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muscle butt

  1. R

    Benny Prinz aka Carlos Vega

    He used to do live cam shows a couple years back and probably escorting.. looks like he still does based on his instagram feed. His big thick muscle cock: Jerk off webcam: https://thegay.com/videos/218074/amazing-male-in-incredible-hunks-webcam-gay-sex-video/ Bulge on...
  2. Z

    Photos & Videos Cum on ass

    This thread is for guys who love cumming on a guy's ass and hole
  3. R

    Help ID Bubble Butt Sniffer

    Heyyy, this short clip is pretty hot when the guy starts sniffing. Do you guys know where it's from or who they are? Much help would be appreciated :) Post in thread 'Bubble Butts' Photo - Bubble Butts
  4. K

    Fan Page: super_blue_official (Jerark Toribio Pérez)

    A fan page thread dedicated to super_blue_official (Jerark Toribio Pérez) Why? Because he deserves a page / thread dedicated to him. Enjoy, post pictures or videos you may have, comment, like, share!!! !!!
  5. P

    David Torres

    Anybody out there have any sexy stories about @davidtorres.fit? He has one of the hottest asses I've ever seen and I would love to hear some stories about him.
  6. M

    Photos & Videos Kyrie_kent Ig Personal Trainer

    Anyone got any more on this hottie?
  7. Harambae

    (at) Ginga_juice Aka Ian Boutan

    Hey guys, I've been addicted to and fascinated by the pornstar grade booty cakes belonging to a one Ian Boutan aka ginga_juice on Instagram. I've seen a tiny little snippet of his woodcock johnson and that ass in the nude and boy...that shit is legendary!!!! anybody else a fan and/or got any...
  8. fireice42

    Kyle King

  9. 1

    Photo Keri Hughes- Insta Fitness Model

    I've lusted after this guy's perfect muscle ass for years on Instagram, he just got an onlyfans, which has been super tame so far but I'm guessing it will get better as more people subscribe. OnlyFans Keri Hughes (@kerihughes_) • Instagram photos and videos
  10. B

    Nathan williamson

    What an absolute specimen. Need nudes ASAP
  11. Acaso

    Can someone id this guy?

    Does anyone know who this guy is? Moreover: Can someone explain to me if his butt is legal or not? Tumblr Thanks for the help!
  12. Isiahsin434

    Why do fat gay men body shame muscular gay men

    Reason why I asked this question is I seen this a lot lately a lot of fat gay men are criticizing and body shaming muscular gay men ?
  13. Alexis5H

    Video Body by brandon

  14. Alexis5H

    Ig fitness model john alex @thejohnathanalexander nude

  15. giocio

    Video Aussiesluthole

    Looking if anyone has anymore of the beautiful bottom. Only has a few videos online.
  16. A

    Marcio ruy barbosa

    I think that he is so hot... has an amazing ass and fit body. He posts a lot of pics on his underwear or swimwear but no nudes (until now). I would love to see more of him... instagram: marcioruybarbosa y marcioruybarbosa90.
  17. emma008panda

    Photo Aussie.beef

    aussie.beef on IG. If u have more u can help :)
  18. giocio

    Can some id him please.

    Bottom from the vid. Source:
  19. A

    Fabian garcia fitness model

    Muscle latino hunk in underwear with amazing bubble butt