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muscle ass

  1. A


    Lucas Guedes (@lucazguedez) • Instagram photos and videos
  2. A

    Marc Williams (porn gay actor)

    Somebody knows about Marc Williams? I dont know if he is still making gay porn, i loved his ass.
  3. helicopter51

    Someone pls help id/find source

    Saw this video on Boyfriendtv and I found it pretty hot. Anyone know the original source or the name of the guy in the vid? Seems to be from Onlyfans but the watermark on the bottom right is blurred out and I wanna know the creator and see if they have more similar content.
  4. T

    Photos & Videos Leo Strubinger (ig: Leostrubinger)

    Do you guys have anything from this sexy man?! This is all I have from him, you can find him on ig and twitter as @leostrubinger , this all I have from him (I found most of it on twitter).
  5. J


    This thread is going to showcase men of all ethnicities,Nationalities it doesn’t matter just know it’s Men.Dick,Muscle,Ass,Penis,Cock,DRAWZ,Everything Man!!!
  6. M

    Cuba V. DeMoan

    This sexy mf is Cuba V. DeMoan. He has one of the fattest asses in the industry. Such a waste that he only did straight porn. His ass was bottom worthy. I am a bottom, but I would totally fuck him in the ass. So unreal. Thoughts??
  7. C

    Snapchat Group for Striaght, Fit, and Married Bros for Bromance

    If you are straight, fit, and married, I want to start a Bromance Snapchat Group where we send videos, pics, and interact like bros. Occassionally cam together and if everyone is open to it, perhaps we meet up in real life. If this is something you would like to try, reply to the following...
  8. M

    Benny Ryder

    This sexy Romanian bodybuilder is Benny Ryder. He has done porn for productions such as Power Men, Muscle Hunks, etc. Although he has a nice cock, I couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of his puckered booty hole in his old webcam shows. I always fantasize him getting tag teamed bareback by other...
  9. H


  10. J


    This Thread is dedicated to The Biggest Black Muscles,Dicks,and Asses
  11. Markus.Bittencourt


    https://twitter.com/kindabuffalil OnlyFans Anything on him?
  12. M

    Juan Carlos from IslandStuds

    This sexy man is Juan Carlos from www.IslandStuds.com His mother is Columbian, and his father is Hawaiian/Brazilian. Resides in Hawaii. Such a beautiful mix of sexiness. Any other content on this man? Alternate porn name?
  13. M

    Alberto Rodriguez aka Diamanté Negro Rodriguez

    Alberto Rodriguez aka Diamanté Negro Rodriguez is a sexy Latin bear I followed a long time ago and came across his Twitter: alberto_bears He has a nice bulge and a nice ass. Does anyone have naked pictures? Sex videos? Anything??
  14. B

    Need Help ID'ing This Perfect Specimen

    Can anyone help me ID my future ex-boyfriend? Would love to find more info/pics/videos of him. I thought those 2 freckles on his butt (one on each cheek) would have made for an easy search feature (and a good way to verify the accuracy of any 'finds'), but I've had no luck over the past 18...
  15. Z

    Who is this muscle huck??

  16. V

    Photo Can anyone help identify this hairy hunk ass?

    Trying to figure out who this hot ass belongs to….
  17. M

    Kamal Ali from Men of Montreal

    This sexy man is Kamal Ali. He did two videos for Men of Montreal. Identifies as bisexual. Does anyone know what happened to him? Where is he? What’s his real name? Thoughts??
  18. A

    [HUNT] Help me find this video again

    I really hope someone out there has this video or knows where this video is. I unfortunately do not have any pics or gifs to help either. So I shall describe. So, its an amateur video...It was a compilation video of this gym jock muscle daddy-esque man just humping pillows in this all white...
  19. M

    David Andrew / IG: beastatron__

    This sexy Latino bodybuilder David Andrew is from Southern California. I’ve been following him for quite some time. I find his ass to be sexy. He gives me power bottom vibes due to his obsession with his ass. I can’t help but think he is on the DL getting pounded every chance he gets. I want him...
  20. B

    Photos & Videos Billy Wiccan

    Anyone subscribed or have more photos videos of Billy Wiccan? Twitter is @_billywiccan (@tommy_lifts previously) OF is billywiccan Curious if he only posts fitness/muscle worship stuff and solo or if there are some partner action.
  21. F


    HelloI give you my Onlyfans Free!!! 130,000 Likes Cant Be wrong hihi Join Right now and grab your cock babe --->>>> onlyfans.com/freeboygym <<<---- Enjoy
  22. 1

    Pls help ID this model

    https://www.instagram.com/p/CanTPuSpkw-/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CaTOExApn2s/ Can you pls help ID this model? Thank you
  23. D

    Photos & Videos Tim Kennedy (butt appreciation)

    I've been watching this man for a while. He has a beautiful worked body, and of course that ass.
  24. R

    Lin Ching Chieh (林敬傑) aka HotDog King (熱狗王)

  25. M

    Angelo D’Luca

    This hot man Angelo D’Luca has done some straight porn. But has admitted to being Pansexual. In a jackoff video, he talked about his first time getting fucked by a guy. He was interested in filming a scene with a guy, but nothing came of it. Where is this sexy man? Is he still alive? His IG is...
  26. M

    Shekeb Sekander

    This 32 year old (born 03/24/1989) actor/reality star known from I Love A Mama’s Boy is one sexy man. I haven’t watched the show, but I found him on IG and he seems very flirty. He’s got a nice body, specifically his ass. I want him to sit on my face. Any thoughts? IG: theonlyshekeb
  27. B

    Does anyone know who is this bottom?

  28. X

    Help me ID this guy?

    Help me identify this guy please?
  29. M

    George Ta / Gta.fitness

    George Ta is an amazing bodybuilder nutritionist who travels between Dubai and Los Angeles. He is absolutely gorgeous, perfect, and radiates masculinity. At the same time, has an amazing ass you could eat for days. His eyes are so intense. Who has further information on this man??
  30. M

    Steve Benthin / Hans Hoffmann

    Has any man ever hooked up with this bodybuilder in any way....specifically him BOTTOMING. I have this fantasy that he is a closeted power bottom. I love it when he stops leaning and gets thicker. That's when his ass gets really plump. A man with an ass like that can't be 100% straight. It...