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  1. thirdimpact

    Started fucking my friend, I may have feelings now…

    Things have escalated with this new friend really fast, we had sex very early into our friendship and, a few months later, we are still doing it. We meet every week or few weeks, I hang out with his friends often, we have long chat conversations sometimes… I’m very new to this scenario and very...
  2. C

    AndresGuedez0 and Joelinblue

    AndresGuedez0 Andrés Guédez (u/AndresGuedez0) - Reddit OnlyFans
  3. J

    Who is this?

    Anyone know who this is or where I can find more?
  4. C

    Porn Ads See more

    Looking for the porn videos of see more which you can see as ads everywhere. Have already saw some but cant find them again
  5. B

    Photos & Videos MeetMe Livestreams

    (You need an account to view livestreams) Guy get banned getting Head from his pregnant GF on MeetMe
  6. PrivateJacob

    Photos & Videos Drop Some Straight Videos Here

    The after-after party we all need every weekend!
  7. P

    Anyone got art by Madakou?

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Madakouu?lang=en-GB He does art for HandJob Mags Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/HandjobsMag/media Wondering if anyone has any of the Dad's Bedtime-tales Newsletters Issues: 376, 385, 380, 388, 393 or 397. (Madakou has 1 comic in each of these) I know they are...
  8. J

    Need help finding this

    Anyone know where this might be from? I have absolutely no idea, seems like it may be older but not sure if it is soft core or what. Thanks!
  9. Marco Tony

    Hot Muscular Men With Sexy Feet

    Lets share pictures of hot fitness men feet and hot bodybuilders feet.
  10. irishkofi

    Massive Bodybuilder Porn

  11. J

    Any LGBT Wrestling Kink Venues in UK?

    Hi, Does anyone know if any LGBT+ Wrestling kink venues in UK? Need a ring to sort out a wrestling kink fantasy
  12. D

    Who's this BBC daddy?

    I found this video a while ago and its one of my favorite sex tapes. My mouth starts watering even thinking of this beautiful dick. If anyone knows who the guy is, please let me know. If anyone has any other videos of him, please do share!
  13. fivelive

    25YO (from NJ, USA) black guy who wants some first time interracial topping? Advice?

    I'm realizing I need to lose my top virginity. I bottomed for the first time in 2021; I was 24 and my top was 41 - it was an affair. I've dated more than 100 people (mostly long distance), and only 2 in person, with a few affairs in between. I've had 5 sexual partners, and only 1 was someone I...
  14. C

    Can someone help me find this video?

    I've been trying to find a full video of this, but can't seem too
  15. M

    How often do you cum? and do you think that's common?

    Keen to find out the baseline here. How often do you release your loads? If it varies from period to period, what factors affect the frequency? How do you compare to your peers?
  16. Marco Tony

    Frank Galasso Hot Italian Muscle Daddy

    Do you have anything on this sexy italian muscle daddy? Maybe theres nude pictures of him. He looks like he have a big cock. He is gay.
  17. C

    Advice and tips for bottoming

    Hi there, I've been in a long distance relationship with my bf for 4 months and I'm planning to visit him next month. At first I was scared of the thought of doing anal but as time progresses I feel like I'm just giving him the bare minimum and it feels awful. So I'm gonna surprise him later...
  18. DeanGreen

    What is any are differences between soft and hardcore porn?

    I look at porn to get off. I have many interests. Every now and then I see a section that reads Hardcore. What is hardcore? Internet says that hardcore is all the porn I normally watch and soft core porn is sex with clothes on and kissing. The things I don't like are extreme pain, blood scat and...
  19. M

    Livonia Michigan looking to play

    Love mutual oral/jo fun. Under stall is hot. Let me know if u want to hookup.
  20. F

    Canadian snap group

    Hey guys ! Vous avez été invité à rejoindre le groupe "Canuck wank " sur Snapchat. Cliquez sur le lien pour le rejoindre ! Snapchat - Group Invite follow the link for a new all Canadian snap group for wanking and sharing
  21. S

    Young CD slut looking to get used all night

    I am a sexy young sissy female cross dresser with a smooth juicy ass and want to get gangbanged and used all night. I am located between Englewood NJ and Harlem and looking to party all night. I am looking for guys who want to turn me out with their friends or at truckstops or anywhere else...
  22. K

    Help I’d this hot stud with a big cock

    Help ID this hot guy. He’s from this porn site video called mofos.com where he briefly mentions that he’s called “shawn”. Does anyone know his actual name and if there’s any more videos on him?
  23. Mr_Thistlewaite

    Thistlewaites Hetrosexual Thread - Sex Scenes, Sex Tapes, Celebrity And Porn Space - (Urban And Ethnic Only)

    Nude/Sexy pictures, GIFs, video links and videos are all welcome. Porn, television and film love scenes or sex tapes all welcome! Please name the actors involved and the scene name etc if you post. Thank you in advance, have fun!
  24. T

    The football coach and his very talented team

    Disclaimer: I’m going to start sharing a story I read a few years ago on the internet. This story is not mine. If someone knows the author, let me know so I can give the corresponding credits or take the appropriate actions. This story is really hot and I didn’t want it to get lost on the...
  25. M

    Bruno Galdiano (OF)

    He should have more followers on twitter
  26. D

    When did you seen/heard about female squirting?

    First post! I've been having this account and I really thought it was high time to make a post on this great website here after being a member for so long. Anyway, just like the title I'm really wondering on here with everyone on what was your discovery on squirting. For myself, the first...
  27. noriki

    Photo Borna Butijer

  28. T

    Best Lusty scenes

    Ones where there is actual chemistry. They're both getting off hard, both are sweaty (or close to...) etc 1. Savannah Stern 2. Scarlit Scandal 3. Kendra Sunderland
  29. Hephaestionofarabia

    Sex no longer means a thing (Poem)

    Before sex, embrace me with love, to heat more the feeling The warmth of your love is all that makes my body burning Take me between your chest and thighs, and cross the limits of teasing Make me swim in your sweat, in your soul let me be cruising Throw your passion over me, moving, dancing like...
  30. M

    Sex-positive electronic parties in NYC?

    Hey guys! I used to live in Berlin, Germany, and ever since moving to NYC I've been missing the energy and freedom of Berlin nightclubs. I'm looking for sex-positive parties where everyone is welcome, where you can dance freely to good electronic music but also play. I found Harder (often in...