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  1. T

    Photos & Videos ClassicPhysique (TheBestFlex)

    https://www.thebestflex.com/profile/ClassicPhysique Does anyone have anything on him? Videos, custom videos, Instagram, etc.? If you have anything, feel free to comment. I have a lot of videos from many guys that I'm willing to trade/share. Thanks
  2. Marco86

    Photos & Videos Asian Physique Competitors & Fitness Models

    Post your favorite Asian bodybuilders, ohysique competitors, and fitness models superbody_jin
  3. Marco86

    1990s fitness model Doug Larson

    I believe this guy's name is Doug Larson. Was a model who appeared in Men's Fitness magazine in the 90's. I always felt he had the epitome of a classic, athletic aesthetic physique. And by all appearances a natty physique. He did not seem to appear for very long and sort of disappeared...
  4. Marco86

    Korean Model/Physique Competitor Jae-eon Kim

    Shredded Korean model and physique competitor.
  5. Marco86

    Photo Id This Physique Model / Bodybuilder?

    And ID on this guy?
  6. B

    Downunderjack From Tiktok

    he needs his own thread i mean look at him
  7. Marco86

    Max Diamond

    Any info or additional pics on this chiseled stud?
  8. 9

    Muscle Worship - Md, Dc, Nova

    I am looking for a hung (uncut a plus) bodybuilder to worship in the DC MD VA area. Not looking for sex just worshiping a bodybuilder physique, naked.
  9. M

    Would You Date A Person That You Don't Find Physically Attractive?

    Imagine. You are dating a guy, he is a really great person, he treats you well, he has a great job, interesting hobbies... he is an interesting person. But physically they are ugly (simply ugly), fat, they don't take care of their physique, their hair, the clothes they use... basically they...
  10. Marco86

    Aldo Londero

    He has shown up on Male Supermodel thread, but I feel he deserves a thread of his own.
  11. R

    Photos & Videos Strippers With Handsome Faces And Gorgeous Physiques

    Name the best strippers around the world, share their social media pages, and post their photos/videos/nudes.
  12. M

    @acecee on ig

    Anyone got any nudes?