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  1. Marco Tony

    Is There Any Men Who Don't Love Their Sperm Being Swallowed?

    Porn often show sperm smallowing. Especially in straight porn. But porn is only a fantasy. What about gay men? Is there such thing as men who dont love their sperm being swallowed? I remember watching a 90s gay comedy years ago. I dont remember the tittle. Its a mid 90s gay comedy. In the...
  2. P

    Dark Caramel/Brownskin Black Men

    This Thread is Dedicated To All The Dark Caramel/Brownskin Brothas
  3. F

    Trying to find an old porno - 2 guys jogging and they like one another or ones stalking the other.....

    It was from about 2017 - 2021 Not sure of the exact date. It was from a well known Porno Studio - I seem to think "Nextdoor". They go back and start making out in their shorts\t shirt and do it in the kitchen. Any help would be great - thanks!!!
  4. HunkReinolds

    Videos of Intense Male Orgasms

    This is a thread for videos of men clearly losing their shit while having intense orgasms, hope you guys enjoy and also contribute
  5. P

    Men’s Asses

    This Thread is Dedicated To Men’s Asses
  6. M

    Does anyone know who they are?

    Does anyone know them. I’ve been trying to look for them for months
  7. DM8

    Hebro Looking for a Nice Jewish Boy?

    Would love to chat with orthodox or likeminded religious Jewish men! DL or not, let’s exchange thoughts!
  8. A

    Who is this top guy?

  9. M

    Video Who are these young men?

    A young man fucking a young man who wore a cap. Talking from 00:15. The fucker said "I love you, bro". Boyfriends role-playing? Wondered if there are more videos of them?
  10. S

    Portal HMG (Famous Men Naked)

    portalhmg.blogspot.com Enjoy ;)
  11. P

    Tele group

    Let’s add each other on tele and share our stories pics and vids. Into pretty much everything. tele: phobos87
  12. P


    This Thread is dedicated and For Men of all Races,Ethnicities and Nationalities. Black,White,Asian,etc everything and everybody.
  13. mfrosti

    Private Members Club

    Has anyone encountered a private members club, solely focused on muscle and/or bodybuilding worship?
  14. Yimvmligv

    Hairy Daddies

    I love an specific type of men (doesn't matter the race) that i don't see too much on internet and i would love to have more examples, so post it if you have any more content like that (naked preferably) *Mauro Cid on the photo, brazillian army man, right arm of ex president Bolsonaro, he's...
  15. Marco Tony

    Hot Sexy Gay Men - Must Include Names

    Are you tired of these posts that says, what is his name? Well, its not allowed here. Because every hot gay men posted here must have their name posted with their pictures or videos. Only post men that you know the names. I think that a thread like that was never done before. I though that it...
  16. 2

    Share Your ?????? Dreamwoman or Men real or unreal!

    Ok and another Thread, unfortunately I am not a Wife/Girlfriend at all. (yea still single, and still happy!) also this Thread is ok, but little bit repeating.... always the same GFs/Wifes.............I apologize to the BFs/Husbands! I am sorry! So let's see, if there are Singles or Person who...
  17. Blueeiffel

    Photo Snapchat (Promote and add each other)

    Hey guys wanted to make one of these where we add each other on snapchat and any other social that we want to link. Post your snapchat username and make sure to add a picture of yourself or instagram username to see who we are adding. Hopefully I see more of our LPSG community and we get to...
  18. Y

    someone please identify

    someone plssss identify this hot cam boy!!
  19. W

    Issac Ryan Brown

    Starting a thread for this sexy ass cutie :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:
  20. W

    Utkarsh Ambudkar

    Simply can't believe I'm the first one to start a thread on this SEXY ASS funny guy right here :kissing_heart:
  21. Yimvmligv

    Condom fetish

    I love men videos or photos with condom. I doesn't need to much, just stand up with their bodies and a hard cock with condom and it makes me horny Does somebody has stuff like that? Post it please
  22. S

    Alejandro, sexy, big booty, moreno, nalgas grandes, caliente, español. HOT

    Es nuevo en onlyfans, pero parece que puede dar buen contenido. Se ve muy ardiente. Nalgas grandes y piernas fuertes. He's new to onlyfans, but he seems to be able to give good content. It looks very hot. His skin is brown, he has big buttocks and strong legs. Instagram: alejandro22jmp
  23. I

    What has been the nastiest thing you've seen a man do in a restroom?

    Mine: A guy not washing his hands after coming out of the stall after having taken a shit. Was a bit flabbergasted to say the least
  24. I

    What has been the nastiest thing you've seen a man do in a restroom?

    Mine: A guy not washing his hands after coming out of the stall after having taken a shit. Was a bit flabbergasted to say the least
  25. madridpersona

    Beautiful men in suits - No nudity

    A thread to show how men are sexy in a suit.
  26. CreamEggOmlette

    Meds and Hormones

    Bit of a backstory: I had been on testosterone because of a sever hormone imbalance. Like, my level was 220-ish/ngdl when normal is 350 plus. Late last year, I stopped the testo because I wasn't seeing any change in my libido and quite frankly, it's difficult to remember to take the shot for me...
  27. J

    Socks of the World - Real Men

    Would love to see photos you've taken or found of men wearing socks - any kind just out and about. Or maybe even in your home/workplace/gym/etc. Don't really want staged porn shoots and stuff. Bonus Challenge: To find the nearest man and take a pic of his ;)
  28. B


  29. tazzman7777

    Ass pics taken from below

    Post any pics you find of guys shot from this angle
  30. hisbodyhair

    Jaylen Brown (NBA player)

    anyone have any hot bulge/shirtless pictures of jaylen? i can't seem to find any lol