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  1. T

    Anyone knows this guy?

    Anyone knows this guy or has more pics/ vids?
  2. A

    Can anyone identify this rugby otter?

    Does anyone know who is this cute guy?
  3. Z

    Twitter Gay Otters

    What is an otter man? He's a skinny man with hairy, skinny muscular with hairy, or just fit and hairy. Basically, they are thin men with fur. Post otters you know from twitter
  4. H

    Dominik Herrmann (Hunky German IG personality)

    Hello Ladies and Gents, What do you guys think of this SEXY beefcake? Does anyone have any pics of him?
  5. kolw1x


    I am struggling to find any trace of this former Chaturbate model Djissues56. Can SOMEONE please find him?!!
  6. love4D

    ID this cute otters

    please help! he's adorable! and this one too, please!!
  7. L

    Looking for a handsome young looking otter boy to worship in DC

    I'm really turned on by handsome otterish boys with hair in all the right places and a cut cock. Just want to orally massage you till you bust. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  8. D

    New guy here! 27m

    New to these parts! What do you think?
  9. Melchoir1776


    I’m obsessed with this guy. Anyone else?
  10. L

    Searching Otterish Boys In The Dc Area

    I'm not a size queen, just prefer an otterish boy with a cut cock. Your cock, my mouth. Let me know if this interests you.
  11. topp1993

    Pls Hel Id This Hairy Hottie

    Anyone know who this is / where to find more of him?
  12. D

    Tomas Marin (tomasmarinc)

    Alguien tiene fotos o videos de este Modelo colombiano? Tomas marin (tomasmarinc) Es paisa de Medellín creo anyone has videos or pictures of this Colombian model
  13. S


    His humor is very niche, but I love his hairy chest and I think he looks pretty sexy sometimes.
  14. B

    Photos & Videos Kai Landre

    Spanish musician and performer ❤️ dying to see stuff from him
  15. CoffeeandCum

    @coffeeandcum - Last 2 Days Of Pride Month Sale - @coffeeandcum

    It is the final days of my special priDE MONth sale on my premium page! This is the biggest discount I have ever offered over there, 50% off ! That means all of you salacious sinners and dirty heathens can get a month access to all of my content for a special price of $6.66 ‍‍ ⬇⬇⬇ Subscribe...
  16. M

    21 Year Old Hispanic Male Looking For Chubs 18+ To Have Fun With

    21 year old Hispanic male here. I’ve had an long time attraction to chubby people and would like to explore upon it.Pretty shy and quiet irl so it’s hard to meet people with my preferences. Have an average slim body, kinda hairy and with a cute butt (as I’ve been told). Not exactly humongous in...
  17. CoffeeandCum

    The (unofficial) Start Of Summer Sale - 25% Off My Of For The Next Week! @coffeeandcum

    The (Unofficial) Start of Summer Sale - 25% off my OF for the next week! I promise things will be hot and sticky this season, so come sweat it out with me OnlyFans If you've been unsure if my Premium Page is worth the full price, now is your chance to check it out at a discount Once you've...
  18. A

    Hot Mexican Hairy Jesús Amador

    Anything on this hottie? He has an OF and IG @_jesusamador_
  19. Dpthroatotter

    Easy In/out Hotels In Manhattan?

    Hey fellas. 29 deepthroat otter here. Planning a trip to NYC to visit friends in July and trying to find an easy in/out hotel in Manhattan where I can set up a GH and swallow some monster cocks Anyone have any recs on a hotel that doesn’t require a key card to get in elevator and no security...
  20. CoffeeandCum

    Let The Sexual Adventures Begin...

    ☕ Naturally furry and playful East Coast Otter who likes to show off his sexual explorations. Let the sexual adventures begin: Looking for fellow travelers to join on the ride. Come take part in enjoying this creative and sexual outlet of mine that was born out of the great quarantine of 2020...
  21. Orange808

    Links Id: Gorgeous Bearded Cocksuker

    Does anybody know who this guy is?
  22. CoffeeandCum

    New To Onlyfans And Lpsg

    Hey everyone, new to the scene here and wanted to get a post up. I'm a 29 year old Connecticut otter that lives on the train line to NYC. If any one in the Connecticut or NYC area would be interested in linking up to do a collab for OnlyFans don't be shy to reach out. Always looking for new...
  23. M

    Where Is Butch Grand? I Miss Him And His Videos?

    Does anyone know if he has an onlyfans, or social media for him? Such a shame he seems to have disappeared in 2009 and then nothing.
  24. M


    Anyone have anything on this guy? He's outtakejake on Instagram and comicallycool on tumblr.
  25. M

    Ig/yt Adam Moussa

    Gay dude, works for the food magazine Eater. Who’s got nudes/other pics/stories?
  26. B

    Gauge Xander - Teen Dad And G4p Pornstar

    Anyone willing to share contents on this hottie? Or know about his whereabouts these days? He is a verstile G4P porn actor for Reality Dudes, Deviant Otter, FraternityX and was Gauge59 on CB.
  27. 1

    Video Unknown Porn Scene To Music Video

    I found this hot scene that I presume is from porn - though this is set to a Top 40 song as if it is the music video. The scene is really hot, but edited strangely. The top is super hot and I'd love to see more of him. Any one know this scene or the top? Many thanks!
  28. eyar

    Links Seeking Onlyfans Content That Features Regular Dudes, Pale, Hairy, Beards, Ginger- You Get The Idea!

    Looking for more people yo follow, VPL and underwear is fine. They don’t have to be cumming or having sex, but I do really enjoy a little more interesting content. leave recommendations thanks
  29. ca11um

    Compliment The Lpsg Member You Find The Sexiest!

    Which LPSG member do you find the sexiest... And why? :emoji_smiling_imp: Shower them with compliments below and make their day ;)
  30. RandyStrotter

    New In Town: Straight Otter Exhibitionist

    Hi All! My name is Randy. I'm a hairy, midwestern straight guy. I've recently discovered my exhibitionistic tendencies, and starting putting myself out there by making videos, sharing pictures, ect... A friend of mine recommended this site and I'm hooked. It's so much more than I thought it...