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  1. Outdoor dare, cruising

    Outdoor dare, cruising

    My outdoor Cruising dare, i met a man through a advertisement who wanted to guide me / offer me to be inspected and used by several peple
  2. F

    Please help me find this man

    I found this on twitter and I cannot find anything.
  3. H

    British piss / wank outside (spy)

    Anyone got any vids of British men pissing or wanking outside spy videos. tia
  4. SATwink92

    Photo Do we like soft cocks here?

    He was a little shy this morning
  5. K

    Photos & Videos Homemade Videos of Straight Muscular Wankers in Public / Outdoors / Work

    Starting this thread for videos of straight muscular/athletic/hot men masturbating in public and other risky places. RULES: 1. The format of the video SHOULD NOT BE professionally filmed or scenes taken from Onlyfans or porn videos, but instead HOMEMADE (the subject filming himself for someone...
  6. D

    Country Guys on the Farm

    Anyone else like to get off on the farm?
  7. Phone Sex?

    Looking for Serious ongoing Phone Jack Buddy

    Need regular guy next door type like me w/ dirty mind. :)
  8. S

    Photos & Videos Does anyone know who this hot guy is?

    https://thisvid.com/videos/dutch-dude-spreading-his-seed-on-the-grass/ Gozada: Dutch twink wanks in his patio - ThisVid.com
  9. B

    Outdoor piss spy

    Hi, this is a thread for men pissing outdoors but didn’t know it was filmed. Preferably images and vids from the uk. thanks for any response
  10. B


    Anything on this guy?
  11. N

    NYC Cruising Spots 2023

    I am aware of sniffles and other apps, but would be nice to hear from others about any new discoveries in NYC area. Gloryholes, saunas, bathrooms, parks or whatever other space you know of or have found. P.S. probably wise to add spaces to some names like those of gyms so its not as easy for...
  12. P

    can somebody help find this guy?

    can somebody help me find this guy, i'm kinda into outdoor BJ and i love how he suck that dick with all that saliva
  13. F

    Plz Help ID This Guy!

    Can someone help to ID where's this vid from?? Or who the guy is? Any help is appreciated
  14. T


    Unfortunately it’s only a 7 second clip with no information uploaded to xhamster: Anyone know who he is? Does he have an OF/ @twitter info? One thing I do know is that boner is MESMERIZING
  15. C

    ID this man

    Anyone identify this man for me?
  16. K

    Sinful Rider Collection Video

    Is anyone in possession of Sinful Rider's video collection? https://thisvid.com/videos/jerking-public/
  17. S

    Who's that guy?

    Anybody know who that is?
  18. N

    Photos & Videos Gaiptwitpage / GayAFInPublic / Gafiptv

    I really need this guy's videos. Does anyone have full videos of him? His twitter account with link to onlyfans, darkfans, personal website https://twitter.com/gaiptwitpage?t=M28mP8OtvqwVaxDOa_VU2A&s=09
  19. Cajun Cock in the Bayou

    Cajun Cock in the Bayou

  20. Cajun Cock in the Bayou

    Cajun Cock in the Bayou

  21. Cajun Cock in the Bayou

    Cajun Cock in the Bayou

  22. Cajun Cock in the Bayou

    Cajun Cock in the Bayou

  23. Back in the Bayou

    Back in the Bayou

    I try to not be a couyon. But from this angle...
  24. D

    Scranton cruising

    I was just wondering if anyone knows any cruising spots near the Scranton area!!
  25. duckitplz1

    Outdoor gay parties videos

    Post videos of outdoor gay parties here. The one’s where guys are fooling around in parades and cruise parties with their cocks out etc.
  26. agentblueuk

    Video Outdoor wank / jerk

    Had cheeky edging session in a cutting footpath in town that runs along the edge of a playing field. Interrupted a few times by others so bit stop start. Didn't get fully hard again before blowing big load. Enjoy!
  27. O

    Help me find this guy?

    Found this on twitter. Some sort of nature photographer has his friend video him playing with his cock. He says “you’re the only friend I can really do this with” which tells me he likes doing it often and I’m hoping there’s more of him!
  28. J

    Looking for any guys in the greater Portland area of Maine

    Hey I’m 18 turning 19 this spring I’m a virgin sadly but I’m looking for a passionate guy average - fit build guy to experiment / hook up with. I’m open to being both top and bottom also I’m into Hairy armpits, happy trails, dicks and ass so yeah. I won’t be able to host but I’m open to doing...
  29. 0

    Please help ID this cub

    Can anyone help identify who he is please?
  30. neighbourhood watch

    neighbourhood watch