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  1. B

    Video Anyone have this video of 18yo boy with older man?

    Anyone have this video of an 18yo with an older man? or at least know who they are? I found the now deleted video on kizzteen.com (I belive the video was filmed in a hotel room)
  2. fireice42

    Remembering The Spanking Vicar

    It happened forty years ago. Forty years; I can scarcely believe it. Almost to the day too. It could never happen today. The world is an entirely different place. Even as I start to write this down I wonder if it really happened. Was it just a dream? I wasn’t quite twenty-one years old and I was...
  3. Aaronbucks

    (now) Famous stars fucking old / ugly / BBW

    I find it incredibly hot to see old clips of well known male talent fucking women they might not partner with once they become more established. Tricky to find, but well worth the effort! Has anybody come across any they'd recommend? Here are two to get the ball rolling: Manuel Ferrara and...
  4. RickyChayanne

    Video Fat Dad fucks Young Muscle Boy (Name?)

    hey guys good morning does anyone know the name of this muscle young bottom getting fucked by this old fat man? he seems to be the same of this video, would love to see more of him getting fuck by old fat men
  5. Ennydsa1

    personal presentation

    hola hola a toda la comunidad espero que todos esten muy bien mi nombre es david soy un chico latino acabo de encontrar la pagina y esta es mi presentacion quiero agregar que soy un chico muy bueno me gusta mucho usar juguetes sexuales y disfruta del sexo. Y me gustaría encontrar hombres mayores...
  6. T

    Old Vs. Young (professional)...

    Hiya, It's a strange kink, but I thought that one of Katie Kush's hot ones was a scene with Jay Crew... I even think she cums a few times, but I'm not sure... Do you guys have any others? Especially if there is an orgasm involved? What about any from George Uhl, or others? Thanks
  7. JayPR

    To Dye Or Not Dye Your Gray Hair: What Do You Think?

    I would like to know what do you think of men who dye their gray hair and beards? I've seen more and more men and women talking against that and even judging those who do it. Why? Even if a consider that gray hair can look sexy, I don't mind if a guy dyes his hair, especially if it makes him...
  8. R

    Anyone Has This Vid?

    Heyy so I came across this vid some months ago but can't find it anywhere and it's amazing :( any help?
  9. J

    Young For Old

    22 U.K. lad looking for older dads/grandads. Preferably chub/beefy and 50+. Online now and need to cum! Add: jocklad1992@outlook.com live:.cid.d4a8b8088c27efe5
  10. N

    Photo What's His Name?

    Anyone know his name? Twitter or something. I remember him from tumblr. Thanks.
  11. T

    Photos & Videos Please Help Find This Gay Porn Video

    This video I would have to say isn't that old, I think it was on Pornhub prior to them deleting a majority of their content but I'm not 100% sure. It was a young guy probably 20s, he was pale skinny and tall with short hair that was wavy. He was bottoming to a guy that was much older (40s,50s)...
  12. mrt19

    Links Searching For Dad&son Video

    Im searching for the full lenght or the names of them both :)
  13. E

    Please Help Id This Video

    Can someone please tell me where this video is from? Found this on Twitter. Thanks!
  14. I

    Video Looking For Long Lost Hot Video

    Hello, I am looking for a link for a video I saw a month or two back. I believe it was on Pornhub, and it was a video of 3 guys sunbathing in a wooded area and someone recording them from a distance. All 3 men were only in speedos (or at least thats what it looked like) and the guy in the...
  15. Bernd

    Photo Who Has The Balls To Show His Aging? I Have! Look At My Albums

    erectile dysfunction Album: 345081 Compare photos Young and older album 343731 My erections from 2008 to 2020 album 342201 viagra photos album340851
  16. R

    Who Wants Him?

    A young chub asked me to watch him jerk on Skype, but I don't have it. He's looking for older men if you want him. I'll give you his Skype.
  17. cronowerk

    Son for daddy here

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to say hey and introduce myself. I'm 21 years old, athletic, and gay. I'd really love to chat with any dads who are interested in fantasizing with me about having dad/son sex. I've also been super curious about sucking daddy's cock and love the idea of a daddymaking...