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  1. 8020

    Realizing I am Gay

    This is a total work of fiction that I hope you enjoy. Realizing I am Gay I am a freshman and renting an apartment off campus. My parents are paying the rent as it was their idea that I live off campus so that I have a quiet place to study. I'm a nerd. I admit it. I don't care. I’m a...
  2. B

    Glory holes and Arcades

    Where are the best places to visit in North and South Carolina?? I find them truely exciting and want to visit more.
  3. M

    California guy

    Hello everyone, i’m a 24 year old college student in the Davis/Sacramento/Bay Area part of CA. Looking to make friends, fwb, or even just hook ups. Please hit me up, drop your phone number, snapchat users or dm me. I’m a pretty fun guy!
  4. F

    Video Does anyone know who these guys are?

    I've seen this video pop up a few times on Twitter and have been unable to find out who either of them are. Any help is appreciated!
  5. C

    northeast IL couple looking for 3rd

    gay couple here based around Rockford. we are a vers bottom (19, mixed, 5’6”, 6.5”uc, 135) and vers top (38, white, 5’10” 6.5”c, 150) inquire for pics. the top is a bit hairy, toned, and the bottom is slim and has a thick dick and fat ass. we’re looking for a 3rd to get to know and...
  6. I

    Anyone in or near Wichita KS?

    Hey everyone. White male, 24, 5’10 and average body. I’m versatile and very clean, disease free. I love giving oral, swapping, the usual stuff. Am curious who is around me ;)
  7. 357 Sydney City Steam.

    357 Sydney City Steam.

    Friday Lunch Fun Friday Lunches at 357 (pre covid) have a reputation for being a hoot. Packed with men looking for some lunch fun. Things have quietened off a fair bit, but its still one of the busier time slots where. I went back yesterday after a covid-induced hiatus from saunas. I had fun...
  8. P.B

    Gooning discussion and experiences

    I've not been able to find a specific thread about gooning so I thought I'd start one. So; I love edging and occassionally hit goon, usually after going through a sort of mind cleansing rhythmic trance like state. Now I know what gooning is I realise I've been in that state many times before...
  9. A

    Tampa Bay Oral

    Looking to give nsa head in Tampa area. Message me if around and horny
  10. B

    ID this video? Amateur BJ in car

    Wondering if anyone could help identify the original video of this gif? I have seen the full video in the past (within the year) but can't seem to find it anywhere. I also recall the guy getting blown with another video or two with others. Thank you in advance!
  11. Indianbull4ladies

    Indian PussyEater And Fucker for milf ,mom,doughter and teen

    A good-hearted and caring gentleman, respectful, straight and well-groomed. Have a good sense of humour, great manners, polite, discreet and highly educated. I have great passion and go easy with mature ladies in their forties, fifties and sixties of a golden age I do not claim to be a playboy...
  12. W

    Athens, GA Trans looking (25)

    Hi, feel free to message me if you're in or around Athens. I have been wanting to rim a nice ass lately and put my face in the crease of someone's underwear. I am vers. I look forward to meeting you. Black, Trans, 6'1", 180, 25
  13. S

    John Johnson Sucking Dick

    Im looking for anyone who man know where I can find his other oral videos. Several were taken down off his onlyfans. Theres a hottub scene, a compelation video and several others. Please share if you have them
  14. C


    He used to have a very active XTube account under the same name. He returned with an XHamster account (also under the same name) but when verification came to that platform, he seems to have deleted his account. Does anyone know if he is still posting somewhere?
  15. D

    London - Looking for someone to massage/edge/suck/please

    Love to please a guy and give them a good time while I'm worshipping their body. You will strip naked, lie down and I will do the rest. Starting with giving you a massage, then slowly focusing on your cock, edging and sucking you. Like a long session. Preference for lean/toned guys, hairy...
  16. J

    After a long day of Tennis…

    After a long day of being the head tennis coach at Washington Highschool, John was tired. And more importantly he was horny, John was mostly straight he was married with kids and he loved his wife, but he couldn’t help but be enamored with men, he would peek looks at other guys in the lockers...
  17. M

    Photos & Videos Impossible to swallow - who is this???

    Anyone have any idea what this is from? Seems old (but good).
  18. L

    Looking for a handsome young looking otter boy to worship in DC

    I'm really turned on by handsome otterish boys with hair in all the right places and a cut cock. Just want to orally massage you till you bust. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  19. krisz80

    Photos & Videos Bit of Everything

    Bit of Everything Oral...Anal..Solo...Black...White...Big...Dick...Twink...Bareback...Cum...Fuck...And More
  20. FemTwink415

    Fem boy that loves sucking straight men in San Francisco

    Hi, I'm a femboy in SF that loves sucking straight men, I've had gym trainers, construction workers, cops, a lot of them moved to other states these past couple years so looking for more. I've been told I should teach lessons and that I ruin it for when they have women sucking them again as they...

    Cock Bro' Wanted In Nh

    Cock bro' wanted for c2c fun. Very into porn, edging, jacking. Into oral also (ok if you're not-just relax and enjoy). SoNH NoCenMA areas. Let's have some real fun...
  22. J

    Photos & Videos Cum On Face

    Would love to see the best loads on the best faces ;)
  23. Scallybritcock

    Liverpool, Uk

    Any men local to Liverpool or North West. Always looking to suck on a nice dick.
  24. Waiside33

    Bi Married On Business, Palos Verdes, La Oct. 9-13

    Hi I am going to be in the South LA area (Palos Verdes) traveling alone. I can host at my hotel. Looking for other discreet masculine guys for safe fun. Must be STI negative and have good hygiene. I'm 39 (look younger) 5'9" 160lbs. please no one over 55.
  25. JayPR

    Do You Really Think A Woman Would Be Behind A Glory Hole?

    I am just curious because I've read an old news story about a few straight men in Florida who were deceived by a gay guy into thinking that he was a married woman giving blowjobs to anonymous men through a glory hole. I personally think those men were very naive or in denial if they believed...
  26. Gingerinskc

    Kansas City Oral Men

    I’m looking to find some guys in KC Metro that need cocksucker to suck them dry on the regular.
  27. 1T1U1F1F1Y

    Straight Guy Sucker

    OnlyFans Enjoy. Content is amazing.
  28. 1T1U1F1F1Y

    Links Straight Guys Being Serviced

    I've discovered this new OnlyFans content creator who specializes in sucking the needy and under appreciated straight cock in his local area. He's spent decades building up a list of hot and masculine married local men with amazing cocks that he regularly services and he's finally sharing these...
  29. 1T1U1F1F1Y

    Legendary Sukker (straight Man Sucker)

    I've discovered this new OnlyFans content creator who specializes in sucking the needy and under appreciated straight cock in his local area. He's spent decades building up a list of hot and masculine married local men with amazing cocks that he regularly services and he's finally sharing...
  30. J

    How To Please A Man Like Another Man Would?

    So it's me again. I don't intend to compete with anyone but I've heard a lot of bi men say that men usually please them better than women because they know what they like. So what do you like? Like what should one do while giving a blowjob, for example, so it will provide the maximum pleasure...