1. J

    Joshua wadi / trainer Josh / skiesmediatv/ almighty_skies

    Hey , this thread is on Josh wadi a vidéaste influencer on social media with a FAT ASS , has anyone anithing on him ?
  2. S

    Photos & Videos fitnessgrandpaken

    anyone have any content of him? his vids with his family are funny but HIM…? that’s another story to talk about.
  3. ryank

    Gay Strip Bars/Club - global

    Is there a list of gay strip bars/clubs in say Europe or even outside of Europe? I know there is one in Portland, Oregon called Sliverados, and the was one in Berlin but I think it closed down... Ideally proper clubs/bars where stripping is a feature and not just an occasional activity, like...
  4. D

    Photos & Videos Vorvoid (@vorvoid)

    Hope this can stay. So I decided to start posting on X (Twitter) as well. Since I just started out I have zero followers or my content sucks so far :laughing:, so feel free to follow me, I'll follow you back. ;) Twitter: And since it's LPSG, let me post some teasers...
  5. H

    Photos & Videos Does anyone know his name?

    Hes so handsome. Nudes? Anything?
  6. P

    Photo Help find legend Tumbler fuckboy

    Can’t find him :( I think he popped off on Tumbler in 2014. Can’t read the tattoo either, I think something in portuguese
  7. DeDude

    Photos & Videos Male AI Anonymous aka MAIA (NO FAKES, NO ACTORS, NO CELEBRITIES, ETC)

    Welcome to MAIA thread! A place for sharing ONLY Male AI Anonymous photorealistic media. Rules: must be AI photorealistic generated imagery NO cartoon style (drawing, painting, hentai, YAOI, etc) only male (no female, no transgender, no nonhuman) NO underage looking NO FAKES of famous people...
  8. B

    Photo Help ID this TOP/Straight guy

    Help me ID him, please It's clear this must be from some porn scene, but I'm not sure It IS from a gay porn one, could be a Straight actor. Thanx in advance.
  9. V

    Photos & Videos Oversoul / MABvip / Fmalchemist

    Extremely hot filipino tiktoker/streamer with delicious looking dick and pretty face
  10. D

    Vintage / Historical Photos of Male Feet

    Hey guys, I would like to start this thread to share historical / vintage photos of men showing their feet. Feel free to share, I couldn't find many.
  11. A

    Blackmambaita / Big Roman Only Fans

    Ciao, qualcuno ha materiale di questo ragazzo da OnlyFans? Vi allego il profilo twitter: Blackmambaita
  12. DeDude

    Photos & Videos South Asian Male Beauty (Indian/Pakistani/Bengali/Tamil/Afghan/Iranian/etc) both born and heritage - NO REQUESTS/PROMO/ADDS, please

    Hello all South Asian Male Beauty lovers! A place for posting pics and videos celebrating all these gorgeous men. DO NOT: - Be rude - Spam - Post unrelated content - Request pics/videos from OF, JFF, Discord or any other paid content services - Request leaks of pics/videos - Promote anything...
  13. icyfdrag

    Nsfw content creation ideas

    I am starting to create nsfw content on twitter, and already don't know what content is interesting. I am a bottom with what I would call a bubble butt, but am struggling to find mutual creators to network with and come up with ideas that would turn on the average top. Does anyone have any...
  14. Z

    Help ID this guy!

    Does anyone know who is this?
  15. tlotz

    Speedos: On Hairy Bears and Bulls

    Summer is coming to an end. Post pics here celebrating the men rebelling against the svelte and smooth mafia in their speedos and swim briefs. The confidence to make bare as much as (legally) possible in public is very sexy.
  16. I

    Photo Anyone know the source of these old porn screenshots?

    Could be potentially menatplay circa early 2000's but I can't be sure
  17. I

    Who is this stud?

    Anyone have a IG handle for this guy?
  18. D

    Bears, wolves and otters

    Hi, i need photos to learn how to reconognized and difference between bears, wolf and otters. Hola, necesito fotos para aprender como reconocer y diferenciar entre osos, lobos y nutrias.
  19. J

    Photo Do you know where is this video?

    Does anyone please tell me where to find this video? I only have this still, he goes by the name of Carson Booth.
  20. Kingfat

    Help find this video

    Anyone have the video or a link to it
  21. silverberrywine

    Photos & Videos Do you take professional photos of yourself (in a porno way)

    Does anyone take photos of themselves professionally when it comes to taking nude photos or sexy seductive photos?
  22. M

    Secret Fit Male Asshole That One Takes When He Is Horny Alone

    I really like this shot of asshole of a real stud. Makes me horny and come fast. If anyone has similar, please share for helping me jacking off :yum:p.Thanks you in advance.
  23. C

    Photos & Videos anything on bastiam_oliveira ?

    anything? Nothing appears anywhere, really tried but everywhere he asks to pay
  24. C

    Photos & Videos Help finding a hot video

    Hey guy. I've been trying to find this full video for a long time but no luck yet. It's entitled "Bound Boy" from starring Gunner Valente and Leo Valenzuela. It's a video from 2020 and it has around 30 minutes. That's all I could find out. Does anyone recognize this video ...
  25. Yimvmligv

    Men showering or drying off

    Something like this
  26. wjsrkdhs

    Josh aka joshuwua

    Does anyone have anything on this guy? He’s a fit Asian college boy and has a really nice body. His onlyfans is joshuwua and twitter is joshuwua01
  27. E

    Say hello to Abel !

    Hello Abel ! Great him on instagram ;-)
  28. C

    Photo Him

    Do anyone have a file or some photos of him? his twitter is @browntyrell53
  29. Seanconner456

    Photos & Videos MODELS MODELS MODELS

    All models fashion,runway,nude,artistic, fitness, etc..
  30. Christopher_James

    The People's Celebrity/Civilian Thread

    Post your favourite, photos, videos and GIFs of your favourire celebrities right here! Sex, sex and more SEX!