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  1. I

    [PORN HUNT] This Gif Set

    FULL GIFSET: carey579xxx - Toyboy Thursday I've literally looked everywhere but I can't find anything. Please help!
  2. A

    [HUNT] Help me find this video again

    I really hope someone out there has this video or knows where this video is. I unfortunately do not have any pics or gifs to help either. So I shall describe. So, its an amateur video...It was a compilation video of this gym jock muscle daddy-esque man just humping pillows in this all white...
  3. G

    Help find this video (gangbang)

    So, I once saw a very nice video that I just can't find. Basically is guy blindfolded and he is banged by like, 5 - 6 guys, creampiead and all, he is laying belly down in a sofa thing (I think it was black), and there's this part where he says that he recognizes one of the guys who just banged...
  4. J

    Hey looking for this guy

    Hey so we all know this video from twitter Twitter video I’m looking for the guy in the video he has such a big cock he has to have twitter or something. So please if you know who this is or find him please let me know.
  5. T

    Need help

    does anyone know this guy? if so does anyone have a link or more pictures and videos?
  6. T

    Need help

    does anyone know if there is a video for this? if so does anyone have the link?
  7. Chris Levin

    Photos & Videos Who is this?

    Found this super hot gif of a guy on a random website and I can't find who he is! Does anyone know?
  8. D

    Video Search A Solo Porn

    I'm looking for solo porn where a man drives a car naked on a highway and jerks off. The car has no roof, it is dark (black in memory) and had a license plate with H in the front - I assume it must be a German license plate to the city of Hanover. The multi-lane road was well traveled and had a...
  9. X

    Who Are These Two

    Hello together, I am looking for videos or the name of this couple. Until recently, a video was online at xHamster that is now no longer available. In the video, the two have spoken German with each other.
  10. A

    Photos & Videos Anyone Know This Guy?

  11. D

    Need Help Looking For Specific Video - Straight Bro Jerking Off

    The video is pretty simple, football build/thick caucasian guy in a black backwards hat jerking off on his couch - he's making the video for his girlfriend, it's pretty verbal most of him talking about how he wants to fuck her Got deleted when PH removed everything but was one of my faves -...
  12. H

    Can't Find Anything: Landon Conrad Bottoms Raw Bareback???

    I tried to use the search here and the web but can't find anyhting bout so my question. Are there Videos of Landon Conrad getting fucked bareback? Without condom? Does anyone knows more? Thanks in advance!
  13. H

    Help |looking For A Specific Video

    Hey, if this is the wrong place, sorry in advance. I'm looking for a "straight/gay" porn (a series of videos to be accurate) where at first there is an interview of a "straight" guy, then a gay guy comes in and strating to touch himself while playing with a dildo. The straight guy seduced and...
  14. Big_Dick_Bottom

    What Are The Boolean Rules For Searching On Lpsg?

    I would have conducted a search to find the answer, but then I wouldn't need to search if I knew the answer . Seriously, I try to search a certain forum, and wind up searching the whole site. I want to search for "black basketballs" and I get black or basket or balls. I DO know how to conduct...
  15. 6

    Is There More Of This Guy?

    Is there more of this man? https://twitter.com/thumper1dude/status/1216329483172634625?s=19 Please post, dm or tell me. That passion in his eyes got me.
  16. charlesp95

    Does Anyone Know Who This Is?

    This my first time posting so hopefully this is the right forum to post in? Anyhoo someone on this forum posted these 2 gifs on a forum(I think it's the hidden cam forum) and I'm instantly in love with him, I messaged the person that posted the gifs but never got any reply back so hopefully...
  17. 5

    Do You Know This Man?

    Who is this?
  18. 5

    Who Is This Wanker?

    Spunkys H️t Sʈuғғ on Twitter I'm in love.. who is this?
  19. grantofthecentury

    Scott Cramer

    Recently discovered this guy while scrolling through YouTube and just from the one video I watched he seems very hot. He nearly takes off his shirt at one point mid video but then it cuts. I tried looking him up to see if there were any naughty pics of him, but I couldn't find a single...
  20. 3

    Who Is This King?

    http://i.4cdn.org/hm/1579993011782.jpg Who is this and are there more pics?
  21. 1

    Option To Browse Only Verified Members?

    Is there such a thing nowadays? It's kind of frustrating having to browse through tons of unverified members just to find someone that's actually verified. I remember it was possible to browse only verified people and filter them a couple of years back but I can't see an option for it anywhere...
  22. L

    Who Is This Massive Hunk?

    Who is the guy on the very right? I've been trying to find him for a long time now. I found some of the other guys but not him. He's hot hot! Help me please
  23. extremelyneil

    Video Looking For A Specific Porn

    i’m looking for a specific porn which had 2 black guys. It was an amateur/homemade cos the camera wasn’t moving... they both sniffed some poppers. I originally found it on twitter with a caption saying “when you get that poppers boost” or something like that.... i couldnt find the tweet...
  24. B

    I Have To Find This Boy

    so hello people. I am actually a very quiet member poste nothing give also no posts here. I found a very sweet boy trying to find him for 1 week. So far without success. But found several pictures of him but no name. Need your help. Maybe there is someone who knows him? The pictures are I think...
  25. S

    Photo Find the porn star

    well, I only have a screenshot. I don’t know the names of any of these two and I looked through ALL of the TimTales-Men (yes, all of them.). Can anybody help me? Does anyone know at least one of them?
  26. sexfanatic

    Niko varnava's nudes have mysteriously vanished from the net!!!

    I know he posted his nudes on Twitter, but now they are gone. Dammit! Does anyone have an update on this guy's nudes. This is his twitter: Νικο (@NikoVarnava) | Twitter
  27. 7

    Zilv and rourke

    Do you guys know this couple? They live in Essex and apparently they are engaged.
  28. Mrmightybruce

    Photo Does anyone know where to find this video

    few years back took a snapshot of this video and didnt download the video. And i cant find it anywhere now. Does anyone have the full video or know whos the owner or user. Im thinking it came from Xtube.