penis expansion

  1. going_bigger

    Young Looking for Growth Mentor

    I'm a young guy, I won't say how old, but I'm on a mission to make my junk as big as possible by any means necessary. If theres anyone out there who has a little experience in that or is willing to do the research and give instruction then please message me :) you can see it as a little...
  2. going_bigger

    Are there any Japan/Tokyo groups?

    Konnichiwa! I live in Japan (am from the UK) and was wondering if there were any groups in Japan or specifically around Tokyo regarding hugeness or expansion. I've yet to encounter anything while I've been here.
  3. going_bigger

    Advice for first-time pumper (20, M, Twink)

    Hey! Looking for some advice or possibly a mentor on pumping/enlargement. Particularly from someone who may already be experienced. Bought my first pump today but I want to make sure that I do it right for the best results. I've always been fascinated by the guys who go to extreme sizes so I'm...
  4. N

    A Strange Case (mf, Mmf, Penis Expansion, Breast Expansion, Tg/futa/gender Bender)

    A Strange Case (MF, MMF, Penis Expansion, Breast Expansion, TG/Futa/Gender Bender) This is my first story, so I hope it isn’t terrible. It has been inspired by some of the classics from 25 years ago from the newsgroups and the Chili Palmer archive. ================================== I had...