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  1. mec_horny

    Video Big Rich from tiktok

    Now i know i’m probably never gonna find anything (nude) on him but he too fine for me not to post. These are screenshots from his most recent live.
  2. G

    Anyone have this full vid?

    Does anyone have the full video?
  3. Eze.ang

    Mexican soldier, first black kiss

    Hello good morning, it's the first time I dare to tell you an experience that happened to me last night, it always makes me want to shake my cock with everything you share. Well, I describe myself, 29 years old, slim, dark, 1.72 tall, skinny, and with adick about 15cms and I live in a beach...
  4. J

    Andrew Hubbartt

    My new favorite guy! He is gorgeous. Pro bodybuilder Natty and a vet
  5. Y

    Snapchat mindless drones?

    I would control a mindless drone. I enjoy str8 curious guys, but everyone welcomed. Snap : mamamia20231
  6. Y

    I would love to make some hypnosis kink roleplay

    If u consider urself a bit toned or having dominant appearing, but u enjoy being subbed in a dom-sub roleplay, you found it. I would love to dom you. Snap : mamamia20231
  7. Y

    Roleplay snapchat - mesmerising the dominant

    Hey! I love the dom-sub idea of roleplay. I will explain the roleplay and if u want to engage in it, just drop your snap below. I would preferably like it on cam or texts and vids, depending if the people I stay with are home or not. So, I would be the dom. In the roleplay context, I could be...
  8. B

    Photo Karim the arabic soldier

    Does anyone know who this "Karim" guy is? He was on the site "xarabcam.com" and I would like to know if he was on any other site as well. He's really hot and I'd like to know more about him. Links:- Karim, Soldier - arab gay sex — Xarabcam — arab military with huge tool - manporn.xxx
  9. cookiedough101

    Who’s this sexy black military guy?

    Found him on Twitter. Would love to know if he’s on OnlyFans or something.
  10. cookiedough101

    Who recognizes this military guy?

    Found this hot guy on Twitter. Does anyone know or follow him?
  11. cookiedough101

    Army guy?

    Does he have an OnlyFans?
  12. cookiedough101

    Who is this army guy?

    Found this hot guy on Twitter. Does anyone follow him or recognize him?
  13. cookiedough101

    Anyone recognize him? Does he have an OnlyFans?

    Found him on Twitter. Anyone recognize him?
  14. L

    Brazilian Military - full photos?

    Has anyone signed yet? I'd like to see some photos or videos to see if it's worth subscribing. He is Brazilian, military, heterosexual, married and producer of adult content, has many fans in the community. https://twitter.com/machodot22 OnlyFans
  15. Undercover Lover

    Undercover Lover

    Years ago, when I first joined the Army one of my first TDY (temporary duty) assignments was to be counter surveillance. We were basically tasked with following around the dudes where were gonna be the next super spies. As part of that we had to lead them places, pass information, and other...
  16. Joe1989

    ID to this movie

    Does anyone know the actor or name of this movie? It’s not a porn movie even tho it was posted on pornhub with no title before it was taken down.
  17. J

    Photos & Videos WW2 gay sex

    I was wondering if anyone has real photo or video of WW2 soldier,navy,air force,etc. Partaking in naked and or gay sexual activities. I've been curious a very long time because I heard there was a lot of it but never seen proof of any
  18. N


    Hi guys! i found this muscular ex military guy in TikTok and he just created an only fans account look at him he’s so manly and that body!! Maybe someone has something from him? ;) :blush:
  19. T

    Photos & Videos Can someone ID military bubble butt?

    There are two videos of this specific guy on ThisVid, both of which have been privated within the last month or two. The videos seemed to be self-filmed, and feature a white military guy shaking his big ass for the camera, often times while wearing a jock or a thong. His material seems very much...
  20. C

    Bubble Butt Military Guy

    Anyone know who this is? Seen this clip circulating around
  21. J

    Good looking in Manchester 4 discreet

    Good looking gym fit 28 year old in Manchester, looking to suck of discreet / straight / curious guys, ideal types: tradies, married men, Uber / taxi drivers, military. But open, drop me a line with your stats. Based in the green quarter.
  22. greenbin

    Israeli Guys

    Sexy Israeli guys.
  23. Ryan_A

    Photos & Videos Anyone have access to this hot video???

    Anyone have access to this hot video???
  24. D


    Straight, British, Uncut, Ex-Army… HOT!!! All of these are open on his Twitter / Insta. Has anyone seen his OF? Is it good? Rob Warford or @RWarfordd
  25. A

    Alex tanner - thetannereffect_4k (Tik-tock)

    Alex Tanner just created an onlyfans account and is offering 30% for the first subscribers. He’s just starting the page up so there isn’t much content but the first video is really hot.
  26. D

    Video There’s More to The Video of a Straight Military Guy Getting Sucked on a Table

    By now, most of us have seen the video I’m talking about. It’s a straight guy in his uniform laying down on a table in a green room on a ship while his friend in a black t-shirt and black shorts sucks his dick. I never knew the backstory and I don’t think many people do. Basically, a rich guy...
  27. JJ Lautner

    Braxton Van Alst

    Anyone know much about this model / army reserve? www.Instagram.com/braxton_vanalst
  28. D

    Texan Cowboy turn Soldier in Bulgaria

    Hey. I grew up on a cattle ranch in North Texas; served 7 years in the military (in Iraq & Afghanistan). I live & work in Sofia, Bulgaria, but I travel most of the time (that's definitely not bragging, promise). Looking to meet guys in the area or possibly find a few friends. Bulgaria isn't...
  29. R

    Help ID this military guy?

    He is so .
  30. P

    Tyson Sonnek tysonnek

    US Marine Tyson Sonnek. How is he not on here already?! Quite a bit on Insta, and occasionally on Snapchat.