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size matters

  1. T

    Links Gay size queens

    Hey I’m obsessed with guys obsessed with size. When you search for verbal bottoms, most of the time you just find videos where the bottom moans a lot or something. Looking for porn where the cock sucker or bottom talks about the top’s size. Like this video with David Ace and Rave Hardick. Rave...
  2. A

    Stories of size supremacy?

    Hey y'all i was wondering if y'all know where I can find some good story's Abt worlds were the bigger cocks run the world and everything is based on size and big cock superiority
  3. D

    19M Introduction/First Post!

    Hi all, I created my account a few months ago but didn’t really know how to use or navigate LPSG, I kinda got the hang of it now and I figured I’d start posting and interacting with the community. A little bit about me, I’m 19 years old, 5’10 from Pennsylvania, at home I try to practice...
  4. S

    Scared To Size Queen

    Similar in spirit to the 'vids where she can't take it' but with the girls in the videos ending up either cumming or loving the previously daunting endowment. First one here is great, love the 'mentor' telling her not to be nervous and she clearly enjoys herself throughout the vid Next is...
  5. mrtman327

    Bottoms & Size Queens Talking About How Much They Love Big Cock.

    This is a thread for bottoms who are talented at taking cock, either sucking or riding or worshipping in general. Let’s talk about our favorite aspects of worshipping our hung masters and how much we enjoy pleasing men with big cocks. Tops, feel free to post how great it feels when talented &...
  6. LetsTalkAboutSize

    Hi, I’m New & Lookin For Size-comparing Orgs/resources

    Hi all… I'm glad to join LPSG! I’m super into the topic of size difference among guys (all masculine body parts, especially the cock) & I want to know everything there is to know about it, from important/popular resources, clubs, research, statistics, related activities, experts, etc. Which...
  7. S

    Of The Two Above... Whos Bigger?!

    ill starts off some
  8. Dracob

    Based off your size, how small is too small, how big is too big?

    I’m curious. I’m into this guy who’s easily 6 foot 3 or taller. And he gives off big dick energy. I haven’t made a move, this got me thinking. HONESTLY. How small is too small for you to want to be in a relationship with someone? Do you want to have the bigger dick? Would you be intimidated if...
  9. R

    Best amateur cheating videos

    Post your best amateur cheating videos! *bonus points if its size related*
  10. 3

    Relationships & porn.

    I though I would just say my relationship with my wife and watching porn together is the best. We love to pick a movie together then sit and play games while watching it. She tries to guess the size of the guys cock before he undresses and if shaven or hairy crouch and how much cum he will blow...
  11. S

    Which penis wish you were?

    First question: Cut or uncut (same dimensions) ? Second question: Average length but girthy(7x6.5") or long but average girth (8.5x5.3")? Third question: A little bit over average size(7x6") or huge penis size (9.5x7")? Use the pics to make your choice! :yum
  12. 8

    Visualizer thread

    Just started on Thevisualiser and thought I'd add anyone with an account. I'm Monkbro90. Hope size you up and make a few cocky friends. HMU