1. redlykos

    Is this a scam?

    Hey everyone... Can anybody answer this seemingly dumb question? So I have this guy (see photos) hassling me on Grindr, asking me to move onto telegram... He's also very persistent with asking for nudes and videos of me playing myself... I feel like I've hit rock bottom: Scammers are trying...
  2. T

    When pain = laughter?

    LA Actor Ryan Hilt from the movie "ClickBait" gives us a quite funny and innocent take on graphic pain. :D:p:weary_face::joy::laughing::sob:
  3. J

    Looking for more videos of this person

    Found this guy on a video, looking for more Link to vid: Nude guys acting wild and crazy, even in public- compilation# 85
  4. J

    Youtubers Butts, Ass, Mooning, Buns, Booty

    Some of the best buns from some hot youtubers Jake Paul showing us those hot cakes of his.
  5. DankName

    I Found These 2 Random Pics

    I found these two random pics, anyone have the full clip? sorry if I posted on the wrong place
  6. 1

    Spider Prank Videos

    Does anyone know where these videos came from or who made them? Basically this dude tells a str8 guy he has a spider on him and then gets them to expose their asses. I've been finding them all over the internet for a while now but can never find the source.
  7. P

    Video Stripped Naked!!!

    I have a thing about guys being forcibly stripped naked, dont know why this gets me going but I love seeing vids where this happens. These are my clips, if you guys have any...please share.... A walou flv Boy loses bet and is stripped molested and masturbated Gallery These are...