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  1. D

    Hung guys in Toronto - Read This!

    I'm visiting Toronto week of July 4th and am looking to give a blowjob to a hung guy. I might be able to host but prefer that you do. Big plus if you're str8, younger (<30) and fit or slim, but none of these are a requirement, only being hung is. I want to make sure you leave satisfied so get...
  2. mache

    32, Native American (100% Oglala Lakota), Gay, Rezzy Guy From South Dakota

    Hey. I figured since we have either no or little internet signal here, so apps like Grindr, etc don't work (I might have to ask how we used to use smoke signals) - I'd see who's on here. Definitely lookin to see if there are any N8Vs around, but anyone in general. We've got more bison than...
  3. Anthjj997

    Native American Men

    Maybe I'm not looking in the right places ... But I haven't found many, if not any posts about Native American men... Anybody, have any pics and vids that they wanna share of Native men? Also, share your own experiences with Native men. I'd love to hear about it! :D
  4. giocio

    Id Please

    Found this video, and I’m trying to find more on either guy. Off De Plank | GayBoysTube Additionally there’s another part On De Plank | GayBoysTube
  5. N

    Sup me here

    Native style this my bro