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    Sites similar to Satyt Films?

    Anyone know of gay porn sites similar to Satyr Films? I use to love waiting for Rock to release new scenes with different str8 men back in the day. I like g4p content but particularly content where str8 men bottom raw(like Jorges Gang for ex). I'm also interested in starting my own porn studio...
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    Videos Of Person Using Remote Sex Toy In Public (example In Comments)

    i'm looking for videos like this. And if anybody knows where can i buy one of this toys in Brazil, please tell me.
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    Photo Bdsm Themed Photos

    BDSM in all facets is a personal love of mine. Share BDSM themed photos that get your attention. Included: bondage, femdom, maledom, collars/leashes and whatever else fits this scene.
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    Would You Have Sex With A Sadist? How About A Relationship?

    Simple question in the title: Would you have sex with a sexual sadist? Or could you be in a relationship with a sadist?