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  1. P

    Snapchat 18-19

    Hey guys Let‘s find some guys to exchange, compare etc. around our age! Dm for snap
  2. N

    Looking for a women to own me

    Hey is there any women who's up for a ownership of a 25 year old boy from Denmark Skype live:.cid.2bb8c4703968834d Snap nikolaj2261
  3. Danielv1234

    Online j/o app?

    I used to use Kik alot to jerk off with ppl online but I find it a bit hard to meet people there still.. Where do you guys jerk off online? What app / website should I use to meet people that are interested in the same thing?
  4. P

    18-25 fit snapchat list

    Hey guys! young lad here. since the other snapchat lists seem to be decreasing in seriousness I thought I‘d start a new one for us younger guys :) to me: swiss, 18yo, hung, fit Into: be around my age and fit ;) drop your snaps! dm for mine
  5. K


    Hey LPSG users, i was wondering if anyone has any (full) videos of undieguy1 from undieguy.online or that they have found on the internet, he is so hot to me and he would be hotter if anyone has any videos to share
  6. K

    Photo Mortonbud93/mortonbud12/martynjames

    Hey LPSG users, does anyone have any videos/pics of this guy, he stopped posting 2017? and i miss him, i probably know the reason but i wish there was more videos on the internet than him with w*ll, feel free to share in the thread
  7. UnCutBlackBull925

    Introducing Super Bbc Man

    Spotted on twitter hashtag #mandingomonday : https://twitter.com/videoboyblog/status/1422021472411738112?s=21 Only fans: OnlyFans twitter: https://twitter.com/superbbcman1?s=21 Great guy He responds to folks so don’t be afraid to reach out yeah it’s all real
  8. Gamer166

    Online Work-out (naked)

    Hii I am 20 years old and I want to be more fit. I need someone that can train with me online. Please message me if you are interested.
  9. K


    Hey besties, I'm wondering if anyone has any videos of jaxxxhot (preferably with his friend), because there seems to be not that many videos online, and some don't have audio :( so it would be nice to find some more videos, thanks in advance uwu
  10. H

    Gay Internet Games?

    Does anyone know of any good free gay games on the computer? There used to be so many before flash died… there’s still nutaku but you have to make in game purchases to be able to actually progress. Thanks!
  11. imnnotshy

    23 Yold European

    Hi all! I am new to this site :). 23 yold straight-curious, no experience with guys. I'm in a relationship so only looking for online interaction and this site seems like a great place for that :)
  12. R

    Mature Sub Uk M Seeking Online Domination

    Hi, I am a mature uk male sub, looking for genuine dominant for online web cam and cyber use maun likes are humiliation, degrading and exposure, but open to most things limirs, permanent marks, ball busting,family and financial Have k I k robc53 Skype robc445 never tried zoom but happy...
  13. Gamer166

    Online Home-workout

    Hi all, I was wondering if anybody can help me with Online Home-Workout during Skype or Zoom. I can't find my motivation at the moment. Is there somebody that can help me like a (personal)trainer of workout buddy? add me: skype: Jeffrey33221 or message me on LPSG.
  14. R

    Mature M Slave From Uk Looking For Online Dominant To Use Me

    Hi I am a mature male slave from uk looking to be used in,ine, humiliation, exposure, degrading, toilet play, some pain , any dominants want to use me please send a message prefer over 40 and genuine , would be great to find a someone into long term Kik robc54, Skype robc445 thank you
  15. P

    Snapchat Group For Horny Guys

    Hey starting a snapchat group for horny guys Add my snap: p-dublinguy
  16. M

    Anyone Have Anything Of Her?

    As far as I know, Her name is Selena
  17. MAtoNY33

    Links All Things Telegram

    With all of this social distancing that we all need to do because of COVID-19, let's create a master thread of telegrams for picture/video sharing so that we can all have fun and pleasure. These can be topic based (onlyfans, fitness, exposure, big digs, sex, blowjobs, handjobs, masturbation...
  18. UnCutBlackBull925

    Need 2020 Guide To A Girl Friendly Three Some

    So we’re ( my girl and me ) thinking about doing three some but I found out Backpage and Craigslist shut down -which tells how long I been dating so what are reliable online places for us to go to online now a days? it’s boy + girl + girl Thank you all for always helping out
  19. U

    Randomfrankp (youtube)

    Does anyone have any shots of this ginger hottie? His real name is Frank Passalacqua. In one of his Tech vids he has a huge bulge would love to see more of him.
  20. G

    Hello Brit Guys

    Hairy Brit guy. Chat n compare n see where it goes. Travel Msg for details
  21. agcs888

    Anyone Still Plays Ps Vita. Looking For Friends

    Just got ps vita and would like to play online with others and have friends. If you have Vita add me, MY ID: thriftyarek888 thanks