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  1. A

    Bodybuilding Backstage

    This thread is for photos/videos of bodybuilders behind the scenes: getting tanned, naked posing, dick slips. etc. RULES ONLY BODYBUILDERS (Please avoid slim fitness guys) The bigger the body, the better.
  2. Dwnpfans

    Luis Mintegui

    Bello Latino Instagram Luis Mintegui (@minteguiluis22) • Instagram photos and videos Tiktok TikTok
  3. Luca323

    William Roepstorff aka Lorenzobluexx

    Thread dedicated to William Roepstorff also known by his onlyfans name of Lorenzobluexx. For previous discussions about him - go check axelcv (his ex bf) thread where he was discussed a lot. have fun, be nice
  4. J

    _josh_bx_ model onlyfans

    https://mobile.twitter.com/_josh_bx Hot, started only fans recently anyone got anything?
  5. J

    josh_bx_ onlyfans

    https://mobile.twitter.com/_josh_bx just started onlyfans anyone subscribe/have anything to share?
  6. tray765

    Photos & Videos Cock riding and Grinding

    Here is a video of a guy riding and grinding on a dude with his hands above his head. I absolutely love this position. If anyone has any videos like this where one guy is grinding is cock and balls against the other guys abs, please share. If they are muscular guys, that is even better.
  7. P

    Andi Tatani TikTok

    Too hot Italian guy ! Anything about him ? No onlyfans ☹️
  8. T


    Please I want to know where this is from and who he is, he's so fcking hot
  9. Jdubsmi

    Muscular in Michigan?

    Where are all the other discreet gym bros in metro Detroit? HMU fellas
  10. A

    Who is this black guy bounce chest, who look like " Gus Fring" from breaking bad

    Does anyone know who is this grandpa ???
  11. T

    Huge muscle man ID

    Anyone know how is this man? :eek::emoji_muscle:
  12. N

    Can someone identify this HOT guy?

    This image gained some popularity within a tumblr fight a while back (see here ), some person used this photo but wasn't actually him...so I'm wondering if anyone can find the guy actually here cause he is super hot and cute.
  13. J

    Black Male Celebrities (Athletes,Singers,Rappers,Actors,Etc)

    The urban Black Male Celebrity Thread This thread is dedicated to Black Athletes,Singers,Rappers,Actors Wesley Snipes
  14. A

    Mateosexyhot22 (aka mateoysara)

    He's this big tatted bodybuilder from Colombia who's also active on chaturbate.
  15. F

    Anyone know this super hot man?

    His Hairy Chest Made Me Bust My Nut 3 Times Today - ThisVid.com Seems to be an Instagram or onlyfans star. Would love to see more from him.
  16. J

    Chris Winslow

    Anything on this hunk? @winslow_bodybuilding Chris Winslow (@winslow_bodybuilding) • Instagram photos and videos
  17. Gainerboy

    (M4M) South African looking for sponsor - grow my muscle

    (M4M) South African, normal everyday dude, honest and friendly. I don't party and I'm discreet. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa with a flexible work schedule and open to travel when required. Is there anyone who would sponsor, coach and commit to following my Skinny to muscle...
  18. H

    Mark_fitt91 onlyfans?

    I follow this latino muscle stud on twitter. He has a huge bubble butt and a big dick and his armpits look delicious. Thinking of subscribing to his OF. Is someone subscribed ? Any inside info? His twitter @max92nyc
  19. H

    If can you name these hotties I will Bruise your Bussy and Pump you Dry

  20. G

    Photo Does Anyone Know Where This Photo Is From?

    I came across this photo online and was wondering if anybody recognised where it originated, maybe a video?
  21. M

    IG @ram4386 (Ryan McGowan)

    Just discovered this guy on IG and he’s so hot, I’d love to see his dick or if someone has seen it what was it like
  22. S

    Aun roengchai

    Login • Instagram
  23. S

    karn thiti thaiboy

  24. O

    Photo Do you know this muscular guy is?

    Anyone knows who this is? or which porn is this coming from?
  25. O

    Who is this??

    Who is this?
  26. line4

    Ulises Strip (Reno Rojas) - Straight Porn Stud

    I just recently discovered Ulises Strip, and it appears many others are just discovering him as well. He's a jacked straight muscle stud. His name doesn't appear to be associated with very many of his videos, so I figured we could share the ones we find of him here: Watch Paula Ramos Sexo...
  27. MomentoMori92

    Photo Hamdy Abdelwahab

    Hot ass UFC fighter from Cairo I believe. Spotted him fighting tonight while out to dinner with friends & we were all drooling lol. Perfect mix of belly & muscle:yum
  28. C

    Help identify this tattooed muscle stud

    Can anyone identify this young muscle guy with what looks like a “Sundream” tattoo on his bicep, and another on his chest? 46219195946
  29. T

    straight brazilian boys

    Thread to post photos and videos of hot straight Brazilian boys Forbidden to put names and social media Forbidden to post nude photos and videos in this thread.Because it violates the rules of the LPSG Revenge Porn Is ILLEGAL Non-consensual porn is often referred to as "Revenge Porn". It is...
  30. mariosth

    Greek Snap chat

    Hey guys, Im fit/athletic greek and looking for other greek people to snachat with (cam, exchange photos/videos, masturbate, cum etc..) Όσοι ενδιαφέρεστε, καντε με add στο snapchat να τα πούμε @mariosstheo