1. mfrosti

    Photos & Videos Bodybuilding Championship Shows

    A place to post videos of BB Competitions, Pre-judging events and Weigh-ins. Please share official videos from around the world!
  2. TommyLee1231

    Video Spanish translator needed (Fisting gay porn) (that_switch)

    Hi kind people who speak Spanish, May I kindly ask you what was the conversation that was said in this video? Heads up It's a pretty long one (15:26) and includes hardcore FF, so just be aware
  3. Marco86

    Photos & Videos Muscle Studs at the Gym

    We all know how inspirational--and hot--it is to see muscled studs at the gym. Clothed, shirtless, or nude. So here is a thread to share favorite pics or videos of muscle studs at the gym (or in the locker room) working out, flexing, posing, or just looking hot AF! Mainly aesthetic fitness...
  4. Mattlopez2426

    Drew gentry TikTok

    Has anyone else noticed on this guy’s TikTok when he goes live he has a hot bulge going on but, when he starts receiving gifts he gets hard af and he shows off? I’ve followed for while now and sorta picked up on this when he goes live. He looks like he’s hung af and lord thank you for grey sweat...
  5. S

    Dalton - Manavenue

    Just wondering if anyone has anymore of his content? I’ve seen his manavenue videos but was keen to see if there’s anything more recent out there.
  6. A

    Asian Jimbo Onlyfans

    Does anyone have any posts from “Asian Jimbo”’s only fans account? He is a Korean American guy who did a solo video with GayHoopla and also a video with HotGuysFuck under the name of “Charlie tran” and now has opened up an onlyfans and also a Twitter where he posts some explicit photos and some...