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  1. S

    rate mine

    So I was wondering, is my dick good enough? Right now it’s 6.3 x 4.8 and I’m really subconscious about my girth being a bit thin.
  2. Topdickrater

    Feet vs size

    How does your feet size compare to your manhood size?
  3. GonzoSweetness

    Photo Does ANYONE have any idea who this hung guy is? OMG

    Saw this photo floating around but cant figure out who this is, omg
  4. A

    Girls commenting about the size in a gangbang

    Vids where girls have a lot of dicks, buts make coments about one in special. It can be talking something in special about the dick Example: Valentina Nappi - Blacks On Blondes 2 (16.06.2015) - Dogfart #italian #anal #DP #gangbang #facial #bukkake #JHM on SexyPorn 25:38 "oh slowly, you are...
  5. C

    Seriously, just what size am I?

    I've been called all kinds of sizes and I'm honestly 100% confused. I think I may have the most varied perceived dick on LPSG... What size would YOU call my dick?
  6. mrtman327

    A Recounting Of My First Time With A Big Cock

    So it’s no secret that I’m somewhat of a size queen, tending to prefer the way big guys feel inside me. Today I’m very talented at taking big dick from both ends, and I’m proud of it. I’m a masculine sub; hairy all over, deep-voiced, confident, and I’m on the short side of average height which...
  7. B

    Hand/penis Size

    I want to get a sample size for curiosity sake. And I know that self reporting is typically useless but this is LPSG - most guys here post pictures of their dicks so I don't see why they'd lie. Please post your hand size (from wrist to middle finger.) And please post your dick length. I'll go...
  8. D


    i’ve talked with a friend (we’re both gay) about being curious about what our friends or coworkers are packing. not in a “i wanna have sex” way but in a “how do you compare to other dicks i’ve seen” so i would like to know if it’s just us or if even straight men wanna know what other ppl got...
  9. Jamesishuge

    My Best Friend And I In College Indulge Our Big Dick Exhibitionist Fetish

    Notes: Not a writer. This experience is totally penis size centered but that's what we lusted after. We were obsessed with cocks, our own, others and size. Both of us have exhibitionist fetishes that finally, and in an extreme way we satisfied together. After this we didn't do anything so...
  10. Jamesishuge

    Members With Very Very Large Cock Size: Do You Love What You Can Do With Curvy & Voluptous Women?

    I adore curvy voluptuous women! Sexually active experienced women with padding or amazing tits are the best to eat out & fuck Why? : 1. They don't often experience a completely filled up sensation and every one of them feels amazed and stretched out with my very big cock 2. Because of the extra...
  11. good_guy

    Serious Speedo Question About Size - Not What You Were Thinking

    Hey guys, Serious speedo question here - Would you by your speedo at your size or a size smaller or a size bigger if you like to show off? I just heard from a friend (fit and slim guy) he goes 2 sizes up (!) When choosing his speedo because it gives much more of a loose feeling, makes his...
  12. Jamesishuge

    I Posted A New Album With Videos, Pics, Gifs

    I JUST posted a new album with some of my vintage stuff from early days of showing off my dick. https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/albums/my-girthy-cock-posts-random.848821/ And oldies JIH XXX ;-)848821
  13. Jamesishuge

    So Big And So Horny For Your Comments

    Check out my videos https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/albums/videos-miscellaneous-size-album.759911/ 759911 Message me or post your comments. XXX JIH ;-)
  14. 1

    Skype: Size, Stamina, Humiliation, Contests

    I’m a smaller guy who enjoys size comparison and stamina contests. Humiliation and trash talk is great, too. If you’re interested, my Skype is: live:.cid.22df3d3153b97997
  15. A

    Is This Guy Lying?

    So, I started chatting with a new guy, he’s really cute and hot and stuff, and he has a big dick as well! that’s great and all, and he showed me his pictures and I was like ‘wow’. I estimated him to be around 8 inches with a nice girth as well, but I was curious and I asked him about his size...
  16. Jamesishuge

    My Girthy Big Penis Exhibitionist Video Peep Show

    Hi fellow members with huge members, I just posted another video showing off my soft thick dick for you and trying a couple of cock rings and measuring myself (measuring myself obsessively is a fetish of mine) For the close-up POV, I'd love it if you imagined I'm standing right in front of you...
  17. Jamesishuge

    Looking For An Lpsg Buddy

    I'm curious if there are any interesting people who want to develop a friendship online. You can feel free to AMA. I'M a Large penis exhibitionist but all kinds of guys write me only for my dick. I'd love to have conversations about cocks, dicks & penises size of course. Also, we could...
  18. wishingfor10

    Stories Of Straight Monster Cocks Doing What They Do Best

    Previously I had a request to add such a post by a LPSG member quite some time ago to post good stories that I have found with a summary and link to each. The authors of LPSG have done a wonderful job over the years of making some of the best straight stories I have come across. For the past...
  19. P

    Who Can Estimate The Length And Circumference Of This Dick

  20. B

    I've Been A Little Brainwashed By The Bbc Hype

    I already knew that you could find large size everywhere, but i didn't think white dudes could get that big : https://monsterwhitecock.com/tag/12-inches/ Honestly, it was a surprise for me. I think "Mr Benga" is the largest white dude i've seen. However, i'm still waiting to see something as...
  21. 7below

    Cock Size Contest

  22. E

    Obesity And Dick

    Hello! I wanted to ask this since I want real answers from people that went trough it. I'm a bit overweight and not precisely in love with the size of my dick. I heard that when you're overweight your dick is smaller than if you were thin, and also that 10kg of extra weight is equal to 1cm that...
  23. B

    Gay Cuck Porn

    It's really popular in straight porn but I've been trying to find gay cuckold porn but I can't. So drop your favorite gay cuckold porn.
  24. DGH123

    Hey...quick Question??

    Should I consider myself lucky to have the girth that I have or is it average or small just Be honest I know it’s sort of an insecure thought but I just want to know I don’t know I’m not looking at dicks every day lol ? No offense to those that do though
  25. B

    How Big Is Ryan Madison's Dick

    How big is the pornstar Ryan Madison? (length and girth) Hes the guy from teenfidelity and pornfidelity. Hes really rough in the deepest positions but he doesnt look that big to be honest. At least not as big as some of the other guys I've seen. I’ve seen almost every male pornstar covered but...
  26. Passandre92

    Photo Show A Picture Of Your Dick With Your Feet

    Let's post pictures showing our dick and feet side by side. Dick is 7.5x6 inches Feet 11.5 US, 43 BR, 45 UK
  27. A

    Post Your Boner Pic, Your Size (length And Girth) And How U Feel About It

    Hei guys, this is mean to be a group therapy thread, let’s try to keep it positive and sincere (don’t want to make it cheesy, so let’s be honest with each other). Wanted to further investigate the relationship we have with our cocks, especially in terms of size. How do you feel about it? How...
  28. throatfucker9x6

    Big Dick Talk

    This is a thread for well-hung guys to talk together about how great it is to be hung huge. Let’s get some hot chat going about how it feels to be a prime specimen of manhood. Here are the rules: if you are a verified member with more than eight inches of stiff fuckmeat, you can post and brag...
  29. R

    Size Matter: Inches Or Centimeters That Makes The Difference (lenght)

    Someone ever wonder, how many centimeters or inches can makes a difference to your girlfriend? wife? To think of this, is always necessary to compare at least two people (If a woman have just one experience, I think she is not able to talk from experience. Maybe she only experienced an 8 inches...
  30. 2

    Do You Care About The Bottoms Dick Size?

    It’s a simple question whether you’re a top or an avid porn watcher, do you care about the bottom as dick size? Maybe you only care if it’s smaller/bigger than yours/the tops ? Feel free to answer as both a top or porn watcher.