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self suck

  1. S

    Guys Eating Their Own Cum

    Thread to post videos of guys eating their own cum. Mostly solo vids of guys jerking off then cleaning up their own mess.
  2. S


    Do you know about Ashton_grey? He is sexy selfsucker and makes selffuck videos too. He can squirt precum or suck own balls. Do you have any content from him? Here's his twitter: https://twitter.com/Selfsuck_deep?t=aoelMkQHMKhTuq2KiSfvbw&s=09
  3. 2

    Help ID this self suck guy

    I pretty sure he is a porn star? But I forgot his name
  4. 2

    ID this guy

    I am so certain that I’ve seen his porn somewhere.
  5. F

    Self-sucking thread

    Made this thread to share pictures and videos of guys self sucking or giving themselves facials.
  6. J

    Very hung college guy

    Hey everyone, pretty chill college aged guy here. Looking to chat with other guys who have huge cocks. I’m on the slimmer and hairier side of things, and I’ve always been the biggest of my buddies. Hit me up on insta if you want to chat/compare: @jacobh0988
  7. SomedoodeMe

    Can anyone id the guy in this.

    Does anyone know eho this guy is? He sucks his own dick with the chick it's pretty hot. (6:54)
  8. D

    Peacock King

    This guy can fuck himself (see below), as well as suck his own dick. But for whatever reason, he never shows his entire face. Does anyone have a full head shot of him?
  9. S

    The creach

    A hot white guy, big dick and all. Did suck his dick on cam once and posted a snippet on Twitter. Twitter OnlyFans does anyone have anything on him? He is currently selling some clone a willy of his dick. One with balls one without. Priced 350 and 300 respectfully
  10. Jamesishuge

    Searching For Release!!

    HI guys, I'm looking for some advice. I used to have a huge and popular gallery here. My wife got really mad one night and made me take down all my postings. It's been a few months now and I realize that I am more than ever fantasizing and craving showing off my cock. It's irrepressible...
  11. Hung OVER

    Huge Asian Self Sucks And Shoots A Quivering Load

    big Asian cock - monster cock - self suck - big cock cum
  12. hornygamer89

    Self- suck

    Have you ever desired to suck your own dick? If you have, have you been successful? If you could and presently suck your own dick, do you blow your load in your mouth and or swallow?
  13. S

    Big Dick Story From Reddit

    This is a long shot, but I was digging through old posts on the Reddit forum “TrueBigDickStories” and I saw a post there that reminded me of a post I read in this forum about a girl watching a boy self suck through a window. This had to be like 10 years ago, so I doubt anyone remembers. But I...
  14. camt

    Video Show Your Best Cumshot!

    hi! you can use this thread to drop your hottest cumshot vids! {whether that be a gallery link or file upload} ;)
  15. S

    Self Fucking? Anyone Tried Or Can Do It?

    So while exploring the wonders that is internet porn, and being a long term self sucker, i stumbled across "Self fucking" Finding it extremely hot, decided to try and give it a go. Not being afraid to try things for self pleasure, i can get my dick to be right by my entrance and it will...
  16. 1

    Bending For Self-fellatio

    First off, this seemed like a "workout" routine more than a sexual thing, hence the category. I've not seen anyone really talking about improving their flexibility, specifically the flexibility of getting down to suck yourself off. I know a lot of guys can do it when they're younger, then...
  17. F

    Photos & Videos Turtlexdove - Xtube

    Do you have premium videos from TurtleXDove's XTube profile? His selfsuck videos are very very hot!! TurtleXDove
  18. 0

    Photo 9 Inch Dick Pump

    Thought I'd post some taster pics from my onlyfans. My dick is just over 9 inches long and thick and I can take it all down my own throat. Check out my page to see what happens next to Hetty Onlyfans com/superc0ck
  19. Dream Big

    A tune up

    I handed the keys and paperwork to the clerk absently, finishing my phone call quickly so I wouldn’t hold up the line. Marge could handle things in the office just fine, and I had stuff I needed to do, starting with the tune up. I wasn’t prepared for the cutest little Asian hunk ever to meet...