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  1. A

    Porn website - Tell your opinion

    Hi, We develop SexyDixy a new, easaly consumable adult site with nice high quality pictures and videos. Please tell your opinion. If you have any recommendation, let us know. ;) sexydixy.com
  2. T

    Pancake asses are hot

    Why do they often get criticism? If the guy has a nice face/hair/eyes & nice build/legs, a flat ass accentuates the other features greatly & can have more thrusting power. Take Randy Orton for instance, guys like him make it look hot because of their other features. He wouldn’t look as hot with...
  3. L

    Do You Prefer Art Or Irl Porn?

    Hey, new here, thought I'd check this site out a little. I've been wondering how many people prefer illustrated porn to images/videos. There's so much of both, so I was wondering how many people preferred what. I personally prefer illustrated stuff but I enjoy photos and videos a good amount...
  4. SomedoodeMe

    Show You're Fave Twinks

    show whos you're favorite Twink/Twunk? or are you one yourself? on another note do girls/women find twinks unattractive or attractive? personally i've always liked Roxy Red and Joey Mills .
  5. G

    My Brothers Friend. *true Story*

    Well it all started off a few years ago. Me my little brother and his two friends were in the car smoking one night. But out of nowhere one of my brother's friend wanted to smoke his Black & Mild so I decided to get out the car with him to smoke my Newport. We were standing outside of the car...
  6. Tagood7

    Onlyfans/justforfans And Music...

    So I’ve seen a few videos where a couple of hot guys are having sex with loud music on. Personally I really hate it. I am not there to listen to music, I want to hear the hot guys having sex. What do you guys think about it?
  7. SassyCassy

    What Would You Change About The Porn Available Currently?

    Who wants to join this posse and shake up the sad and worn out porn industry? It’s time for a new regime to flip the tables and put the men on their knees! Not to sound like a feminist but dudes, time’s up - step aside and be woo’d. It’s all been done so many times and has grown old so why...
  8. J

    Do Find This Model Attractive? What Would You Rate Him?

  9. J

    Do you find this guy attractive? what would you rate him?

  10. L

    Why do we buy-in to these money-making onlyfans amateur xxx stars ?

    Thought Why do we buy-in to these money-making OnlyFans amateur XXX stars ? They are making money from our desperation
  11. N

    Just introducing myself - opinions welcome!

    Hi guys, new to LPSG. Into cfnm, size queens and anything hot. Will be posting pics and vids here and there - let me know what you think!