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snapchat group

  1. maksriver

    Photos & Videos Snapchat Group | gay, bi

    I will create a snapchat group for gays and bisexuals so that they can trade their naked nature. Send your nickname and I'll add you)
  2. J

    Photos & Videos Surprise me on Snapchat x

    Snap: Jaymmmmmmmmmm (10x m) Surprise me with your nudes; body, abs, cumshot, face, anything . I love watching people jerk off and cum for me. It makes me feel in control and just so much hornier for some reason. Go hit me up!!!
  3. W

    Snapchat for bi dudes and straight curious discreet dudes

    Hey guys. Looking for friends that are willing to chat, talk about anything under the sun and maybe have fun sometimes. Those who can be trusted and doesn't share what happens in the app. Anyone who is up for bros or friendship? Talking about each other cultures and interests? We can make a...
  4. N

    Gay group stories

    I'm looking for gay group stories on snapchat. Add me if you have it. Sc: nojedzto Or leave your username. Only group stories or groups please.
  5. Fegjay

    Expose yourself snapchat

    Looking for doms and subs to be in a exposure snap group
  6. E

    New Snapchat Group!

    wanna be in a new group chat where you can do anything like trade nudes, jerk off together, and etc. well this is it! you need two things, a bitmoji, so i know what you look like and you have to be 18 or older! add my snapchat if interested! elijah-doyle. i will see you their!
  7. F

    Add me on Snapchat

    Hey, I’m 29, hairy, average and masculine. Always open for some hot chats on Snapchat. Add me: gsthlm92
  8. M

    Photos & Videos Snapchat group for gay boys

    Will be making a Snapchat group for gays to show off anything they want all kinks and fetishised welcome
  9. Greg0203

    Just created a new snap group

    Just created a new snap group for showing off and sharing together. add the group free:Snapchat - Group Invite
  10. julioiomes

    best snap group of hot guys

    Let's create a group on snapchat, with a lot of hot men! Great for engaging and making friends, as well as good sexting Add me to the "julioiomes" snap and send me a photo for me to put in the group or you can click in the link...
  11. Q

    Snapchat piss

    Ello boys would love to see guys pissing. If you like show you pissing or have videos of guys pissing. Then please dm me and ill add your snap. If i get enough ill start a pissing snapchat group.
  12. L

    Let’s start a new snap group

    let’s make a new snap group GAY/BI/Straight just an oft who wants to get off Add me one Snapchat and I add you to the group luiz_santi298
  13. J

    New Snapchat Group For Muscle/Athletic/Fit Bros

    Add me with pictures or videos @DIONYJONAS
  14. J

    Str8/Bi/Gay Fit Guys Group

    Just add me with a photo and I’ll add you to a group where guys can jerk, meet and compare: dionyjonas
  15. N

    Snapchat group for everybody/ straight-closet-bi-gay

    Hello boys, I would like to start a snapchat group to share dick pics or jerk off videos! Whether straight, bi or gay - everyone is welcome. Just tell me your username and I'll add you to a group. And please send me an face snap or whatever you want but with the word „LPSG „ then I know that...
  16. G

    Dutch Snapchat Group 18 t/m 30

    Hallo! Beter goed gejat dan zelf bedacht! Het lijkt mij leuk om een snapgroep te maken voor gasten tussen de 18 en 30 om erotiek te delen? Laat even je snap achter als je dit wil!
  17. P

    str8/bi snap group

    21 yo bi guy. love seeing other dudes naked and showing off. a lot of groups on here seem inactive or full so i wanted to start a new group chat for straight and bi dudes to show off, compare, jerk, send vids, etc. You've been invited to join the group "bros before hoes" on Snapchat. Tap the...
  18. J

    Athletic Snapchat Group

    Starting an athletic Snapchat group for fitness oriented guys. Group to share vids, compare dicks, show off and build bonds. Send pics to Taylor15423 with ‘athletic group’ to get in group. Trying to weed out non contributors to have great content.
  19. oceanrulerwiz

    New SnapChat group (20-35) globe :D

    Hi, I'm 26 years old male (bottom) , and thought about opening a new snapchat group for people from all over the globe :) add me on snap and let's make this group one of the best out there :) my snap : ocean_ruler
  20. S

    German - Deutsch - Snapchat - List

    Hello together, I want to start a Thread for all German Speaking People. Lets connect here just post your Snapchat Name here :) I hope we can find here a few people. My Snap: pan33pan33 Servus aus Deutschland. -M
  21. T

    New LPSG Snapchat group

    Snapchat - Group Invite
  22. A

    Austin, Texas Str8/Bi Snap Group

    Looking to start a snap group for str8/bi ATX dudes 20s/30s. Open to chats, photos, vids of yourself or with your GF/BF, whatever, we'll see how it goes. Prefer people in ATX, obv. If I get a decent response rate, I'll start the group in a few days and post the link.
  23. D

    New Submissive "snapchater"

    Hello all! I am new to this site but SO glad I have stumbled upon it. I am extremely into being dominated and throat fucked. I have attached some of my own personal videos. I like to think of myself as pretty talented :) I would LOVE to see some of your favorite throat fucking/domination type...
  24. J

    A Goof/dare Bro Snapchat Group

    Hey. I was just looking at old threads and I saw that there was a ‘ just to goof and play’ Snapchat group soo I thought why don’t we try it. Add my Snapchat below and I was make a groupchat where we can send dares to eachother and just have a good time. Snap: jemama6135
  25. Curlyfries101

    Snapchap Casual And Nsfw Chats

    Looking to have either individual or groupchats with like-minded guys on snap or whatever works best for you! Bi, UK based Snap is curlyfries.101
  26. N

    Brothers Role Play Snap?

    Interested in brothers just being brothers curious on Snapchat? Maybe it’s been a long time since winter break and you miss jerking with your bro like you did growing up? You miss the times you used to stroke with the bro’s and your brother? Straight bros, bi bros, gay bros all welcome...
  27. D

    Dad-son Snapchat Group

    18+ I want to create a group where dads and sons(18+) can share/swap pics, chat, cam and whatever else they want to do. No matter how you look like just dont be toxic. Leave your Snapchat IDs and i will add you.
  28. 5

    Snapchatgroup For 25-45 Years Old Guys

    :emoji_eggplant::emoji_eggplant::emoji_eggplant::emoji_eggplant::emoji_eggplant: Hey! I want to create a snapchat group of boys between 25 and 45 years old to compare our dicks and share our hot and horny pics while wanking.:rolleyes: This will be a group of NO FACE pics and to have a good...
  29. 5

    Snapchat Group For 25-45 Years Old Dudes

    Hey! I want to create a snapchat group of boys between 25 and 45 years old to compare our dicks and share our hot and horny pics while wanking.:rolleyes: This will be a group of NO FACE pics and to have a good time moments and were the SCREENSHOT will be punished with the expulsion. If you...
  30. B

    College Guy Looking For Jerk Off Buddies And Couples! Snapchat Below

    Specifically looking for guys to have chill conversations with about sex, nudity, porn, our dicks, kinks... while jerking off! Also looking for guys who are into casual nudity and love showing off for no reason: towel off, squeezing pee out of your dick, shaving, like in a locker room setting...