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  1. W

    Looking for white and indian/latino raceplay videos

    Hello, I am a 27 year old indian guy who recently moved to US for study/work. I have always been super attracted to white men and the way they represent themselves. I love being feeling inferior to white men in bed and treat them as my King/God. I am just curious to find some videos of...
  2. thesignaturemale

    New! - Usa - Pa - Sub Twunk For ?

    Hey Everyone! I’m a young professional looking to meet new people nearby or around the world that may share the same interests. Or to just connect with other like-minded men about anything we want! I’m in the tri-state area on the east coast. Very clean, DDF, twunk in real life but sub in...
  3. L

    B*aner Looking 4 Raceplay Skype Sessions With Men

    Hey there! I'm a 27 yo young hot Mexican guy. Skinny, tattooed, goatee and moustache... I'm looking for someone that is into raceplay to have online verbal sex. I love being called b**ner, w**back, sp*c... Feel free to add me to skype: latinpapi.rplay@gmail.com You must be into verbal, pls...
  4. Timguy257

    Taboo/raceplay Skype

    Looking to like minded guys who want to bust a load talking about taboo kinks and raceplay stuff. 26 w/dad bod here Timguy257@outlook.com
  5. S

    Gay Raceplay

    25 yo subhuman inferior sandnigg*r for white gods to serve. A worthless f*g whose only purpose in life is to serve men of the superior white race. Arabs’ place is beneath white people’s feet. My goal in life is to be a house slave and live in a cage. #whitepower Skype id...
  6. S

    Gay Raceplay Skype

    Hey, straight 27 black guy here, when I get high I have fantasies of submitting to older white men, so I have set up a Skype to explore. Message me if you want to take advantage of a black slut who will probably regret when sober.
  7. R

    White Top, Asian Bottom - Skype

    Looking for White men who enjoys bottoming asian, if your into this, post ur skype id or add me at RICOMASCUAL
  8. C

    The taboo thread - freaky kinks & kinky fetishes galore

    basically a thread for anything taboo in straight, gay or TS porn or considered "kinky" - fetishes that people dont particularly rush to tell anyone about from humiliation, torture, domination, worship, conversion, ruined orgasms, bdsm, cuckold-hotwife-bull, swinging, race/role play etc. Your...