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  1. C

    How Would You Describe Penis Pleasure? I.e., The Pleasure You Get From Stimulating Your Penis

    Hi, I'm curious to know if men experience sexual pleasure similarly or quite differently. How would you describe the pleasure that you feel on your penis when having sex or masturbating? My penis is quite numb (I think it's because of medication I'm on) so for me, stimulation of the penis is not...
  2. J

    Kit Young

    cute shadow and bone actor playing jesper
  3. LongPenisSmallGirth

    Non-porn Educational Videos Containing Nudity Or Sex

    Non-porn videos containing nude or sexual content that is of educational or entertainment interest. This thread is not meant for porn or member generated content. Examples of acceptable sexual content are education, techniques, instruction, bodies, relationships, advice, interviews, e.g.
  4. alhambraxxx

    Cruising Spots In Warsaw

    Any cruising spots in Warsaw, e.g. gloryholes, clubs etc. Jakieś fajne miejsca, gloryhole w Warszawie?
  5. B

    Egyptian Hot Guys

    does anybody know the name of these guys specially the one in blue shirt he is egyptian he is called Ahmed but i want his fb or his instagram account please guys
  6. Marco Tony

    Canadian Men

    Any hot canadian men? greatcanadians
  7. Marco Tony

    The Men Of Colt

    COLT is a legendary gay porn studio that delivered awesome pictures of beautiful men through the years. Share your vintage COLT men here.
  8. G


    Anything from him https://twitter.com/hungnortherner1?s=21 OnlyFans
  9. A

    Dating And Sex As A Passable Trans Woman With A Dick

    :emoji_heartbeat:I'm grateful to be able to transition and pass living as a woman in society, mind, and energy in my mid 20's.. But my problem is surrounded around the topic of sex. Men who go after me are the most sexually complex men ever. I genuinely feel like I'm never considered when it...
  10. Marco Tony

    Franco Boeira

    Anything on this beautiful brazilian man? He is gay.
  11. N

    Help Needed

    Hello guys, my name is Nik. Im a student and for my diploma project I created a website, that I hope will be more then just a grade. Its a collection of sex stories with nice search and user interface (imho). Please, if you have time, I would really like to stress-test it, and maybe get some...
  12. C

    Photo Drop Some Pics

    Drop some pics for me to look at :imp:
  13. Marlon Forsgren

    How Can I Have Sex With A Straight Guy?

    Hello people! I need some help, and I hope that you can help me with... How can I have sex with a straight guy? What are the steps to achieve this goal? What are the things that straight guys likes on a bottom gay guy? Thanks in advance! :)
  14. tokenblackboiii

    Sexual Insecurity: Advice Welcome

    Heyo Hello Y'alls I'm creating this thread with the hopes that people feel comfortable expressing their sexual insecurities and things that often go undiscussed. Any and all are welcome and I hope this can be a beneficial space for at least some. In creating this, i'll start. So overall I...
  15. N

    Black Dad Son Scenes

    we see a lot of dad-son scenes between non-black dads and sons, but not that many of black ones. anyone got any nice black dad son scenes? preferably those with some sort of plot
  16. G

    Konscious (konsciousbeast)

    Anything from him? https://twitter.com/konsciousbeast?s=21 OnlyFans
  17. B

    Tom Jackson - Tom.jackson1_

    Anyone have anything on Tom.jackson1_ he’s just got onlyfans?
  18. james677b

    Gay To Straight?

    any of you straight guys who identified as gay / bi before? i’ve heard lots of stories like this on reddit so i was wondering if there’s similar cases here. please know this isn’t internalized homophobia as guys like this exist and are completely valid! you don’t hear about them a lot so i...
  19. Marco Tony

    Juan Carlos Plascencia - Juka (onlyfans)

    Anybody have onlyfans pictures and videos of this sexy mexican man?
  20. Hoppakilla

    Threesome Help!!!

    It finally happened, I matched with a young lady on a social dating app. We had sex a few times and she asked if she could bring another girl (a friend of hers) along in the next time we have sex. Does anyone have any advise, how do I keep things interesting so its not just someone watching...
  21. IvanJackoffski

    Minnesota Nice?

    I am in southern Minnesota today. I will take all cummers today. I will not be able to say no. First stop is a public rest stop. I will hit the truck stop and park where I can be stroking my meat to signal for men with needs. I am going to the park bathroom to get naked and play porn loud on my...
  22. G

    Suaveces And Mr_bedrock Chaturbate

    Something about them? Suaveces Login • Instagram OnlyFans Bedrock Login • Instagram OnlyFans
  23. bastiankydd

    Tips On Taking Better Nudes

    Hey all! So many great photos in this forum and id love to share some of me, but I can't seem to get a good shot. I have like only 10 pics that I send to guys when wanting to hookup and I think I should have more, better ones even. If you have any tips such as: Phone, laptop, webcam or...
  24. H

    Nude Female Videogame Characters

    Hi again everyone. After I posted a thread asking you about your female videogame character, I decide to get things hotter. So, I created this subject to let everyone post here your hottest and gorgeous female videogame character. It could be an artwork, a video of a nude mod, like Resident Evil...
  25. John812

    Looking For Fwb

    Married man looking for discreet FWB in the fort worth area. Let me know if your interested!
  26. B

    Only Fans Stroke151?

  27. T

    Discord Server

    Hello! First off happy 2021! I hope you and your loved ones have a great year. Please stay safe! So I been working on a discord server for the past few days and it should be done in an hour or so.. I mainly created to listen to music through music bots without having to deal with Ads or go...
  28. S

    First Time Tips?

    I'm gonna have my first time bottoming with my boyfriend this valintines day and wondering if anyone has some tips to share, I just wanna make sure its pleasurable for both of us
  29. T


    Being called daddy during sex - yay or nay?
  30. qxat1997

    Sex Top