1. V

    Photo How to undress photos with AI.

    I have collected some websites with the simplest journeys. - the best as for me - super realistic, many styles + can undress with prompt + undressing guy - generates nude from any image - good app with deepnude mode with - you upload...
  2. J

    Photos & Videos Sex Life MGM Tv Series

    Anyone ever heard of this show or have any content related to this show. I’ve been wanting to watch it for a long time
  3. B

    Nude health, yoga, exercise, lifestyle-oriented OF

    I’m a huge fan of OF accounts of this kind, where there is ample nudity and sensuality, but the focus is not pornographic. Some examples include the following. Any others to recommend? - The Wild Naked Man - The Powers of Man - The Nude Biohacker - Grant Foreman Fitness - John Paul Kingston...
  4. U

    Looking for nudity on asian tv game shows

    Recently I saw a video of some Asian show where they were measuring dicks and it was so hot. I found this video in Asians! this forum. If anyone of you have the content similar to this please post videos or links. Most of such channels on YouTube are only for members. Sorry for poor English and...
  5. SAGN

    My Favorite Actors Hunks

    Let's start with 1. Nolan Gerard Funk
  6. A

    How the porn industry is killing male intimacy

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the discussion regarding how pornography may have detrimental effects on male self-image is closely tied to the increasing reluctance to expose nudity in a communal context. The porn industry has contributed to creating an even greater taboo surrounding male...
  7. S

    Help me

    HELP Hey guys! So I’ve found this website with videos that I like, they are zip videos that need a password, I tried to extract the files with programs but I couldn’t Can anyone help me? Please :(
  8. Linkguy13

    Nudity in Shared Dorms

    When I was in college I would walk from my dorm room to the bathroom in the middle of the hall to take a shower. I wore my shower shoes, slung my towel over my shoulders and held my personal hygiene kit. I was totally nude every late night before I go to bed. Once had my shower. I would walk...
  9. J

    Photos & Videos YouTuber Movie/TV Show Reviewer

    Who's your favorite YouTube movie reviewer you want to see naked? I want to see Jeremy Jahns. Post your favorite below ⬇️
  10. M_rhui

    Where is Jef's Onlyfans

    Jeff Evans é um modelo de show ao vivo, suas pesquisas correspondem a "Jeff_evans98. Ele abriu um onlyfans e promete um conteúdo diferente do habitual! Esperamos muito sexo, inscreva-se! E mostramos a beleza da Colômbia...
  11. BrownSugarBoy

    Naked Comedy & Comedians

    Hi, I was wondering if you have seen comedy acts or videos involving male nudity. As well as comedians using nudity for comedic purposes. These can I love stand-up comedy, televised comedy acts, plays, or just comedic/funny videos that envolve male nudity. I would love to see your posts :)
  12. C

    New York, Brookly bunk room

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone ever went to Brooklyn bunk room Brooklyn Bunkroom For Men I was thinking of booking some nights there, but there are no “actual” pictures of the place on their website. any experience? Showers? Nudity? Working out? Thanks
  13. JayPR

    How common are Communal / Open Showers in Frat Houses?

    A friend of mine told me that to this day, communal or open showers are still a thing in frat houses. Then I saw this video on TikTok. At least in the US, communal showers are disappearing from schools, gyms, etc. across the country. That is why I couldn't believe that fraternities haven't...
  14. J

    Rob/Ted Souza???

    So, quite some time ago I found two channels on vimeo, both from a (Brazilian, I believe) guy that went by "Ted Souza" in one of them and "Rob Souza" in the other. Recently both channels have been taken down. He made amazing nudity videos, just doing everyday activities, and was wondering if...
  15. N

    Outback Part 2

    He got two bottles out, opened them both and handed one to me. We drank, in the already warm kitchen. Both still naked. -what do you think? -think? -mmm, clothes? Can you be bothered? Seems pointless now. -go on then, little naturism. -what do you guys say? FKK? -ja, genau, So we didn't...
  16. N

    Outback part 1

    It was his parents' place I think. He said they mostly lived in the city, they didn't mind him or his sister using it. -where? -a little south -yeah, near the sea? -yeah, not really, kind of country, the house is kinda remote, there's a lake pretty near, lovely, good for swimming. I was on...
  17. J

    Locker Room

    Does anyone have any videos of men in public locker rooms? Post content below.
  18. Y

    Where does this scene come from?

    Does anyone know what movie/show this clip comes from?
  19. pvn

    LOOKING FOR MALE MODELS IN LONDON (non-limited to professionals)

    Hello there, I am looking for male models (who don't have to be professional), to shoot with me for my ongoing personal project about the male body. I need you to be at ease with your image and body and open to nudity. If you have experienced in modelling, great, but if not that's not a...
  20. Once in Italy: nudity for the Romans

    Once in Italy: nudity for the Romans

    Ancient Rome was a society that held a distinct perspective on nudity in contrast to the modern era. Nudity was a commonplace aspect of daily life for both men and women. It was deemed a symbol of strength and power and Romans were proud to flaunt their bodies. Nudity was prevalent in public...
  21. P

    nudists/exhibitionists in London

    Any nudists/exhibitionists in London? fav places to be naked and show off?
  22. E

    Male only steam / saunas in Australia gyms (not gay)

    Please list all male-only saunas/steam rooms you know about in Australian gyms or other non SOP venues in this thread. Ideally places where it's generally acceptable to go nude and no one minds. I know a few: Brisbane: Goodlife Gym Elizabeth Street (previously fitness first) - Sauna and steam...
  23. Snack217

    Adakam, artistic nude insta model New instagram model, a little different but interesting and hot. Said he will open an Onlyfans when he starts gaining some traction on instagram Sry, the server issues double posted this thread
  24. Snack217

    Adakam, artistic nude insta model New instagram model, a little different but interesting and hot. Said he will open an Onlyfans when he starts gaining some traction on instagram
  25. S

    Photos & Videos Tv chartoon male nudity

    Check videos below for reference 0:42 Regular Show Naked Benson 1:39 The Road to El Dorado (2000) - The Trail We Blaze (3/10) | Movieclips 25:59 George of the Jungle 2015: An Experience 0:34 A Pete Scorned | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts 1:57 Spongebob the masterpiece part 3
  26. U

    Gay places in London?

    I'm going to be moving to London in a week and I want to know the BEST places for gay men, especially if they involve nudity. Bars, gyms, clubs, yoga, etc. I want to find some places that allow nudity, whether it be sexual or not. I also just want advice for where to meet other like-minded gay...
  27. needtonut

    Nude View

    Where specifically do you go when you want to see nude people in person? Tell us the exact place. You can also mention places from your past but please tell us about current locations as well.
  28. A

    Nuffield Gym Battersea

    This is a new thread to discuss Nuffield Gym Battersea and in particular the men’s spa. The spa, located in the men’s locker rooms for the gym, has a steam room, sauna and jacuzzi as well as semi open showers (glass dividers, no doors or curtains).
  29. K

    Photos & Videos Lucas Tyler from Naked News

    Does anyone have some updated info on Lucas Tyler (or the other anchors) from the Naked News Male Version? Info like social media or anything else. He seems to be completely disappeared from the internet after the show is off. Also, does anyone know where I can watch more episodes of the show?
  30. jackthecarup

    its fit for purpose