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  1. PrivateJacob

    Drop Some Straight Videos

  2. F

    Ice Cream Parlor Couple Seduction

    My girlfriend was from farm country. We had met in college and close like family but not family since we had sexual relations with each other. Now it is called FWB's (friends with benefits) but we were closer than even the word friend implies and the benefits however rewarding were not part of...
  3. C

    Don From Seduced Straight Guys?

    Hey guys! Does anyone know if "don" from SSG went on to do anything else after the site shut down? He did a ton of vids on the site. Very hot guy! Does anyone know of his socials? Cheers!
  4. E

    Looking For Video

    Hi, I am looking for an amateur video where a man and a woman share a hotel room (I think they were attending a wedding) and eventually having sex. But before, they have a conversation if they should cheat on their partners... Can you help me to find that video? thanks
  5. J

    Vids Where Married Men Are Seduced

    i know it’s very strange for me to like this video plot/theme, but it really gets me off!!! Sample Vids: Love the story in here!!! Charity-Case - Pure Taboo Porn Video Full video: PureTaboo – Lisey Sweet – Charity Case This is straight to the sex part, but still hot: Hoping Im not alone...