1. H

    Tom Coghill @tomcogs

    Followed this guy for a while on TikTok because I find him really cute, he's now branched out onto OnlyFans as tomcogs Here's a few from his twitter but if anyone has anything else, please post away!
  2. E

    Only fans

    OnlyFans Trying to promote my only fans! Taking requests for vids!
  3. M

    Damien Kyle

    Beautiful Man !
  4. Jason GayLight

    OtterDude69 OnlyFans
  5. Frogzzz

    Seb keumgay

    Thread dedicated to Seb from keumgay
  6. Frogzzz

    Young pogoniphile or youngpogonophile

    Is there more videos of him? He use to go with Youngpogonophile or Young Pogonophile on Tumblr. Unfortunately there is almost no results in Google. The only trace of other videos of him is on myvidster, but you can't watch them because Tumblr deleted all 18+ content. He is incredibly hot and i...
  7. ft5777

    Eddie Vona (sugar.otter.flour on Instagram)

    I thought I would start a thread on Eddie Vona, super sexy baker known as sugar.otter.flour on Instagram. He describes himself as a gay baker and gay otter serving up sweets for the hungry and traps for the thirsty. He's adorable and sexy so welcome if you want to talk about him and post his...
  8. SATwink92

    Photo Do we like soft cocks here?

    He was a little shy this morning
  9. A

    Hairy chested younger guy

    I find youngerish guys that keep a natural hairy chest so hot! Who’s the hottest Onlyfans model that fits this category ?
  10. D

    Bears, wolves and otters

    Hi, i need photos to learn how to reconognized and difference between bears, wolf and otters. Hola, necesito fotos para aprender como reconocer y diferenciar entre osos, lobos y nutrias.
  11. J

    @Pecpilled on Twt

    Anyone got anything on this hottie? His tits are so huge and supposedly his ass is so nice
  12. W

    Photos & Videos badboybrad

    OF: OnlyFans Twitter: Anyone have anything on this guy?
  13. F

    OF @xxxen6

    Saw this guy on Twitter (@xe_____n) first and found a few of his leaked nudes, add to thread if you have anything.
  14. newkidontheblock

    [ID] Alt Redhead tattoed otter jacking off

  15. S

    Help id this hairy hunk

    Help id? He got some amatuer clips on PHub, not sure he got other works or social media, or OF.
  16. B

    Manossm / Moustaf1Michail

    This gorgeous guy either looks like he's prepping for an OF or already has one. Haven't found anything other than Twitter yet and his Insta is down. Anyone have any other deets?
  17. F

    OF: Forestcliff

    Been following this dude for a while and he’s seriously so cute and hot af.
  18. J

    Very hung college guy

    Hey everyone, pretty chill college aged guy here. Looking to chat with other guys who have huge cocks. I’m on the slimmer and hairier side of things, and I’ve always been the biggest of my buddies. Hit me up on insta if you want to chat/compare: @jacobh0988
  19. T

    Anyone knows this guy?

    Anyone knows this guy or has more pics/ vids?
  20. A

    Can anyone identify this rugby otter?

    Does anyone know who is this cute guy?
  21. Z

    Twitter Gay Otters

    What is an otter man? He's a skinny man with hairy, skinny muscular with hairy, or just fit and hairy. Basically, they are thin men with fur. Post otters you know from twitter
  22. H

    Dominik Herrmann (Hunky German IG personality)

    Hello Ladies and Gents, What do you guys think of this SEXY beefcake? Does anyone have any pics of him?
  23. kolw1x


    I am struggling to find any trace of this former Chaturbate model Djissues56. Can SOMEONE please find him?!!
  24. love4D

    ID this cute otters

    please help! he's adorable! and this one too, please!!
  25. L

    Looking for a handsome young looking otter boy to worship in DC

    I'm really turned on by handsome otterish boys with hair in all the right places and a cut cock. Just want to orally massage you till you bust. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  26. D

    New guy here! 27m

    New to these parts! What do you think?
  27. Melchoir1776

    I’m obsessed with this guy. Anyone else?
  28. L

    Searching Otterish Boys In The Dc Area

    I'm not a size queen, just prefer an otterish boy with a cut cock. Your cock, my mouth. Let me know if this interests you.
  29. topp1993

    Pls Hel Id This Hairy Hottie

    Anyone know who this is / where to find more of him?
  30. D

    Tomas Marin (tomasmarinc)

    Alguien tiene fotos o videos de este Modelo colombiano? Tomas marin (tomasmarinc) Es paisa de Medellín creo anyone has videos or pictures of this Colombian model