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new guy

  1. I

    New bi guy from the uk

    Hey all, I'm a 27year old bi guy from the UK. Mostly here to just see what the site's about but totally up for chatting or more. I have snap so if you do fancy a chat just dm me yours and we can chat :) So yeah, just wanted to say hello and hope you're all having a good day :)
  2. Admire Hairy Men

    Hi, I'm new and looking forward to being here

    Hey everyone, hope you are well. I met a amazingly hairy man on another site and was recommended here. Hopeful to make some connections/chat/cam/trade pics. I admire hairy men of all ages and sizes, the hairier the better! Uncut is a huge plus (love long foreskin) but no deal breaker...
  3. Hungvers18

    New boy here!

    Hi everyone! New boy here, just discovered this website and wanting to connect with y'all. I'm more of a Twink here, hung, hairy really into older and hairy men (bears too) but into men in general.
  4. ledup

    new Mexican guy looking for int people!;)

    Hey guys! My name is Luis and this is my first post on the website. My English is not the best, but I enjoy to meet people from around the world and share experiences, trade pics and have a nice conversations;) hope to hear from some of you back!!
  5. E

    Evening Guys

    Just to introduce myself - 27y.o UK GUY. Very horny and up for pretty much anything 5.11 slim 7” and love to show it off ;) Love all body types and great to chat with fellow horny guys
  6. MasonYounX

    Hey Guys! I'm Mason, Whats Up?

    Hey found out about this place on good old Twitter and thought I'd check it out. Look forward to getting to know you all! XO Mason
  7. L

    Hey From Canada

    New guy here, can’t wait to chat with the awesome guys here.
  8. Arkinside

    New Guy, White Bread, Country Bred, Born Red, First Post Dread, Die 'n Your Dead, Love What's Ahead

    Hello all, This is a great looking site and I'm glad to be a part of it. Not sure what to expect but I'm at least expecting the unexpected. I'm a Midwestern, kinda shy, kinda freaky depending on the day, the minute, or the picture that just got posted by that hot guy...you know the...
  9. dariusrex

    New And Clueless...i Dont Even Know What Lpsg Means.

    I joined a year ago. Can't remember why. Ive never used this site. Came upon it today via a google search. Looked interesting enough to check out what its all about. Is it all about sex cos I just saw a survey asking new members 101 questions about their dicks?
  10. Hndsmdvl23

    New(ish) Guy Here!

    Hi all!!!!! I happen to stumble across this site a few months ago and come on here and there and love it! Gay man who loves men, men’s underwear and men in underwear. Bulges drive me crazy Looking forward to fun times on here.
  11. M

    Mason Neisen

    He recently started an OF just curious if he posted XX content
  12. jgjr2020

    You're New Here And Have Some Questions.

    Hey welcome to lpsg! We have been here almost a year and would love to answer any questions you may have if you're new. My husband and I are happy to help!
  13. N


    Hello to everyone. Was told about this site through a friend. Looking forward to taking part.
  14. E

    24 Yo Bodybuilding Stud With An Underwear Fetish!

    Hello all! I'm Eric, I am 24 years old. Been a member for a-little while now but never done an introduction. Working out is my life and I love doing it in a nice pair of boxer briefs! Lets connect and If you want a pair of my gently used underwear let me know!
  15. A

    New Guy Here

    Hey fellow users, uploaded and currently waiting on verifying my account. Pretty new here, would be fun to chat with other men around my age. In the Midwest, freezing my ass off currently, could use some warmth :) start a convo with me!
  16. Scorpio_Guy

    Time For Some Fun!

    Hi guys! Signed up today and already having a great time (although this site is kind of confusing at first). Here to play with my dick and watch other guys do the same. Skinny guys with huge cocks are my weakness, but I dont discriminate when it comes to dick. So don't be afraid to say hi! :)
  17. 6

    New Here - 23 Nyc Uncut

    So much eye candy on here
  18. W


    Hi guys, im here for the first time and i already love this website. I hope u have a good day! ❤️
  19. Chap Wilson

    New Guy Here

    Hey people, what's happening? I'm new here and don't know much about this website other than a few things that were told to me. Young, horny and single. I think I'm real easy to get along with so, for real, if you want to say hi and strike up a discussion with me, cool, let's go. It don't matter...
  20. Hanging6x6

    New Guy With Pix And Story

    Hi guys! I just joined after a few days of enjoying looking at pix, posts, and stories. I am not as hung as some you, but at 6"x6" soft and 7.5"x 6.25" hard, I feel comfortable here. I have uploaded two albums of pix to introduce myself and wrote a story about my experiences as an art model. You...
  21. Hanging6x6

    New Guy With Pix And Story

    Hi guys! I just joined after a few days of enjoying looking at pix, posts, and stories. I am not as hung as some you, but at 6"x6" soft and 7.5"x 6.25" hard, I feel comfortable here. I have uploaded two albums of pix to introduce myself and wrote a story about my experiences as an art model. You...
  22. Seatbeltkinker

    Hey Guys

    Hey guys , new to the site , have many interests and kinks , like to know more drop me a message, photo on my profile xx
  23. Stickelips

    Stickelips: First Day Here (plz Don't Steal My Lunch $)

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure if I introduced myself yet(I'm in lots of other griups). I'm Stick, short for Stick E. Lips. Now before you go thinking that's nasty, let me tell you it's origin. Fresno State College, 1993, Dorm Room x, Bear Coed, floor 3, (junior senior only). I was the oldest on...
  24. 3

    Hi Guys New Man Here

    Just saying hey, hope you guys are all well and enjoying the site
  25. N

    Just Want To Say Hey

    Hello, everyone! Been a member for ages. Never posted any pics or really did much, but I plan to change all that. Here's a link to my first ever LPSG Photo Album. Hope you like them. Looking forward to getting to know all of you...
  26. 3

    Hi There!

    I'm a guy who likes to enjoy his sexuality being single... and that's why I decided to join this group xD. Thank you so much for the welcoming so far and I hope to have fun conversations with as many people as possible xD. I would also love to exchange hot videos with anyone who wants. You can...
  27. S

    New Here. Do I Belong?

    New here. Do I belong?
  28. 2

    Newbie From Pnw. Love To Show Off

    Found this page on accident and it’s the best things I’ve found since tumblr got rid of porn. I’m 31 from PNW. Love to share, love to suck, love to fuck. Versatile and kinky. Ask me more!
  29. srpresidenteX

    Photo Faddelghandour7 New O F

    hope to see this handsome naked.
  30. J

    Follow Me On Instagram