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    Guys Leaking Precum

    Would there be any good vids that show guys leaking from pleasure? Rimming, fucking, fingering, etc.? I have a few but wanted to get more! Fucking Hot Latino Boys - Horny lad gets his cock milked by gf and cums - Bottom dripping with precum while getting fucked -...
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    Favorite Massage With Prostate Play Videos?

    What are some of your favorite massage/prostate play videos where the guy gets massaged and fingered?
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    Prostate Massage Toy For Beginners

    Hi, I’m new to this site and new to anal toys. I’ve never had a toy up my bum before. I hear a lot having a prorate massage while masterbating gives the best orgasms. So I want to try this out, I want to buy a prostate massage toy that will give me the best explosive orgasm. When I’ve had a...