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    Video Unconscious man

    Do you guys have or know more content like this?
  2. I

    Isaiah Smith Jr.

    I can't believe there isn't a thread for this insta/tiktok hunk! Instagram.com/nurse_ijay Tiktok.com/nurse_ijay Discovered him through Richy Wood of the Wood triplets.

    Nick the Night Nurse (Gay Erotica)

    Dylan, interrupted from his peaceful slumber, leapt out of bed while clutching his burning abdomen. The excruciating pain that was throbbing within his body was so debilitating that Dylan hastily snatched his keys from his nightstand and dashed for the door. In his Honda Accord he fumbled with...
  4. L

    Photos & Videos Tlc: Sex Sent Me To The Er

    Does anyone know him? He's the ultrasound tech in the tapeworm episode.
  5. H

    Carers, Bed Washes And Erections! Part 2.

    I have carers come in through the day now. After about eighteen months, the initial care agency that was set up to look after me in my flat, went bust. The council had to arrange for a new agency to come in, that must have been about seven years ago. They supplied three carers, one that worked...
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    Carers, Bed Washes And Erections! Part 1. [there Are 2.]

    Hi! I am Toby. I have a full head of shoulder length, dark blonde and grey hair that I tie back. I am very slim, and very, very healthy. I always used to be quite healthy, but now I am unbelievably healthy, and very much into supplements. I am in my early fifties now. When I was in my early...
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    Any Doctors Here?

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering if there are any healthcare professionals on this platform that are willing to chat for a bit? I have a family member that has a MELD score of 18, but is physically very sick. I have general questions/concerns regarding MELD score and general questions about how...
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    Photo Dom Arnold (ig: Domarnold_srna)

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    Photo Dom Arnold (ig: Domarnold_srna)

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    Ig hottie/escort travis dyson @tldyson

    I've been on his rentmen profile before but i forgot his username so I was hoping one of you guys would know what it is and link it. Maybe theres even more out there of him. Thanks