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new bottom

  1. H

    Looking in Harrisburg Thursday evening

    I’m a 29 year old male, 5’8” 170 lbs. looking to meet up in Harrisburg on Thursday evening. I am Bi-curious and looking to mess around with a DDF clean man. Must be around my age if older than 40 you have to look way younger.
  2. E

    Anal orgasm

    Hey so I’m I guess in the grand scheme of things newer to sex and usually bottom. The last two partners I’ve had though fucked me really well and I keep having this feeling of feeling like I need to pee when they are fucking me? Like what is this? Are they hitting my prostate or my bladder...
  3. J

    Dildo training videos

    I recently bought my first dildo(yay me?!) But I'm having trouble making the experience feel enjoyable. Is this a me thing? I found that videos telling me how to fuck myself give me something to work with, and makes it more "real" if that makes sense. I am looking for videos that walk you...
  4. philip35

    Hello From Uk

    hello - 35 slim guy here into muscle worship and big muscle / bulky guys, dad bods etc. :D
  5. ceejeecee

    Hey! From La

    Hi, new gay guy here. Living in LA, 30 and hispanic. Heard about this community from a friend and looking to get more familiar with it and everyone apart. I've seen some pretty cool forums so far. Also here for some fun if it presents itself ;). Hit me up, say hi, whatever.
  6. Norwegian bottom

    Hey All

    Hello guys, looking forward to getting to know you all. I’m new here and would love some friendly guidance x
  7. TheEasyA

    Porn Star Linus Gray

    I found this hottie recently from the Masqulin project. He’s only done three scenes and it doesn’t look like much else. Does anyone know if he does OF or has a Twitter?
  8. K

    I'm New Here, Talk To Me?

    I'm new to this site. I'm 22 from The Philippines. I'm a cute-nerdy boy. Lookin for some quarantine flings, love, conversations. I'm a B and I love me a good daddy Slide into my DMs on Instagram: _97meadow talk to me
  9. 3

    Hi Guys New Man Here

    Just saying hey, hope you guys are all well and enjoying the site
  10. Mike Fisher

    I'm a virtual cowboy toy - gay skype

    I'm so ready to be used and abused! Please - any guys who wanna play filthy roleplay with me being ripped and reamed by your seasoned huge cock - I'm so fresh and newly out of the closet and BEGGING to be torn into!!! Skype: frost5679 Phone: 201-543-7355