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  1. P

    Tyson Sonnek tysonnek

    US Marine Tyson Sonnek. How is he not on here already?! Quite a bit on Insta, and occasionally on Snapchat.
  2. Angelgoodguy


  3. M

    Who is this big booty military guy?

  4. J

    Bigtallyeller (Reddit)

    Pt 1
  5. I

    Austin Schneider (austin_schneider722 on tiktok)

    Wanted to bring you guys a good potential sub. Been following him on Tiktok for a while, he’s sexy, has a nice southern accent. Another military boy convinced to get a OF. Haven’t subbed yet but I think this one will be good. OF user is Austin_Scneide
  6. Combat Glory Holes

    Combat Glory Holes

    I deployed to Iraq in 2004. Our first stop was Camp Doha, Kuwait, which was a fairly safe and civilized place. It even had a small shoppette mall, a Subway and a Starbucks too. All Soldiers were quartered in these large maze-like warehouses filled with bunk beds where we could stay while we...
  7. E

    Who is this?

    Anyone know who this hunk is?
  8. T

    Hayden McDonald

    Anything on this sexy military man? He has a TikTok and OnlyFans
  9. M

    Lorenzo Dow

    Anything else on this guy? I know there are some more good bulge pics out there. He’s gay and very open about that but he slightly loves to show off. He’s military from what I can tell and very thicc. Also his TikTok’s are pretty funny and he’s HOT. I have seen him on Grindr before too so it has...
  10. J

    Anyone know who this Tiktok guy is?

    Saw this guy's video over at HOT GUY Wank his HUGE COCK which originated from here Read some comments on Twitter that said he was a Tiktok guy but other than that I really have no clue who this guy is. Thanks.
  11. C

    Looking for a specific locker room exhib

    A while ago I watched very intriguing videos about an exhibitionist who made some very exciting locker room/communal shower videos but (big surprise) I can't find them anymore. What I can recall: military environment, soldiers the guy who made and appeared in the videos has a tattoo on his butt...
  12. Fit4You

    Straight Free OF

    Found my straight friend on OF. It’s free. He just got out of the Navy. Follow him!!! OnlyFans
  13. B

    Photos & Videos Help ID Secret Service Sniper (SniperBae)

    Title says it all. Wondering if this guy is on any social media. The closest lead I have on him is the person in this thread claiming to know him:
  14. F

    Jakobee (All American Heroes AAH, DirtyTony?)

    I'm trying to find anything on "Jakobee" Internet Adult Film Database The links on the original websites don't work; looks like the sites were abandoned years ago. I've found some abbreviated preview vids, but that's it. videos, names, links, .... I'll take whatever I can get.
  15. D

    Can you help me recall? Big Dick Muscular Mixed Guy Solo

    Big Dick Muscular Mixed Guy Solo There’s a solo video on the top of my penis, and I hope you can help me recall! It’s not recent, but not vintage. It’s a solo video from a studio. I don’t remember what studio, but I’m thinking it was something like All American Guys or Military Classified...
  16. E

    Video Aym (angry Young Man)

    Really like these movies, someone can post them?
  17. E

    Hot Military From Twitter

    https://mobile.twitter.com/Obsexvando/status/1411106520624926720 https://mobile.twitter.com/Obsexvando/status/1404958606554976257 https://mobile.twitter.com/calebsroom69/status/1389914071391166473 https://mobile.twitter.com/calebsroom69/status/1386689706755346434...
  18. J

    Spanish Military Man Artanix Legend

    Anything about Spanis military Artanix Legend? Now Hi has an onlyfans account. You can see his Instagram, he is hot
  19. M

    Video Anyone Have Any Information On Military Exam Video?

    There's this really hot video of a soldier receiving a medical exam. In includes speculums, enemas, fingering (almost fisting), injection, catheters, and jacking off. The video freezes towards the end but I really want to know where it's from. Anyone have any names of the actors or where it's...
  20. N

    British Ex-army Guy For Cam Fun

    Hey guys. Masculine ex-military guy here looking to cam on skype. Add me on nudieandy. Into all types of guys but make sure you have a cam if you're joining me! Oh and hopefully you like pre-cum as I'm literally dripping right now....
  21. M

    Military Encounter - Straight Curious Soldier

    True story We had spent the summer of 2002 doing basic training. Everyone in the platoon had got to know one another really well. All troops were paired up using the buddy system allocated by the Platoon Sargeant. Over the course of two weeks, my buddy and I developed a great friendship. We...
  22. S

    Video Interracial Military ... Identify

    can any1 identify this movie or the porn actors? they are both hot and i wanna see more of their contents Interracial couple of soldiers - Gayfuror.com
  23. P

    Photo Scott Fletcher (scottish Actor)

    Scott Fletcher (Scottish Actor)
  24. H

    Military Experiences?

    My cousin is in the army and was talking to me about how nervous he was in basic in the showers n stuff but that he got used to it. That seeing each others dicks past basic wasnt super common but that it happened pretty frequently wen they were deployed in Afghanistan/iraq cuz of how hot it was...
  25. F

    What Movie Is This From?

    Does anyone know what movie this scene is from? Seems to be military recruits stripping getting ready to shower
  26. Semichrmedlfe

    Honolulu April 18-20

    Hey -- I am in the Waikiki Beach area at a hotel for work April 18-20. Mostly straight, married dad, 45, into bating with other masc dudes. I have finished my vaccine (x2) and looking for a bate bud. Love to bond with bate buds-- especially military dudes.
  27. S

    New File- Men With Guns

    Wanted photos for new above file I'm creating. Thanks in advance! :smile:
  28. S

    Prisoner Of Asskaban - Who Is He

    this is one of my favorite domination videos but website no longer exists and i want to find more vids of hot guy being banged - any idea who he is? GWG - Prisoner Of Asskaban at GayPorno.fm GayWarGames - Prisoner of Asskaban - Fourth Episode - Bareback Prisoner of Asskaban – Fourth Episode -...
  29. Q

    Photos & Videos British Military Men

    My dudes, post your hottest pics, vids and stories about the men of the British Armed Forces!
  30. M

    Video Can Someone Help Id This Porn Video?

    I'm in love with this video of a military doctor examining a soldier? I was wondering if anyone can help ID where it's from? Either the studio, movie, or actors in it. Thanks!