1. F

    Accidental underwear showing

    Show us your favorite photos of men accidentally showing their underwear. For example while stretching or bending over when their shirts rise where the waistband is showing. (Accidental, not intentional sagging)
  2. S

    Just me

    Im new so
  3. Q

    Looking For A Guy That Loves Showing Off On Snapchat But Doesn't Require It In Return.

    Ello im look for long term fit guy that likes to show off on snap. But dont want anything in return. Can be striaght, bi or gay. If you are it please message me and i will add you on snap. I know its a long shot but someone might be out there
  4. K

    Best Underwear For Showing Off?

    I love showing off my fat bulge in public and I noticed the brand of underwear seems to be a factor in how big your bulge appears. Does anyone have any recommendations as to which underwear make your bulge in look big in pants?
  5. W

    Do you like to see a man in my condition in public?

    I like to stretch my balls and wrap them to stay that way. do you like to see a man in my condition in public, would you ask him questions, would you go up to him to talk?
  6. badfitness

    Girlfriends reaction to huge dick

    So this probably sounds odd but I can’t get it out of my head. My gf thinks I’m big but honestly I’m not that big and I’m almost certain she’s never seen any huge dicks (she’s sheltered) lol. Im thinking about looking for someone “hung” of course but straight, fit and clean cut to message her...