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  1. R

    Remi_ragnar on IG

    This daddy is hot. Wish to have something naughty about him.
  2. silverberrywine

    Photos & Videos Do you take professional photos of yourself (in a porno way)

    Does anyone take photos of themselves professionally when it comes to taking nude photos or sexy seductive photos?
  3. BubbleButtsLover

    Photos & Videos Fabrycio Rondyllean

    Do you know that wonderful hot man ?
  4. L

    Photos & Videos @Diego_tarugo Nude?

    Alguém tem nude do @Diego_tarugo? Privacy: @Tarugo
  5. C

    Franco Videos

    Does anyone have the other parts of this series? Was this guy ever arrested btw?


    So this is my 5th post and In this I have compiled few of my SEMI-HARD pics Being a wannabe pornstar I like to showoff of my nudes and as I have made lot of posts on my HARD PICS so I decided to make a compilation of SEMI HARD PICS Enjoy it
  7. N

    Photo Exposing myself 18 m

    Hey! I’m new here, and wondering what will happen with my nude on here haha.
  8. P

    Mykul Jay Valentine

    Mykul Jay Valentine. :emoji_peach: :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :emoji_eggplant: Very sexy and handsome. Dancer & model.


    Probably this is my 4 th post, looking at the response for my other 3 posts,I decided to make another one I'm really fat guy so I prefer selfies than back camera shots and i always had a fetish of doing porno,so as I didn't got a chance that's why I'm posting my nudes here ENJOY IT
  10. H

    Host me in London for a night?

    Hey! Looking for a chilled host for a night on Fri 2nd June (ideally with parking!). Love being nude, happy to discuss sexual interaction but not required! Probably prefer meeting older but very open to offers. I’m 46, slim, good looking, happy to share pics before meeting. H
  11. beaux cumslut

    Adriano Romanini

    anything on him? he's an italian model from milan. he's got 6 full frontal photos in yummyzine. he's modeled nude and he's well hung endowed with a thick dick. a beautiful specimen of the italian male physique. does anyone got all six of his photos from yummyzine? please feel free to share with...
  12. J

    Help ID Twitter Clip

    So I just seen this twitter clip online but no name to it, can anyone help? :)
  13. J

    Locker Room

    Does anyone have any videos of men in public locker rooms? Post content below.
  14. U

    Who is this guy with the gorgeous ass and dick

    I've been trying to find this guy for so long! Any idea who he is?
  15. T

    Photos & Videos MetalBob Appreciation Thread

  16. the_farenheit

    Photo Would you like to be drawn?

    Hey everyone, I’m an artist and love drawing and illustrating. It’s always been kinda difficult to find people willing to be drawn naked but after they see the results that usually changes. I started recently a twitter account https://twitter.com/eroticmalelines where I am posting some of the...
  17. Welshcupid44

    BBC 3 I Kissed a Boy!

    New BBC three/ Iplayer show - First ever Gay dating show in the UK.
  18. J

    Cristian Caína | @cainaactor (losdenam)

    Nada de este papasito colombiano?
  19. dniko

    Just show off with me

    My favorite angle of myself
  20. ksnpch

    Ry@n Ch@n Photob00k

    Anyone have the photo book of him, Share the nude pic please, Thanks
  21. M

    Sheffield Made Plants (Youtuber)

    Anyone has anything on this English guy? I know he's straight and has a wife and kids, and he might not be for everybody, but there's something about him, I find him quite hot. He published a video recently and his bulge looks pretty nice in his gray sweatpants, plus it looks like he's commando...
  22. glumcima

    Nude Actors from ex Yugoslavia

    Hello, new thread for nude actors from six ex Yugoslavia states : Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. I posted one with actors from Serbia, but i didn't want to make each for every other country. So, this is one thread for everyone.
  23. My exposure

    My exposure

    I have a live exposure on exposed real fun ExposedRealFun — Post: Hung fag slut It’s at 80 days extension and I want to get to at least 100. Please enjoy my pics, download, share and extend.
  24. X


    Do u have any nudes about conorsworld2003? (OF creator) he is supercute, but I don't found nudes about him. :heart_eyes:
  25. Marco Tony

    Kirill Strunnikov - Sexy Russian Man

    Anything on this hot man? He possibly have some pictures of his penis somewhere. He is gay.
  26. H

    Conor's world - @conorsworld

    hey guys, anybody has something on this guy? He seems a damn cute little twunk. He also has twitter @conorsworld. Maybe somebody from here subscribed to his Onlyfans? Is it worth it?
  27. Y

    Can anyone identify where this is from?

    Quality sucks, but does anyone know where this clip comes from or the actor?
  28. beaux cumslut

    Simone Bonaccorsi

    anybody got stuff on Simone Bonaccorsi? he's italian which means he's hot and hung obviously lol. there's gotta be a lot of nude photos of him out there. let's post em here x here's his ig Login • Instagram as a bonus, here are some of his uncensored nudes from yummyzine. enjoy!
  29. beaux cumslut

    Riccardo Ghiraldini

    anybody got stuff on Riccardo Ghiraldini? he's an italian model. he walked dolce gabbana shows and posed his stunning physique on the cover of yummyzine and many more. there sure is a lot of nude photos of him out there. let's post em here x here's his ig Login • Instagram
  30. L

    Photos & Videos @Weslleyrangellofc Alguém tem nudes?