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  1. H

    Bi In Detroit

    So, hence my name - I’m back again. I had originally joined this site years ago and mainly just read the erotic stories. Lost access to that, and I figure I’d be more active if a member now. Just a quick run down: Handsome, Black, Bi, 28, Downtown Detroit. More mild than wild but not opposed...
  2. AstridS76


    hoi , I'm here to support large penises in any way i can. say hi, don't be shy, thanks for checking my profile. Cant wait to start meeting super hung guys from here!
  3. D

    Darren Thomas - The LPSG Newbie!

    Hello everyone! Thanks for giving us new members a space to introduce ourselves and mingle! My details are on my profile if you want to chat and I can't wait to meet you all. Maybe say hello and introduce yourself (new and old!)
  4. J

    What should a newbie know before going to an Adult Store Arcade?

    I debated posting this in Ask a Gay Man, but I figured here it would get a wider audience. If anyone thinks it should be moved, I'll repost it. Yesterday I found myself in an adult store with one of those arcades in back, basically a dark hallway with a series of doors. I saw men coming in and...
  5. D

    New exhibitionist need advice

    So I discovered that I'm really into just being naked may enjoy people looking but I'm very new to it I got a meet up arrangement with my ex today and we are going to go for a hike in the woods naked and screw around a bit and I'm asking for things to try n do while doing so and advice is...
  6. caipreimz

    A cute filipino boy here to sweep your hearts

    Hello! I'm Cai, I'm from the Philippines! I'm gay lol and I love reading books and watching gay porn , and oh, I'm also a virgin too HAHSHA
  7. kinkycaleb

    Hi Everyone

    Hello everyone, I'm from Mexico. I've just run into to this site and I'm hoping to connect and get along with many different people with different backgrounds and interests. I consider myself an unexperienced kinky dude looking for more spicy experience Feel free to send me a message or...
  8. Dangerous_Woman


    New to the site but not to big cocks Will fill in my profile soon.. looking forward to getting to know you! Also love comparing guys on zoom or skype.. so feel free to inbox me in the mean time!
  9. parkjaegeunsundies

    I'm New Here, But I've Been Around...

    Here's a jerk-off video I filmed and posted originally on Lifeout, Twitter, and Planetromeo when I bothered to show off my goods on those sites.
  10. jooeblow


    Been here for a few days but figured I’d pop in here with a hello. Have some pictures on my profile too if you wanna check them out. Feel free to PM me! Enjoy your day.
  11. deine_huendin

    Hardest Moment For A Newbie Bottom ?

    beside a hard and deep fucking later- what is the greatest challenge, the big point, for a newbie bottom: 1. the moment when the glans opens the sphincter ? or 2. the moment when he shoves his cock balldeep inside ?
  12. DDReX

    Hi my love followers

    For being followers amd liking my albums! Heres for you Loves! Thanks!
  13. CDraco

    New from nc

    Just found about the group. I’ll be adding some pics soon, interested in hearing from some of you, feel free to message me!
  14. N

    30 year old male new member !

    Hi all like the title says 30 year old male from near Portsmouth UK. Very open just looking to have fun make some friends and see what happens. I would say im open to most things and will prob want to try once or twice before ruling anything out ! So Hi all ! I dont bite unless you want me to ...