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  1. Mike_Meikel

    Photos & Videos MMM / MMM+ / Threesomes / Groups

    Let's collect some gay threesome and gay group action photos and videos.
  2. B

    Does anyone know who this guy is/ his current porn name?

    There was a gay porn star on tumblr back before they banned porn, his username was " thebraziliancountryboy ". I remember looking around after the porn ban on tumblr and finding him on another website still shooting gay porn, but i can't remember where and i can't find it now. Does anyone know...
  3. woodshed775

    Photo Male Art, men in art, Drawing, sketching, painting, and Photography of Men. Depictions of men clothed or nude in art.

    To collect and post images of men depicted in art of any kind. No accounting for taste, but looking to answer a post asking: Do you know if there are any male tasteful nude art threads here? I'll post a few to start, please add any image you want to share.
  4. J

    Does anyone know who this guy is?

    Trying to figure out who this stud is!
  5. D

    Cock 15 cm long and 12.5 cm in circumference.

    Do any of you have a penis that is 15 cm long or 12.5 cm in circumference? Share a photo. Do you have photos of penises with such parameters? Share a photo.
  6. I


    A thread dedicated to porns (GIFs, vids, photos) that include sidefucking.
  7. bornunderpunches

    Assholes that would make you cum (quick) V2

    The original Assholes that would make you cum (quick) thread seems to have disappeared. (although I could just be missing it on the site?) Anyway I'm creating a V2 as the original thread was great. Big shout out to the creator of the original thread! Let's keep the sharing going! I'll kick...
  8. L

    Diego Reyes

    Share photos of Diego Reyes from onlyfans. please
  9. A

    Photo Dilan_Strong

    Does anyone has something about his Only Fans ? He's colombian, and super sexy, it's a tease on Twitter, but his only is about $30
  10. K

    Photo Who is this bodybuilder

  11. Maverick cutie


    Hi guys just wanted to find out, if anyones got this cute guys videos. He used to have an onlyfans, and all his material is no longer on there.
  12. O

    Help ID this guy

  13. Luke-741

    does anyone know who these are? some clue ?.

    Centurions!!!!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
  14. I

    Photo Calvin Klein Models

    Can you help me?! I was looking for underwear today. Also at Calvin Klein, because I heard that their underwear is very comfortable to wear. On their website I stumbled across different designs and sometimes also jockstraps. Then I discovered this boy. I've tried to find his name on google...
  15. J

    Anyone have any nudes for Kevin Isael Ortega?

    Hes Hot and does TikToks. Anyone have any more pics of him?
  16. P


    I recently noticed that @lucasmedeiirosj has an onlyfans. twitter: https://twitter.com/lucasmedeiirosj?s=21&t=2DgV07QGUyXnI14WCs3eQg anyone have a review/content to share? $25 is a steep price for OF
  17. J

    Id this guy

    can anyone help id this guy? picture looks pretty old but he’s hot
  18. M

    Photo ID please

    Does anyone know who is the guy on this photo? thank you!
  19. B

    Hunk Asian handsome

    Asked anyone who knows this handsome model ? e.g. his name or movie or other ?
  20. beardbroman

    Hi need help. Doesn't anyone know who these two guys?

    Hi I'd like to know their names or source if its possible. Been trying to search for them for weeks and havent found. Anyone has any clue? Theyre so hot Source from tumblr
  21. G

    Gilmer_tattoo Pics From Twitter And Of

    I think he only speaks spanish tho : /
  22. T

    Who Is This Guy ?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to find who is he but I can't, even after digging through the all net… pls help
  23. G

    Most Liked Post On Lpsg

    LPSGers, do you know which photo or video has the most likes on LPSG? I’m curious to know what all you freaks are into.
  24. Humpderump

    Homemade Smut

    Its amateur so its crappy quality and wouldnt be fit for a tube site,so edited it and make gifs ,its what I did. Somewhere to put your gifs pics and short clips
  25. X

    Who Are These Two

    Hello together, I am looking for videos or the name of this couple. Until recently, a video was online at xHamster that is now no longer available. In the video, the two have spoken German with each other.
  26. Hndsmdvl23

    B&w Photography

    Anyone else a huge fan of black and white photography?
  27. Crazyfictiony

    Photo Taiwanese Porn Actor

    Do you know the title of this scene ? Pls share. I only know his onlyfans and twitter account.
  28. 9

    Photo Id Help

    Does anyone know who's in this video/these screenshots? College Jock Flexing 2 - ThisVid.com
  29. S

    Photos & Videos Anything About Yago Machado

    Yago machado é ator e dublador e faz um tempo que ele vem mostrando muitas fotos no twitter e insta, post seria mais dedicado pra esperar uma possivel nude ou algo do genero https://twitter.com/YagoMachadoAto Login • Instagram...
  30. H

    Nude Female Videogame Characters

    Hi again everyone. After I posted a thread asking you about your female videogame character, I decide to get things hotter. So, I created this subject to let everyone post here your hottest and gorgeous female videogame character. It could be an artwork, a video of a nude mod, like Resident Evil...