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  1. J

    Real Men In Socks

    I posted a similar one in Gay Photos and Videos but thinking this might be a better place for it! I would love to see photos you've taken or found of men wearing socks - any kind just out and about. Or maybe even in your home/workplace/gym/etc. Don't really want staged porn shoots and stuff...
  2. K

    real life activities in porn

    I love porn videos from professional studios where the guys are just doing regular things but sexual. I remember one where they were working out together and every time the guy did a sit up he sucked the other guy’s dick. Cooking while being fucked is always a good one too. If you know of any...
  3. ntflxnchill

    REAL nudes (not photo shoots)

    who else gets tired of trying to find good real nudes but then they’re just a photo shoot and feel unreal
  4. S

    Pornstars Real Cock Size?

    Wanted to create a thread where we could speculate and post the real sizes of different pornstars. Seems to me like most say they are 7 inches and most Pornsites also completely misconstrue their stars real sizes. So let's post real non edited pics of popular pornstars and guess.
  5. L

    Real Amateur Videos

    Do you guys have any „real“ amateur Videos which Are not produced for an onlyfans account or porn Example: https://mobile.twitter.com/deutschermongo/status/1448267723751018497
  6. H

    Any Trans women on and want to chat??

    Any real, down to earth ,trans women on here tonight or ever, hahaha, and wanna kick this boredom?! Talk to you soon….. ?
  7. M

    Prison Nudity, Strip Searches, Showers - Real Only

    Here's a great series from Getty images of real convicts
  8. vidal

    Help!: “spiders” In Ass Video

    Ey! A long time ago i saw a video in tumblr of a guy helping a straight neighbor taking out spiders (fake spiders) of his ass... this guy took his neighbor pants off and then start helping him killing those spiders.. I haven’t seen that video since tumblr went down! Does anybody know where I can...
  9. submit452

    Photos & Videos Pro Gymnasts

    Ever since I first saw the Olympics Gymnastics is the Sexiest event to me. How about we start a thread of pictures and videos of the hottest ones on this thread?
  10. D

    Does Anyone Know If There’s A Jealousy Group For Being Real?

    I’m just wondering.
  11. Chibichan

    New Skype Group For Women And Big Cocks

    Hello fellow women and big cock lovers! I’ve made a new Skype group, made for women to meet/network/cam with big cocks. It’s a moderated group with several admins and some basic rules (such as no fake accounts, no thirsty behavior, etc.). The group has more than enough men, but I’m missing...
  12. R

    Real Massage Videos

    Any real or real seeming/hidden cam massage videos, similar to this one below (AKA not studio filmed massage videos)
  13. 4

    Hot Bosses

    So I was inspired to write this post by my boss at my new job. I started a couple months ago and the very first thing I noticed was that he had the biggest bulge in his pants. The kind of bulge that there was no way he could hide it. We wear slacks to work and the bulge is nearly bursting out...
  14. E

    Tony Defina

    Whatever happened to Tony Defina? He was gorgeous but seems to have disappeared since (judging by the quality of videos) around the early 2000s?
  15. B

    Real Life People?

    Anyone have any vids of people fucking or playing but not set in a porn/scripted environment? Either caught in the act or just letting it happen for fun or whatever? Not really a fan of porn stars, just like real people haha.
  16. S

    Photoshoots before scene

    I am looking for videos of photoshoots before the porn scene where the male fucks between shoots to stay hard or because he is really horny. Or they fuck for their pleasure at breaks when the photographer rests etc An example is the below scene especially at 45:25 it gets really hot