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  1. maybemichael_t

    Check my twitter? @maybemichael_t

    Hi folks Trying to grow my twitter profile a bit… I’m a 22 y.o. college twink, 130lbs & 5’9” with a hairy bush Looking to create and post more exhibitionist and cruising content but for now just posting pics, gifs and vids of myself. Click here to check my twitter account out...
  2. R

    Elias "Lias" Candido

    Please, share all what you got or can find about Elias "Lias" Candido. He's hot and he is worth the attention ;)o_O Some of his platforms: Instagram TikTok Thank you and enjoy! :)
  3. unknownastorga

    Photo can someone tell me who this guy is ?

    thanks in advance
  4. S


    Anyone got Kev Seagate ( kevseagate ) OnlyFans contents?
  5. Luke-741

    does anyone know who these are? some clue ?.

    Centurions!!!!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
  6. H

    What are some good exposure sites? I love showing off

    Hey guys. I am a gay 27 year old from the USA and living in Sydney. I have been exposing myself since I was 19 with full cock, hole, and face on places like Twitter, Tumblr (RIP), Reddit, DudesNude, and other similar sites. Back when I was 20/21 I even did some exposure submissions on Twitter...
  7. T

    Places to see dick in Toronto (gyms/korean spas/bars at urinals)

    Hi all, I'm going to Toronto in a few weeks and I'm wondering if you have any recommendations for places where I can see straight dick? I love watching straight guys shower in open showers/locker rooms, russian/korean bath houses, or bars that have urinals with no dividers. (I just like to see...
  8. C

    AndresGuedez0 and Joelinblue

    AndresGuedez0 Andrés Guédez (u/AndresGuedez0) - Reddit OnlyFans
  9. L

    Daniel Garcia (daniel1996h/jrdanielvega)

    Does someone has some stuff from him. He does paid nudes with face, you have to dm him on Instagram.
  10. S

    djtdjt1392 hot hunky guy

  11. B

    Arab abdallah sayed needed

    Who have his nudes or any hot pic from him he is so hot as hel
  12. S

    Photos & Videos Niko Vidal (TikTok stud)

    Does anyone have anything on him he’s so sexy
  13. A

    Agvan Kharatian or _kharatian

    does anyone have he's pics? Agvan Kharatian or _kharatian
  14. A

    Photo Does anyone know who this is?

    Does anyone know who this boy is?
  15. R

    Please help find more files of this baited guy

    I know he is in the bellobaits collection under 'Ryan B' but these are the only files I've managed to find so far. If anyone has more photos or videos of this guy please upload them.
  16. A

    Jose Luis Barreto (a_fitboricua)

    Had to start this thread. His Instagram is www.instagram.com/a_fitboricua And his name is Jose Luis Barreto Anyone got anything on this hunk? He has a great body and huge thighs. a_fitboricua
  17. S

    Sascha Bachmann Acrobat - thegerminator

  18. K

    Show off your nude selfie

    I’m always hesitated to post pictures that consisting my face and my dick, but i love watching people doing so(huge respect fr). Just here checking out to see if any hotties can show your hot face and dick for me (and for the others)
  19. M

    Skype/Snapchat show off sesh?

    Hey, I'm 22 muscular from UK. Add me on snap: maxlikewow or on Skype live:.cid.5b01f5a87b23c067 to trade :p
  20. B

    Austin Wallace @_austin_wallace_

    Just created an OnlyFans. Anyone get any of the PPV he put out already or is anyone interested in making a pool to get some of the content?
  21. J

    @jansenbilio content anyone?

    I have few pictures even a video but wanna see more of that girth
  22. A

    Ayo Gillott model ?

    Ayo Gillott, a 23 years old Hungarian dark-haired with smoldering good looks man is everything, what we love in today’s male beauty. Let's start his sets from idol-men dot net
  23. J

    Help me find this guy?

    Found this on twitter. Some sort of nature photographer has his friend video him playing with his cock. He says “you’re the only friend I can really do this with” which tells me he likes doing it often and I’m hoping there’s more of him!
  24. Mr_Thistlewaite

    Thistlewaites Hetrosexual Thread - Sex Scenes, Sex Tapes, Celebrity And Porn Space - (Urban And Ethnic Only)

    Nude/Sexy pictures, GIFs, video links and videos are all welcome. Porn, television and film love scenes or sex tapes all welcome! Please name the actors involved and the scene name etc if you post. Thank you in advance, have fun!
  25. G

    Billy Procida (Comedian)

    Thread for sexy cute comedian, podcaster and onlyfans creator Billy Procida. This DILF in the making said he would be so happy on his podcast if he could see his nudes and online work shared by his fans. @TheBillyProcida Callmebilly - OnlyFans Man Whore - podcast Body painting Nudes
  26. H

    Sinfonico Erik

    No tienen nada de Sinfonico Erik? Quiero sus nudes Erik Gabriel Ortiz Aguilar sinfonico_erik Sinfonico_Erik_ Sinfonico Erik
  27. L

    Nudity + Gay life in Serbia/Belgrade?

    So I’m going for a weekend in Serbia, Belgrade and have couple of questions: 1. How is nudity being considered in Serbia, in general? I mean, if I’ll be going to a spa or even a hotel in Serbia and it has a sauna, steam room etc, can I be nude? Is it like most European countries? I am not...
  28. S

    Juan Jimenez twitter

    Does anyone have his nudes I know he’s shared before I would love to see
  29. J


    Anybody have anything on him? I only have this
  30. tyfromtexas

    growing up

    so growing up i had my stepmom and stepsister around (plus a little sister later down the line). i didn’t really have time with other guys to hang, explore, learn things. so my question is those who have grown up with more guys around how do you feel that helped or hindered you? and likewise...