1. TPHR

    Joshua Patterson ( JP ) Made In Chelsea

    I know he's no longer on Made In Chelsea but I thought he deserved his own thread as he posts alot on insta of him in his short shorts.
  2. Handsomeishgay

    Running Bulges

    I love showing off what I’ve got, so I’ll run commando in short loose running shorts. Anyone else do this? It’s my favourite thing to check out guys who are running for bulges. Anyone got any good photos or videos of this? Like this
  3. confidential36

    Split Leg Shorts (running Shorts)

    Distance runners. I'm currently training for my first marathon and can't find a comfortable pair of split leg shorts. I find the lining to restrictive and after 10 or so miles I'm constantly adjusting. Has anyone else had this issue? Do you have a preferred brand or solution? I've tried...
  4. C

    Shorts with mesh underwear lining

    I've recently noticed more shorts with the mesh inside designed to replace underwear. Do you find the mesh fits comfortably? And does the mesh rub against your dick and balls whilst running? Would you recommend these or normal shorts and underwear?