orlando bloom

  1. K

    Top 5 Favorite Males Celebrity Nudes

    What are your top 5 most favorite male celebrities with nude photos? Here’s my top five in order: 1. Ryan Phillippe 2. Cody Christian 3. Peyton Meyer 4. Orlando Bloom 5. Justin Bieber
  2. NMNM

    Bigger Cock, Bigger Part?

    This trail follows on from Orlando Bloom getting his impressive wedding tackle out for the paps to snap. There’s a general feeling he did it intentionally – taking advantage of his big dick to plant his flag in the celebrity market place, get some positive buz, up his profile and frankly...
  3. F

    What do you think your favorite celebrity's dick look like (post a dildo)

    So I just remembered ages ago reading an article or bloggpost from someone saying how much easier it had become to be a gay man in pop-culture and how much eye-candy we suddenly had. The author used front-pages of the Rolling Stones with big pictures of the Jonas Brothers, Zac Effron, Mark...