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  1. Random Thoughts

    Missing you

    10:54 PM March 27, 2023 I miss you. But I don't know whether or not to message you yet. You seem to like it when I'm ignoring you, as all men love the chase. All I want to is be sweet with you, but neediness is unattractive. So I'm going to let you loose in order to keep you, even when I'm...
  2. Marsczon

    Marsczon writing more

    The penis is a great tool and a faithful companion in one, but sometimes it creates some problems. Here I'm writing about everything on my own example. If someone had told me a few years ago that I will blogging about my experiences with penis, I would never have believed it. But it did, and I...
  3. Sea_Sub

    Younger Bi Boy For Older Mature Fun (seattle But Willing To Travel)

    Hi! 22 year old cute but masculine clean cut sorta guy here. Generally a reserved guy to most but most don't know the inner slutty side in me. I enjoy playing with older, mature and experienced people. I generally end up with older men, most who want a hookup but end up realizing how intense...
  4. pinkcowboy

    My Friends Boyfriend Might Be Into Me?

    not entirely sure if this thread belongs here but im gonna post it here anyway. So I’m kind of looking for advice here? To preface the situation, I am a really friendly person. When a friend of mine hangs with other people I don’t know, I try to make an effort to befriend them and always say hi...
  5. Beck4Jen

    How Did You Finally Realize You Have A Big Dick

    These stories always seem interesting to me. Most guys with big dicks are in denial for a long part of their life, because of what they see in porn they stay humble. Then there is that break through moment in a locker room, or with a partner when they finally realize that they are much bigger...
  6. H

    Cupertino, California

    Who in the Bay is down to come to my Starbucks while I’m working and get sucked off in the private bathroom we have before I have my last shift? I also am down to meet up with People in the Santa Clara, Downtown San Jose and Willow Glen Area :)
  7. 1

    Houston: Now Or Visiting?

    Hey guys, just throwing this up here to see who all is in Houston or visiting sometime soon? Discreet and hung white male here. 7.5x5.5 cock, never have any complaints. 100% bisexual and looking to try new things or perfect old things. Hit me up!