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  1. J

    Video Id?

    Who is this guy? He is so cute and knows how to blow...
  2. R

    Photos & Videos ID help please!

    Does anyone know who this beautiful bald guy is? I can’t find the full video. thank you!! https://x.com/downlowdads/status/1699815555803287885?s=46&t=YUPzFNwIJ7zOLx7bUsWQgw
  3. FemBoyInLA

    Femboy for masculine men in Hollywood

    Hello I'm a very androgynous slim femboy that gets mistaken for a girl IRL often. I like my complete opposite; masculine, muscular, bearded . I'm 30 but look early 20s or so I'm told, 5'10 130 lbs hiv neg std free and drug free. Vaxxed. I love servicing orally and would love a regular to...
  4. JacobSlader

    Cock Stuffing in Throat

    How to stuff your Cocksucker’s throat properly:
  5. A

    Erotic massage in new york

    Hi, I'm looking for a massage place in new york city for an erotic gay massage. I'm looking for a blowjob, no sex. Anyone knows of a place?
  6. G

    Looking for a Snapchat Master

    Hi everyone! I’m a skinny Polish bottom. My dream is to find a master and become a Total sub (we call it here a „cwel”) I would love to serve a muscular hunk. Worship him After his workouts. I’m into sneak, spit, piss, farting, burping, muscle worshipping, rimm and oral. I never had a master and...
  7. T

    London blowbang? Maybe…

    So, I’m thinking of organising something in London. Either a blowbang (with me in the centre) or a series of 1:1 gloryhole or blowjobs. Current working date is July 19/20 I’d organise a hotel/location (currently looking at Kingscross, Paddington or Waterloo areas). I would like to film/video...
  8. L

    Best pussy licking videos

    I am in love with licking pussy and I find pussy licking videos hot as f. Post whichever pussy licking videos you love. My preference is for videos where the pussy is wet and engorged and not wide open.
  9. Stretchmine13

    Looking to play in Dallas/FW/Arlington area

    I will be in the area starting Wednesday of this week for several nights. Can possibly host in hotel. Ready for a buddy. Anybody interested?
  10. tedcos

    Photos & Videos Oral Cum compilation

    A small selection of oral and cum video clips and pics to wank to
  11. D

    eager throat seeking a feeder to take me under his wing

    i've always fantasized about getting to suck and swallow hung dom men. i've had a few experiences with them, but as my fellow cocksuckers know, a "few" is nowhere near enough to satiate this craving!! i've always LOVED the connection I feel with a guy just by taking his cock in my mouth and...
  12. D

    Rob_and_ethan on chaturbate

    Anyone got anything on these cuties? https://nl.xhamsterlive.com/Rob_and_Ethan
  13. Letmeworshipit

    Northern Nevada Blowbuddies?

    Moving from AZ to NV soon and hoping to meet some oral-only guys like me to befriend and play with. Thinking of starting a Reno/Tahoe area Blowbuddies group. Feel free to get in touch: letmeworshipit@yahoo.com
  14. tedcos

    Photos & Videos My Compilation

    Put together a few photos and video clips to background music, if you like large cocks and especially oral you will probably like. Let me know if you would like to see more.
  15. Letmeworshipit

    Arizona Men Who Prefer ORAL Sex?

    Hoping to start networking with guys here in Arizona who, like me, are primarily or totally into ORAL sex as their preferred sexual activity. And selfishly, I'd love to start dating an oral top, but will settle for some quality FWB blo'n go's if that's all ya got. With clubs and adult venues...
  16. J

    Good looking in Manchester 4 discreet

    Good looking gym fit 28 year old in Manchester, looking to suck of discreet / straight / curious guys, ideal types: tradies, married men, Uber / taxi drivers, military. But open, drop me a line with your stats. Based in the green quarter.
  17. B

    Help id hot guy?

    Can anyone help id this hot guy in the blowjob vid? Thank you!
  18. S

    Me, Camila and the Halloween party

    I suppose I should start by giving you a bit of background on myself. I'm 28 and I've been with my 21-year-old girlfriend, Camila, for just over a year. I'd enjoyed dressing up in women's clothing since my early teens but I'd often go through long periods where I wouldn't be able to do it...
  19. B


    Does anyone know what happened to him? His JustforFans is still up but he isn't posting anymore. Last I heard there was drama regarding leaks and he moved to Telegram. But idk.
  20. alantowne

    Improving deepthroat skills

    How does one develop skills in the art of deep throating larger cocks? Also tips on not using teeth and opening the mouth more. Thanks y'all
  21. F

    Sucking Cock Durning Anal

    Found this Gif a while ago and thought it was hot af, does anyone have more stuff like this?
  22. J

    My experience so far as an 19 year old - Part 1 losing my virginity

    Hi, my name is Jay. I'm 19 years old and from Maine. I lost my virginity on Monday, October 3rd, 2022. The story behind why I lost it at 19 is because where I went to school, there were not many queer men other than two twink's and one manipulative and toxic bi guy, so I did not get the chance...
  23. M

    Help ID

    Does anyone know who this is and/or the source?
  24. Sucette - Not just mosquitos that suck in the bayou

    Sucette - Not just mosquitos that suck in the bayou

  25. H

    Anyone know who these guys are?

    I’ve only seen one compilation vid and also the video I’m pasting below. I think they’re so hot and love the dynamic between them: the tall masc top with his eager sub btm. Anyone know who they are and if they have other vids/twitter/OF/etc?
  26. P

    Glory hole in Bluffton South Carolina

    NSA head at private gh in Bluffton/HHI. Big shooters and leakers are VIPs. Hmu
  27. P.B

    The noisy cummers thread

    OK lads, do you make some noise when you cum or are your orgasms silent but violent? I'm a noisy wanker/fucker because it's a part of my personality I can't control. I'm nearly always "Vocal" but my body makes me make different kinds of noises depending on the pleasure I'm getting. If I'm...
  28. Michaelbr

    Fort Polk Army Base fun

    I come to Fort Polk a few times a month. While there I have tried a few of the apps but nothing ever seems to come to fruition. Also - seems like most ppl on them are from the surrounding area NOT military guys from base. My question is - is there a place on base to meet guys and maybe mess...
  29. J

    Where to get this hot video?

    Does anyone know where I can get this video? It used to be on Youporn before it got taken down. Supposedly by Staxus Productions. It’s also here Search: staxus | Popular # 1 | Outdoor, Masturbating, Boyfriends, Teen, Handjob, but can’t seem to get the webpage to work
  30. 1

    One dick being shared by many mouths

    I’m really into porn where one guy is getting his dick sucked by 2 or more suckers. It’s hard to find vids of this, and even the forums about this that I’ve found on here are full of deleted videos. In fact, any video where one guy is being pleasured and sucked by many guys is so hot. Would...