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monster dick

  1. M

    Video White Boy With Big Black Cock

    Hello just found this video and wanted to know if anyone knows the name of the person in it. Was not expecting a horse cock of that magnitude
  2. cucurara

    Craving To Know Who's This Hung Top

    Anyone know who's the top guy? he got any OF-similar acc? his dick's thicker than his own thighs :dizzy: Only thing I know is that there's a spanish (TV?) voice in the background, any spanish speaker who knows him? got this video from: https://twitter.com/HotMenVids/status/1379980738683142150?s=20
  3. 7

    Photos & Videos One Hit Wonders: The Lesser-known Monstercocks Of Porn History

    I want to start a thread of monstercocked guys who did a brief stint in porn/modeling/webcamming, and haven't been seen since. All pics / vids are welcome...anything that comes to mind. I'll start with an old favorite: Leonel. The way his cock keeps on growing and growing is just amazing...
  4. R

    Id This Classic Huge Cock Video

    I know most of you must have seen this video before as it's been around for years. Has anyone ever seen something more besides this short clip? He looks a legit 9 inches minimum in my opinion. It's so frustrating to see this piece of art craving for more and never getting it. I hope any of you...
  5. G


    Okay, folks, here's my contribution to the ever-growing world of big dick lit. It's a bit of a slow burner, so bear with me, and inspired by...well, a whole bunch of stories across a bunch of different sites. I'm a stickler for details, but I figure I might as well post what I've got, even if it...
  6. BigBulgeMan

    Video Man Struggling With Phallus-snakes - Your Though ?

    Besides the fact that the graphics are superb, what do you think of this fantasy situation? For you, is it exciting? scary? and above all… why according to you ?? To be honest : I don't really know where to post this on LPSG… I hope it's the right place. A friend sent me these links to an...
  7. 2

    Links 12 Incher On Reddit

    Has anyone seen garfilds_ (garfilds_ (u/garfilds_) - Reddit) yet? He is huge, but unfortunately very straight...
  8. O


    Does anyone have any photos or videos from him? He's a cam performer in cam4 and has a monster cock. He is normally with music now but sometimes he shows his enormous cock and before did great shows
  9. H

    Video Lpsg On Twitter Don't Know If This Was Posted Before, But Does Anyone Know Who This Is

    This probably has been posted before at some point but I just wondered if anyone else knows who this is (posted by LPSG on twitter) LPSG.com Large Penis Support Group on Twitter
  10. 2

    Photo Big Dick's Titty Fucking (gif's Only)

    Anyone care to join a new forum about big dicks sliding between big tits?
  11. L

    Stripper Stories

    What's the biggest dick you've ever seen on a stripper? Please provide photos if they're available, and feel free to share your stories.
  12. 1

    Cuckold for cash - craziest story of my life - proof (screenshots)

    I was approached on Instagram by a stranger to fuck his wife for cash. Apparently I used to fuck his ex girlfriend back in the day and she told him all about me. Now he wants to pay me to fuck his wife. Here is the story if you want a good read/laugh. Enjoy!
  13. 1

    What would you like to do with colin's big cock?

    Colllllllllllllin's Photos
  14. 1

    Collong's humongous cock fucks banana peel

  15. GettingBigger9

    Don't jerk off after a pe session...right?

    Well here is my take on doing that I feel that masturbating directly after a PE session is counterproductive. Because in my opinion when your penile tissue goes completely limp afterwards you lose your encouragement from the PE session. What are your thoughts? Check me out on Tumblr were I...
  16. I

    Video Does anyone know who the men and women are in these two videos?

    1.) 2.)
  17. GettingBigger9

    I can't get bigger...

    ...without knowledge so I am curious where did you find your PE information from? I want to read as much as I can so if you have any informational forums you can link me or even PDF's please let me know. I always like to learn more and even though I am teaching PE to others I want to be taught...
  18. hungversjock

    Anyome know who this is and where this is from?

    I am curious if this hung guy is a xtuber, skype, ICU.....