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  1. F

    Video Men Keeping Their Socks/shoes

    Hi all, Looking for straight porn vids where the male actor (preferably good looking) keep their socks or shoes during sex. Who also enjoys it and is willing to share some ? Examples: Keni Styles and Haley Cummings Nikolas and Sasha Rose - RealAgent
  2. 3

    Who Is This King?

    http://i.4cdn.org/hm/1579993011782.jpg Who is this and are there more pics?
  3. Catchoftheday

    Do You Know?

    Do you know how many pairs of shoes you own? Shoes!
  4. D

    Celeb feet / shoe size

    Anyone has hot pics of famous guys feet/shoe sizes? I've seen a few stories with the Balenciaga sneakers with the number and things like that and I find that super hot xD