1. explosionerection

    The best body on LPSG

    Who's got the best body on LPSG? In this thread penis size or balls don't matter, just the body shape.
  2. U

    Dick shapes

    Which cock shape you are most attracted ? Everyone has their taste, Cast your vote !
  3. T

    Shaved pubes

    Hey guys !! I don’t know if there’s a thread about it already but I find shaved pubes so hottttt !! Especially when men leave a bit of hair, like in a shape or line… Feel free to post photos of this kind of shaved and shaped pubes ahaha !! I follow this boy on Twitter but I can’t find other...
  4. Y

    Downward Curving Erect Penis

    I know cocks come in all shapes and sizes. That’s not the reason for my post. I would like to get opinions or details on a specific penis shape that I’ve encountered while surfing gay porn. Take a look at Gabe Isaac or Jackson Traynor. Both have a distinctly downward curving penis when...
  5. S

    Penis Shape Preference

    Ladies, do you have a preference on penis shape? Some have bigger heads than "shoulders" (for lack of a better term for the part just below the head), while some have "shoulders" wider than the smaller head. Is one better than the other? Do you prefer the widest part to be near the head or near...
  6. V

    Love Handles Problem

    these past months I’ve noticed that my love handles have been getting bigger. I’ve searched everywhere and there seems to be different responses on how to lose them. Can anyone that had the same problem suggest their solution?
  7. JellyBen36

    Which Cock Shape Is The Best?

    I have been wondering, what do you think the best cock shape is? Like straight, curved down, curved up, curved to one side, or any mix and match between them?