1. E

    Self-conscious of my size in the pool showers

    Hey everyone- I've been trying to start swimming. Since I'm a chubby guy and it's the only sport I like it seemed to be the best option, the only issue is the showers. Besides being a bit fat and dealing with backne (went to the dermathologyst for this and I'm getting treated, so hopefully it'll...
  2. 7below

    What size am I?

    Here's mine
  3. explosionerection

    Longest dick on LPSG

    Who's got the longest dick on LPSG? No above average, just the very longest. Can be fat or skinny as long as it's really long
  4. L

    Frenulum surgery

    Hey guys, because of my Frenulum is too shory, i may get a surgery to cut it. I just wondered, if it is possible to have a bigger penis after it, because of the Frenulum isn‘t holding my foreskin anymore. I don‘t think, it would be much, just like 0.5cm or sth because of less stretched skin.
  5. explosionerection

    Thickest cock on LPSG

    Post photos of the THICKEST dicks on LPSG. No average girth, just the ABSOLUTE fattest!
  6. S

    Ex gf said that it's small and ugly

    28M 5'6" tall 165 lbs
  7. 7below

    After seeing my cock, what size do you say it is?

    Size me up
  8. D

    Show off the size of your erect head

    US half dollar, one dollar coin, quarter two dimes and a penny, two dimes and two pennies, and two half dollars.
  9. S

    Germany: Female judge for cockfighting

    Hallo, wir, 2m, suche eine Schiedsrichterin für einen Cockfight in Norddeutschland. Das Ganze soll real stattfinden und wir haben schon Ideen, wie es ablaufen soll. Du kannst aber gern auch eigene Ideen einbringen. Hast Du Interesse und Lust, dann melde Dich - wir freuen uns auf Antworten.
  10. K_cocky

    LPSG Introduction Quiz by K_cocky

    Hi everyone! Idk how I missed this thread but nevertheless. That's my welcome quiz 1.) How big are you soft and hard? I'm about 12-13 cm soft and 19/6 cm hard 2.) Ever met anyone as big as you or close to your size? If so how big were they? I've met dicks about 19 cm long but thinner and less...
  11. Toyboxd

    Big dick bottom problems

    I’ve always been pretty firmly a bottom, with an above average dick. I love to play the submissive role but sometimes get into situations where my “top” after talking a lot of shit about topping me suddenly wants to flip the minute I pull my dick out (and I get it. Big dick is mesmerizing )...
  12. D

    I'm glad I'm not 8 inches plus

    I'm about 6.5 which seems small on me 'cause I'm about 6'6 and heavy (hence the name) but in my experience it seems to be a good size for sex (formerly with women and currently as a top). I know some guys that complain bitterly about not having a massive 9 inch cock but that seems unmanageable...
  13. Adrian69702006

    Bladder size

    Over the years I've had some interesting conversations about bladder sizes and holding capabilities. I'd be interested to hear about the the bladder sizes of people here, especially as it's a forum dedicated to penis size.
  14. explosionerection

    What do you consider a big dick (girth / thickness)

    From what number would you consider a penis thick? Just thick, not monster thick. Be realistic. Imagine yourself wrapping a measuring tape around a random guy's dick. At what number would you be confident telling him that he has a thick dick?
  15. explosionerection

    What do you consider a big dick? (length)

    From what number would you consider a penis big? Just big, not monster big. Be realistic. Imagine yourself measuring a random guy. From what number would you be confident telling him that he has a big dick?
  16. A

    Overhearing comments

    Has anyone else ever overheard people discussing dick size? Recently heard a couple of lads in the gym and one was commenting on the other one's size. Always good when you hear people in public having size conversations. What are your experiences?
  17. blkcocktail

    Dick-Size frustration

    Size frustration…how do you overcome it? Or how did you overcome it? I think guys should really count themselves very lucky, if they are happy and at peace with the size of their cock.
  18. perthjames

    Condoms at Gas (Petrol) Stations, Supermarkets, Chemists

    There are a lot of issues at stake, but here's a few observations about buying condoms at retail in Sydney. Supermarkets - Range of sizes Gas stations/Petrol stations - only average 53m width General chemists/pharmacists - only average 53m width Discount chemists - Range of sizes. These are some...
  19. U

    Which is the lowest acceptable dick size

    So science and gays have different opinion which is the real average dick size, bunch of people actually don’t care about sizes but others pay bit attentions. so let’s be shallow for a while, what would be the lowest dick size you “could accept”?
  20. U

    sizes or aesthetics?

    The ultimate question, is more important or you prefer/look first -sizes (girth and or length) or -aesthetics (shape, looks overall .. etc) And yes of course is about dick and it’s about gay men :emoji_smile:
  21. MrMickleGary

    Before you knew you were hung, did porn actors seem "normal" sized?

    I actually had this dicks-cussion with @MDM8 which got me curious: Before that 1st comment about how big your dick is, did you watch porn and think, yeah, a couple of those guys are hung, but everyone else is like me or smaller? I had this seriously skewed view of what "hung porn actors" meant...
  22. explosionerection

    How big do you think the average porn star is?

    We all know that pornstars are not as big as they say they are, and that the dildo replicas are not accurate. You can clearly see in all videos where they're being measured that they're measuring it the wrong way: either from the side, not from zero on the measurement tape, pics far away from...
  23. U

    Girth or length

    Ok I’m talking to gay men, what is your real preference? Or what you think is more attractive/important? Let’s clear once for all this topic. Girth or length?
  24. explosionerection

    What is the girth of your hard (erect) penis?

    What is the girth of your hard (erect) penis? HOW TO MEASURE IT COREECTLY: Use a soft measuring tape or a piece of string. ... Gently wrap the tape or string one time around the thickest part of the shaft of the erect penis. Note where the ends of the tape meet; that's the number you're...
  25. explosionerection

    How big is your hard (erect) penis?

    How long is your penis? HOW TO MEASURE IT CORRECTLY: Measure the top edge of your penis – the side you can see when you look down. Measure from the tip to the pelvic bone – press the ruler into your groin until you feel resistance to compensate for hair, fat and skin. Measure with the ruler at...
  26. explosionerection

    How big is your soft (flaccid) penis?

    How big is your soft / flaccid penis? We all know it can vary a lot in size depending on outer circumstances such as temperature, exercising, stress, loose/tight fitting clothes. So answer what size it is MOST of the time (in normal room temperature without significant outer impacts). Please be...
  27. Dan9410

    SeeHimFuck biggest dicks? Is there a list?

    Is there a list of the biggest dicks on SeeHimFuck? I know there’s some 10 inches and up alllegedly?
  28. D


    Hi, I'm from Brazil and I prefer to keep my identity preserved. Actually I'm not even gay, but I wish you could help me. I've always been very shy, and I've never been 100% happy about my body, especially my penis, so I'm still a virgin at 20, because I thought a girl wouldn't like my penis. I...
  29. D

    size comparison sites

    Are there any sites where you can compare your dick and a pornstar's dick? For example, you enter your dimensions and a comparison is shown to you. I really want to compare my penis.
  30. Dan9410

    How big do you think I am? 8-9 inches? 6.5 girth!

    Always thought I had a big dick. Honestly believe I am around 8-9 range and girth is 6 inches (semi erect). curious to what you guys think. How does it compare to a porn star cock?