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muscle bear

  1. W

    Latino Muscle Bear Dayron Fundora aka Adelsamir_xxl on Rentmen

    I see that no one is talking about this sexy big muscle bear, he's so hot, does someone has videos of him?
  2. S

    Luke Bosworth

    Nobody is talking about him and he deserves his thread ❤️
  3. J

    Photos & Videos Julian Marshburn

    Anybody have anything on this guy?
  4. A

    Photo TW: BLOOD Anything on Shlak??

    Second time posting this but is there really nothing of him???????????
  5. BE47

    Big Aj/BigAjXXX on OF

    He appeared to me on instagram, he is really hot! Someone knows and have something on him?
  6. 8

    Photos & Videos Juicyj582

    Since there's not a thread made for this hot muscle daddy already, I'll start one myself. There used to be a married, straight, ex-military reddit user named Juicyj582 that migrated to onlyfans under the same name, but he's scrubbed most of his pics and videos from the internet. He was super...
  7. C

    Preston Brock

  8. Danter11

    Tarzan Top XXL

  9. M

    Master Lorenzo

    I came across this sexy fucker Master Lorenzo. I want to know if he has ever bottomed on his OnlyFans. I love watching muscular Latin men get fucked. I need to know more! Tell me! www.OnlyFans.com/sexylatinlover IG: lorenzo_private7 Twitter: lorenzo_fit
  10. M

    Alberto Rodriguez aka Diamanté Negro Rodriguez

    Alberto Rodriguez aka Diamanté Negro Rodriguez is a sexy Latin bear I followed a long time ago and came across his Twitter: alberto_bears He has a nice bulge and a nice ass. Does anyone have naked pictures? Sex videos? Anything??
  11. T

    Tom.William Insta & Tiktok

    Looking for smth hot from this dude
  12. PornyCaliente

    Hot Twitter Vids

    Here are a few vids I came across that just got me . Posted video and screen shot of the Twitter account it’s on! Let me know which ones you like and also show whatever Twitter vids/accounts that get ya goin as well
  13. D

    Photos & Videos Anything Of Of/cjmuslcebear84 + Twitter/carl_and_cubby?

    Hey, is anyone subscribed to OnlyFans His Twitter is full with how stuff Twitter: https://twitter.com/carl_and_cubby?s=21
  14. PornyCaliente

    Photo Thick Zaddy From Instagram

    So I recently came across kitzmanned on insta. Don’t know much about him besides the fact I think he is super sexy. Wonder if more of him exists out there but thought I’d share my findings. Don’t know if anyone has shared his photos before or not but what do you guys think? ör no ?
  15. J

    Fano.minal Muscle Bear

    Anything got anything sexy on this muscle bear? His sexy pics used to be all over. He used to be on instagram but maybe changed his handle?
  16. G

    Nyc Bears, Cubs, Chubs, And Daddies

    I'm finding a ton of hot bear guys to follow on Twitter but I'm especially interested in guys from NYC. Some of my favorites are Fatboybey Cigarpoppa Stachional Noboots1 Thickmusclecub (I think he is in nyc) Would love suggestions for other similar guys, especially men of color! Tia.
  17. R


    Performer's Name: thebeardx Onlyfans Account: onlyfans.com/thebeardx Twitter Handle: @thebeardx Instagram Handle: @thebeardx Cost: $9.99 per month Ratings: Overall Rating: 5/5 Value: Great value at $9.99; majority of the content is free with your membership, some is PPV Frequency: Posts...
  18. emma008panda


    Any info of his name or social media?? Xissam, 25 male from Moscow, Russia. He does Cam4 and chaturbate shows.
  19. A

    Anything On This Muscle Bear??

    His @ is th@t.built.guy used to be know as british bear. He has a nice ass and a nice body hes a little stupid but I don’t care just wanna see his onlyfans content lol.
  20. H

    Photo Who Is He

    İ tried so much time to find his name at the int but i couldnt anybody knows?
  21. I

    Guys..anyone Know Who’s He? I’m Dying To Know.

    Hi everyone, I found his video on Twitter posted by Hot Bears Boys. He’s so freaking hot! Need help to identify him please..
  22. A

    Boredinbk On Instagram

    Anyone has pics of this hot grizzly bear?
  23. D

    Video Can Anyone Id This Absolutely Massive Muscle Bull Daddy

    His accent is.. scottish?
  24. 4

    Pecs And Nips

    Hi all, My nipples are hardwired to my dick and I absolutely love having them sucked on and lightly bitten. :yum I know a lot of guys are similar. Feel free to post your favorite pics of guys pecs and Nips. Here are just a few of my favorites. Enjoy! ;)
  25. Z

    Frank Ma Nnarino Bodybuilder

    Anyone have hot stuff of Frank Mannarino The Tank? Bodybuilder been around for a while really gets me going. He's short and a fireplug IG is Frank O. Mannarino “The Tank” (@earthtofrank) • Instagram photos and videos Straight but definetly cocky
  26. F

    Does Anyone Know This Porn?

  27. J

    Ian Parks

    Any pics on this sexy bear? instagram.com/real_ian_parks
  28. E

    Christopher Cragg Aka Blibblobblib

    This man is a bloody beauty. I felt he has to be appreciated. He has done some naked shoots. Anyone got those pictures?
  29. B

    Lee Asher Of The Asher House

    Does anybody have any photos of Lee Asher of the Asher House and or know his story. Does he like me? Women? Both? Does he have any photos out there that is more than PG? Besides doing something awesome (going around the US getting animals adopted) he is attractive as hell.
  30. J

    Tpobasky Doing A Bit Of Stalking

    Apparently he has a lil crush an a construction worker. Cute!