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  1. jjprodriv

    Married dads for private secret conversations

    My kink is reading/tempting married or gay dads who would love to have an experience with a younger guy. I love fantasizing about these stories and jerking off to them during work. In the past, I used to be dominate dads via apps during their work day. Office workers excited me more. I loved...
  2. thebussyinvader

    Southern/Kik/Email/Sexting Twinks & Straight JO/Porn Buddies Needed

    My preference is twinks + DL dudes + athletes + models + tall boys (over 6' tall) + younger (I have a daddy fetish, which is why I like younger boys). Please be between 18 to 22 years old. I'm 25. Bonus points if you show face OR send me videos. Long term connections preferred, but not...
  3. fakboi

    Getting caught but not the usual kind

    For most of us there are sex related things we do that if we get caught, it is way way more embarrassing than getting caught masturbating. You might have an unusual kink or sextapes of yourself or a crop top saying gay slut while you're partially or fully closeted. Maturation is something even...
  4. D

    Naked buddies in Essex / London

    Slim, hairy married 39 year old lad. Have a few straight mates who I just chill with naked and maybe have a wank or a compare. Share some dirty stories etc., but they’re all based in the midlands and would love to have a mate or a few to do the same with locally. Preference would be fellow...
  5. onenaughtyangel

    "chuck" (from Dr. Phil) Secret Porn Name?

    Saw this juicy Dr. Phil clip randomly on facebook and ('cus yes, I am that nasty) I wanted to know what his porn name is. Does anyone know? I'm getting some bi vibes off him, so I wonder if it was gay porn too... All the info I could get from the clip(s) is that his name is "Chuck," his wife...
  6. salopesud

    Photo Fresh Blowjobs

    :) bad quality, sorry, cellphone, dark room but cool bull cocks !