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  1. L

    Cameron Kozak (@kodakmovies)

    Hot movie nerd content creator that posts gym progress pics which are thirst traps fr.
  2. johnlong1991

    chase lyons

    Twitter and twitch guy who works out, he used to have a different acct where he posted more gym stuff but it seems to be gone now https://twitter.com/notchaselyons?t=rBJx5P349HXHA8saVy7KNg&s=09
  3. B

    Photos & Videos Does anyone knows anything about this asian model called "cravecreamy"?

    Does anyone know who this asian model is? His onlyfans/twitter account went by the name "cravecreamy" and apparently he was on chaturbate as well. Does anyone know where he is and if he is still doing porn and how to contact him? I would greatly appreciate it as I find him very sexy. Thanks...
  4. S

    Nerds. Geeks. Guys With Glasses.

    Thread for nerdy looking guys. Nerds, geeks, guys with glasses.
  5. E

    David Blumineck aka David the Arrow Bard

    I've been following this guy on Tiktok for a while now and I'm surprised there's not already a thread here. He's cute as fuck, nerdy and does pole dancing and archery. I can't be the only one admiring that great body!
  6. B

    Photo Anything on youtuber Uchi/UchiGames?

    Does anyone have anything on the youtuber Ryan "Uchi" Rojas? He also just goes by Uchi, UchiGames, or UchiGang. He's really hot (especially when he's in a tank top) and I want to know if anyone has any shirtless or nude photos of him.
  7. C

    Big dick nerd

    Can Someone plz help me find his name/videos
  8. B

    Photos & Videos Hot pornhub daddy (Thegeekwiththephysique/Willy771)

    Does anyone know who this Pornhub model is? He goes by the name "Thegeekwiththephysique" as well as "Willy771" on Youporn. He wears glasses and is nicely toned. Also, considering the fact that he has the "daddy" look going on and he's instantly my ideal-man. I would like to know his socials/real...
  9. B

    Photo Anyone knows who this Tyler is?

    Can anyone identify this model who was on the sites "straight fraternity" and "tickledhard"? He went by the name Tyler. I would love to know what his socials are and if he is still doing porn.
  10. someone2004uk

    Tommy's Downfall

    Tommy glanced down at his reflection in the mirror. He was a well-built jock, 19 years old with an average build, but his “monster” was anything but average. Standing facing the mirror, he pulled his gym shorts up and checked out his bulge. “Fuck, I’m big,” he thought as he looked down at his...
  11. B

    Photo Can someone ID this cam model?

    Can someone identify the guy in the from the video in the link attached? I believe he's a cam model, so I was hoping to get his name and streaming site. https://thisvid.com/videos/hairy-muscle-dad-cammer/ There's also some pics I've attached from said video.
  12. Subbearcub

    LFG on LPSG

    Hi guys! I haven't seen a post like this yet, but please tell me if I missed it. I have been thinking about playing tabletop roleplaying games for quite some time now, but unfortunately, my friends are not interested in it. I know there are many subreddits on Reddit to find a group to play...
  13. J

    Francis Bourgeois - TikTok Trainspotter

    i know, i know… i’m a sucker for nerds, geeks and goofballs Luke Magnus Nicolson born 8 July 2000, known by the moniker Francis Bourgeois, is an English trainspotter and social media personality He went through an F-boy phase (solely appearance to fit in) in his young adult hid before...
  14. MomentoMori92

    Super (MK Youtuber)

    Idk if this dude has a thread on here yet, but he deserves one cause he is sexy as hell. Big pecs, nice smile, thick legs & super nerdy.
  15. N

    anyone knows twitter @?

    found this nerdy hottie on instagram and i’m sure there’s a twitter and an onlyfans? does anyone recognise him?
  16. MomentoMori92

    The Duck Goes Moo (Kyle Zelenak)

    I watch this dude on YouTube occasionally & he’s super nerdy & innocent acting, but then I visit his IG for the first time & he’s on there lookin’ EXTRA fine
  17. C

    Conrad Ricamora

    I can't believe we don't have a thread yet dedicated to this hottest cute geeky guy around! I first found out about him from How to Get Away with Murder, and he's also done a bunch of smaller musical productions. I just thought about him again cause he was just announced as one of the leads in...
  18. 3

    tonyg03 / xlancexxx - Huge dick twink

    Former redditor u/tonyg03 or u/xlancexxx. Skinny twink with massive 8.5" cock He would consistently post and then delete, but I managed to save a few. He left reddit entirely for a while, then came back as xlancexxx. Sadly his account was recently suspended. If anyone has any other content...
  19. Curious_cock

    Hung Nerd Looking To Dominate Muscular Guys Who Are "compensating"

    I am an older guy guy who was tormented by muscle studs growing up - but I'm packing a lot more cock than many muscle guys who are compensating for a small dick - you know who you are! Would love to chat/compare on Skype. PM me with your Skype name, or if you are brave, reply on this thread...
  20. 1

    A Sims 4 Thread

    Wondering how many of y’all play. Maybe we can talk about it here. I’ve always loved the Sims growing up and I do enjoy the Sims 4. Especially the Cottage Living EP that just came out! Hope to find some fun people to talk about this with!
  21. tyongfriend

    Video Who Is This?

    does anyone know who they are?
  22. T

    Video Can Someone Tell Me Who Is This Guy?

    I've been looking for this guy for days, but there is nothing more in xvideos. The video: Nerd Jerking Off on Cam
  23. SmuttyZan

    Photo Zan Here: Uncut, Hung, Smooth And Toned :d

    6822271 68224316822401 Do you guys wanna see some more?
  24. M

    Hybrid Network/ Josh Baldera

    This boy is so fucking fine I’m just praying for nudes
  25. TheEasyA

    Daniel Greene (book Youtuber)

    This guy is pretty popular in the YouTube book community. He’s so sexy with his blonde hair and geeky charm. He’s never been fully shirtless but we get some look at a hairy chest in his stories sometimes. Anyone have anything on him?
  26. TheEasyA

    Daniel Greene (book Youtuber)

    This guy is pretty popular in the YouTube book community. He’s so sexy with his blonde hair and geeky charm. He’s never been fully shirtless but we get some look at a hairy chest in his stories sometimes. Anyone have anything on him?
  27. PorscheHusky

    New Chap In Town

    I was talked into giving this a go, so here I am! :) I can be rather meek and avoidant the majority of times but it'll subside eventually. If you'd like to get the gist of why pulled the trigger to join here, a briefing can be found on my profile's description. But for now... Salutations...
  28. M

    T3dus - Hung Twitter Nudist + Of

    He's a straight nudist with a humongous cock and is pretty active on twitter. Hot in a nerdy sort of way. Anybody subscribed to his onlyfans? Please share some of his content! OnlyFans https://twitter.com/t3dus '
  29. 1

    Extreme Nerds With Big Dicks

    Anyone have videos with a guy who is nerdy/dorky, perhaps even to the point of social awkwardness, but also has a big dick? Some samples below. Str8 Nerd with big dick Shy Guy... But HUGE!!!!! Sucking a ginger nerd Horny Young Nerd Cams
  30. Indigo20

    Dmv Dicks!

    Hey all, Looking to chat and meet with people in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area! Hit me up! Let's connect! You get a plus if you are a geek or love to workout! On a bodybuilding journey myself!