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  1. T

    Caribbean Whispers: The Temptations of the Tropics

    As our journey through the digital realm continues, we find ourselves on the sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean. Here, amidst the azure waters and swaying palms, await 19 of the most tantalizing boys, each one a testament to the sultry allure of these islands. These audacious and delectable...
  2. T

    Photo Seductive Wonders of North and Central America: A Digital Odyssey

    Journey with us to the heart of North and Central America, where ten tantalizing digital Adonises await, each one eager to unveil the treasures of their homelands. These audacious boys, crafted with precision by the artistry of AI, are the epitome of allure and temptation. From the sun-kissed...
  3. U

    Girth or length

    Ok I’m talking to gay men, what is your real preference? Or what you think is more attractive/important? Let’s clear once for all this topic. Girth or length?
  4. 1

    Your First Time With A Woman (18+): Part 2

    It's been more than 3 months since I ran my first poll on this topic, over 175 people voted, and here's Part 2 with more details about you! As before, choose only once option in each category :) What else would you like to know about straight LPSG members? Leave your suggestions below! ;)
  5. J

    Are you willing go be straight again if you feel like it?

    Are you? Dedicated to MisterWhatever
  6. 1

    Your first time with a woman (18+): how was it?

    Did you know that, according to my poll, 33% of straight LSPG members had a cock longer than 7" when they had sex for the first time but only 13% of men were lucky enough to put their hands on D-size boobs then? Moreover, just around 37.5% had a girl who was virgin too, and more than 22% got to...
  7. 1

    Your First Time With A Woman (18+)

    How was your first time being intimate with an opposite sex (18+ of course)? Let us all know and vote in my poll and comment there too if you got a story to tell! ;) Your first time with a woman (18+): ultimate poll
  8. C

    Best Looking Cut Cock Poll

    I saw a post here before where there were votes taken after looking at pictures. Who would want to start a poll where 5-10 cock pictures are shown and voted on?
  9. 1

    Your first time with a woman (18+): ultimate poll

    Hi everyone with attempt #3 (messed up 2 times lol)! So I was bored and decided to make an ultimate poll for straight (or bi) men about their first time having sex with a woman (18+ of course) - and by first time I mean that special day you first interacted with a female by using your (or her?)...
  10. J

    How do you keep your soft penis positioned in your tighter underwear?

    Curious about this! And what direction does your penis curve when erect? I wonder if there’s a relationship I position mine down and my penis curves down when hard
  11. BeardedBigNThickD

    What is your honest girth of your hard cock?

    Select the girth of your cock with rounding up or down to the nearest quarter inch. Leaving a photo with your stats in the comments is also allowed if you so choose.
  12. C

    Seriously, just what size am I?

    I've been called all kinds of sizes and I'm honestly 100% confused. I think I may have the most varied perceived dick on LPSG... What size would YOU call my dick?
  13. lucaldn

    Photo Solo Scenes That Turned You On The Most?

    Doing a little market research before diving into the world of porn twitter ;) What kind of stuff (actions, positions, kinks, dirty talk) have turned you on the most when watching a guy go at it solo? Would be interested to know for... future reference :kissing_heart: P.S. Realistically, how...
  14. D

    Mordecai's Pix

    Hey Fellas, I'm looking to do a little pruning of my pix and need your help to weed out some of the less desirable among the 267 images I have posted to date. Currently I have 11 albums: Mordecai Pix Mordecai Unleashed Mordecai Manscaped Pumping Around Dick and Balls Gear Rings and Things...
  15. D

    Genital Piercing

    Hey everyone! I come to you with a question. I wanted to get me a piercing on my dick. I didn't want to get something that would change the way I piss so, while I really like it, a PA is out of the question. I narrowed it down to a Lorum or a Hafada. I attached a diagram of my dick ( :)) to help...
  16. Leobakker

    Poll: Erect Penis Size Bone Pressed (bpel)

    What’s your Bone Pressed Erection Length (bpel) mates? Let us now!!! Poll: Erect Penis Size Bone Pressed (bpel) And write down your girth in the comments. Already 426 guys filled in the poll! Much thnx!
  17. J

    How Do You Masturbate With Your Frenulum?

    Hey fellas, ive got a question about how yall masturbate with your frenulum. Do yall rub the surface to cause some friction (like you would if you played with your bare glans) or do yall actually move and rub the skin/frenulum area. What feels better to you and are you cut or uncut? Bonus...
  18. M

    Rupaul's Drag Race Season 12 Winner Poll

    Who do you want to win?* *Vote is changeable if you change your mind.Please no spoilers/hints.
  19. 4

    How Long Is My Cock

    Curious to see how good an estimator you are.
  20. M

    Rupaul's Drag Race Season 12 Poll

    Who is your favorite?* *Vote is changeable if you change your mind. Please no spoilers or spoiler-related rumors from Reddit, etc.
  21. E

    Poll: Cocksucker Or Feeder?

    I am curious to see the ratio of men who want to feed versus the men who want to be on their knees. My own experience seems to be that there are many more guys looking to receive than men wanting to deliver the load. I realize we are all unique--just pick the answer that most closely describes...
  22. Il2wu51

    Photo Post A Hotel Dick Pic 2020 Experiment

    An experiment... any time you travel in 2020 post a dick pick from each hotel you visit during the year. Mix it up too, some hard, some soft, with or without cum erc. Add a comment to identify the city. Let's see how many posts there are by Dec 31, 2020!
  23. 3

    2019 (pictures, Videos, Or Gif’s)

    What is your favorite media for XXX?
  24. H

    Fully Shaved, Trimmed Or Bushy?

    I was wondering whether I should shave off all my pubic hair, keep it trimmed and maintained this way or let it al grow out again. I would really appreciate your suggestions!;)
  25. T

    Poll: Ejaculation Frequency

    I've seen posts talking about how often people masturbate, or have sex, but haven't seen a poll asking specifically about how often people ejaculate. Since it's relevant to various aspects of the training in the Path of Eros (see my blog for details), I'm really curious to hear what your...
  26. D

    Sex With A Male, Or A Female?

    So... I was wondering if most of you have had sex with girls and boys - if you’ve found that most male partners are doing one same thing, which females are not doing, and opposite?
  27. D

    Cialis And Viagra For Enlargement Work

    Something I've been thinking about to rev up the routine. Would love to hear about any experiences you may have had with this.
  28. Leobakker

    Poll: Erect Penis Size Bone Pressed (bpel)

    Hi guys! This poll will probably have been made in the past, but I could not find it so quickly. There are many new members every day, so it might be nice to do the poll again. What is your erect penis lenght, measured from your pubic bone? Bone Pressed Erection Lenght (BPEL) Maybe you also...
  29. S

    Which Penis You...

    are and want? hi everyone....in this poll you have to tell which type of penis you are and which type you want or want for your partner! and post yours if you want! ;)
  30. N

    Jo buddy survey

    Hey guys, A bit ago I created a survey and posted it on the subreddit r/jobuds, figured i'd try to get more dudes who enjoy having a buddy to jo with to fill it out JO Buds Survey Thanks guy