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  1. D

    One Man Multiple Partners

    Recently found a fetish or fantasy that I have of one hot big dick guy having multiple partners. Maybe a guy fucking multiple girls or a top having multiple bottoms. Find something very sexy about a guy getting what he wants, maybe he can fuck as many people as he wants but his partner can't...
  2. GoingOnABoeing

    A Coming Of Age Story And Beyond (mfm, Polyamory)

    Part One The attorney’s phone call came as a deep shock to me. My uncle Bruce had died in a boating accident on the Colorado River. I knew he had headed out west for a few weeks. I had talked to him the night before he left his home on Hilton Head Island. But I knew I wouldn’t hear from him...
  3. Isiahsin434

    Hot male gay polyamorous throuple

    This thread Is dedicated to hot male gay polyamorous throuple. please post gay polyamorous throuple only. They have to be men only. If you find a gay male polyamorous throuple pictures on instagram and on O.F please post it here