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muscle god

  1. B

    Need Help ID'ing This Perfect Specimen

    Can anyone help me ID my future ex-boyfriend? Would love to find more info/pics/videos of him. I thought those 2 freckles on his butt (one on each cheek) would have made for an easy search feature (and a good way to verify the accuracy of any 'finds'), but I've had no luck over the past 18...
  2. M

    Angelo D’Luca

    This hot man Angelo D’Luca has done some straight porn. But has admitted to being Pansexual. In a jackoff video, he talked about his first time getting fucked by a guy. He was interested in filming a scene with a guy, but nothing came of it. Where is this sexy man? Is he still alive? His IG is...
  3. M

    Photo Who is this muscle Asian god? Can anybody tell me his ID, Porn Site or other social media?

  4. D

    Other Than Roidpig?

    I used to love watching roidpig but he does not perform on onlyfans / justforfan. Does anyone know any performer similar to him? Any recommendation would be highly appreciated! ROIDPIG @ JustFor.Fans
  5. falsup

    Let The Boy Try_montage

  6. R

    French Muscle God Anthony Blondel

    How can there not be a thread on this monument to alpha masculinity? Anthony Blondel (@blondelanthony) • Instagram photos and videos
  7. R

    Teen Bodybuilder Cornelius Masterson

    This new young muscle god needs a thread. Cornelius Masterson (@corneliusmasterson) • Instagram photos and videos