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prostate massage

  1. O

    The Bonding Power of a Hand Job

    Why do I love giving handjobs and milking? For me, it is incredibly rewarding to have a man, at his most vulnerable, transfer authority to me and trust me to provide him with intense pleasure. I enjoy satisfying his deep need to have the his seed released. As a skilled and knowledgeable...
  2. L

    Prostate Massager On Skype

    Love using my prostate massager on Skype with other guys who also use toys while camming Lukewyatt2004
  3. LND_overload

    Edging / Milking For St8 In Essex, Uk

    Hi all, I'm a predominantly straight guy but every now and then I need the skilled hands and mouth of an experienced cum control / edging master. My ideal scenario is that you restrain me, blindfold me, and work my cock, balls and prostate for hours. Multiple ruined orgasms, post orgasm torture...
  4. iluvmen

    Anal Hunger

    So guys, my question is to all men of different sexual orientations. But especially to self-identified bottom men. I am a versatile guy. I go both ways . After topping and cumming after a satisfactory sex, I feel peaceful and my balls and prostate leave me alone for 2-3 days until they get...
  5. B

    College Station, Texas

    I will be in college station, Texas from December 08th thru the 14th. I am seeking hung guys to cock worship. Hung guys should run and rule the world.
  6. FrozenAisleDonuts

    Id / Guy Using A Prostate Massager

    Anyone here knows the name or @ of this cutie? :) videos: DaddyD1ckSam on Twitter Just gay time on Twitter
  7. 2

    Big White Cut Cock For Other But Cut Cocks To Showoff And Play On Kik Or Skype

    Big white cut cock with cock rings, and other dick/ vibrating prostate toys, cock pump and fleshlight looking for other cut cocks to c2c -kik/Skype- cummins881977