helping us all hold ourselves accountable with progress pictures. You can include your start weight current weight goal weight. Feel free to include age and height.
  17. N

    Skimask.bro (tiktok)

    Anyone have anything on him?
  18. J


    I decided to start a nude a thread on Gebereal
  19. L

    Gay Snapchat for hot guys

    Let’s make a hot gay Snapchat group for the hottest guys there is! Bring ur hornyness and ur cocks and let’s get this horny train going! Send me message on snap and I’ll add u! My snap: Lolintodicks
  20. Q

    Photos & Videos Looking For A Guy That Loves Showing Off On snap But Doesn't Require It In Return.

    Ello im look for long term fit guy that likes to show off on snap. But dont want anything in return. Can be striaght, bi or gay. If you are it please message me and i will add you on snap. I know its a long shot but someone might be out there
  21. C

    Porn Ads See more

    Looking for the porn videos of see more which you can see as ads everywhere. Have already saw some but cant find them again
  22. J

    Caramel Men

    This thread is dedicated to the caramel Brothas
  23. P

    ''Catching'' guys checking out dicks.

    A thread about catching guys staring at someone else' junk. Think its really hot when ''straight'' guys are jerking off together and one makes a quick glance at the others junk... yknow, for scientific purposes. This thread was made because I watched a clip of a guy working out with a HUGE...
  24. J

    Men with brown skin

    Brownskin Black Men
  25. J

    Need help finding this

    Anyone know where this might be from? I have absolutely no idea, seems like it may be older but not sure if it is soft core or what. Thanks!
  26. P

    Change in cum fluidity and shooting distance

    When I was in my 20's, I used to cum a lot and shoot quite far. It was kind of my thing and my sexual partners loved seeing it happen. This happened both if I was jacking off or getting fucked in the ass. In my late 30's now, I find myself putting out very thick cum that oozes out of my dick or...
  27. T

    Straight boy's silly videos

    This is what happens when bored Straight boys become even more bored... Uggggg Title: How to take your pants off?
  28. M


    Does anyone have anything for the Blindwavecrew members: Eric Whiteley Aaron Elliott Calvin Grubb Richard Martin Shane Farley (resigned) Honestly I'm mainly interested in Aaron, Shane and Rick but I think they're all good looking
  29. UnCutBlackBull925

    Anton Harden - Legendary

    Twitter : https://twitter.com/antonharden704?s=21&t=Pn_TjXFWEKBmpWUVsieW4g Onlyfans: OnlyFans IG: https://instagram.com/antonharden704?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Twitch :
  30. S

    Pics on my phone

    Here is where I’ll periodically post pictures I’ve saved on mg phone from twitter, tumblr (remember the good times?), instagram, etc. Mostly, you’ll see pics of masculine men either boned up or soft. Of course, you’ll see a lot of dick…balls…butts…fur…skin..I’m fairly vanilla, so if you are...